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Hi, I’m Julia, your content marketing mentor. At The Content Hacker™ Academy, I’m honored to have the opportunity to teach you and 500+ students practical, usable content marketing and online writing techniques. My training courses teach you how to finally understand and assemble content on your own for online success.

Get proven processes for the content you create, gain laser-like focus on your audience, brand, and profits, build online authority and brand presence, and access a lifetime community group of savvy alumni.

New course launching in June 2020: Unlearn Essay Writing, Your Professional Writing Course!  🎉 More details coming soon to our email list!



Unlearn Essay Writing: Your Professional Writing Course

Unlearn Essay Writing: Your Professional Writing Course is a brand new course currently in production now. I’ll teach you exactly how to unlearn (you heard that right–UNLEARN) that stuffy essay-style writing you learned in college. After you graduate the “unlearning” module, you’ll learn how to fine-tune final pieces of content for any format that will earn real engagement — and make your boss AND online readership crave for more.

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practical content strategy and marketing course

The Practical Content Strategy & Marketing Course

Master practical content strategy & marketing in under 45 days with my signature course. Understand everything there is to know about how to build a brand content strategy from the ground up in this intensive course that takes you through every step. You’ll learn, and build, the ten major parts of a brand content strategy. Perfect for novices, beginners, and intermediates.

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The Expert SEO Content Writer Course

Ready to learn the art of SEO writing? In just one week, I take you through every step in writing a long-form blog, web, or landing page that ranks highly in Google. Includes video demos of my favorite tools, software savings codes, writing prompts and more. This course caters to beginners as well as advanced.

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content hacker course bundle

The Content Hacker™ Ultimate Course Bundle: Both Courses + All Bonuses

Want to get your hands on a lifetime seat to all my Content Hacker™ Courses + Bonuses and dive right in to ALL the Content Hacker™ educational goodies? This is the bundle you need. You’ll receive a lifetime seat to The Expert SEO Content Writer Course, and The Content Strategy & Marketing Course & All Bonuses.

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