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Jula McCoy

Hi, I’m Julia.

I followed my dream to write for a living in 2011 at 19 years old, unafraid to carve new paths when the traditional felt icky. With my last $75, I founded a writing agency, Express Writers. True story: I also escaped a real-life Fundamentalist cult led by my father (my memoir, released in 2020, Woman Rising: A True Story, has impacted more than a million people worldwide).

Since 2011, I’ve had the honor to lead over 40,000 content projects, serve 5,000 clients, and learn what it REALLY takes to build an online business. I’ve seen, and managed, the use of content to build a business across hundreds of industries. In 2021, I finally sold my 100-person agency to go all in on enabling entrepreneurs like you grow BIG online. Now, I lead our development team on custom WordPress website builds, and build a custom content creation engine for experts.

The world is ready for more heart-based founders to share their knowledge. Are YOU ready to step into the next level?

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“Julia McCoy is one of the few people in the content/SEO industry that I look up to and respect.”

Brian Dean
—Brian Dean, Founder, Backlinko

“❤️ I am over the moon with Julia's Content Engine service! Plug-and-play baby!”

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—Elizabeth Dupree, Dupree Financial Group

“Julia McCoy is one of the best content marketers on the scene.”

lindsey anderson
—Lindsey Anderson, founder of Web Impakt &

“Julia McCoy has mastered content marketing.”

madalyn sklar
—Madalyn Sklar, Twitter Marketing Expert

"In a world increasingly full of books with snackable advice that leaves you wanting more, Julia McCoy’s books and teachings are a banquet.”


warwick brown
—Warwick Brown, Account Management Activist, Consultant, Coach