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When it comes down to it, smart Content Hacker™ strategies always include SEO content know-how.

Why is that?

Google search holds the monopoly of the BIGGEST source of online traffic, driving more than 95% of all traffic on the web.

If there’s one place you need to work on getting your content found — it’s in Google’s SERPs!

But once you get found, then it’s a matter of convincing your leads that you’re the best choice for them.

And that’s why your SEO copywriting plays such a huge part in getting found, first; then, building interest with the humans visiting your site.

…Imagine this: The next time you sit down to write SEO content, you create content that hits those rankings and on-site engagement metrics out of the park.

That’s EXACTLY what my Expert SEO Content Writer Course delivers, neatly packaged in a time-busting one-week course that can take you from SEO content hack to SEO content hacker, even if you’re working full-time alongside going through my course!

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What You Get from My One-Week Concentrated SEO Writing Training

This course is your ticket to knowing more — and earning more — as an SEO content writer.

In fact, this course is jam-packed full of the proprietary SEO content writing methodologies I used to take Express Writers from a (completely online) presence worth $0 to $5M in just seven years. Our site today ranks for over 25,000 keywords through the content I’ve created, and our content rankings bring in 100% of our clients organically. I’ve led over 40,000 content projects for clients that have had the same trajectory of success.

With me as your SEO content writing teacher, you’re not going to be led astray. You’ll only learn content hacks that WORK.

Expert SEO Content Writer

1 PAYMENT of $379 $150
  • Lifetime Access to The Expert SEO Content Writer
  • 3 Modules + Bonuses
  • Private Student Community
  • Certification after completion


The Expert SEO Content Writer Course includes:

  • 23+ short video lessons in three organized modules: Say bye-bye to education overwhelm with just five hours of on-demand video content, produced with subtitles and easy-to-remember summary knowledge sheets — you’ll fly through this material and be ready to apply it to your content NEXT WEEK!
  • ZERO-fluff, intensive training created JUST for the busy agency team member, freelancer, or solopreneur. This is the course you’ll actually complete after you buy!
  • Certification as an Expert SEO Content Writer after course completion.
  • Student-only partner discount codes: savings on my favorite tools & special trial offers!
  • Content template library: templates for long-form blogs, lead magnets, web pages, infographics, FB Lives/YouTube content. Completely original, and customizable!
  • Lifetime access to the course & updates
  • Printable workbooks and knowledge sheets that help you stay on track, organized, and guided—so you never feel like you’re alone inside this self-paced course.
  • Exclusive access to a private student community to discuss coursework and trade ideas with your classmates.
  • Clear action items that set you up for success. You can download and work from proven content templates, see examples of content formats live in video demonstrations and more!
  • Trusted by 300+ students. This course is trusted by agencies, freelancers, teams, and entrepreneurs.


seo content writer course

Your ticket to real-life, long-term, evergreen SEO writing skills.

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An SEO Writing Course That is Future-Proof? Say No More!

I’ve built a future-proof SEO content course. But what exactly do I mean by future-proof? The world of digital marketing changes minute by minute. Google alone shifts algorithms as many as 600 times per year!

That’s a lot of change, people! And you don’t want to invest in a course that’s obsolete by the time you’ve finished taking it, do you?

Of course not. That’s why we’ve made The SEO Expert Writer Course evergreen by updating it periodically with critical information, new hacks, and cutting-edge strategies for the life of the product.

That’s right. You buy it once, but the training I teach will stay relevant forever to your SEO writing talents. Now, that’s a smart investment!

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Get started building your SEO writing skillset.

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The Course for Every SEO Content Writer, No Matter Your Skill Level


It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been doing this for years or you’re brand new to the industry. The Expert SEO Content Writer Course will teach you every skill involved in becoming an expert SEO content writer.

Specifically, I’ll be training you in the strategic content hacks I used to launch Express Writers (and our clients) into the Google ranking stratosphere! For example, you’ll learn:

  • How to research and find amazing, high-ROI keywords using the best software on the market. You’ll learn to write and optimize structured content for the best chance at ranking for the target keyword.
  • How to find hot topics that will perform well in SEO and with human readers: You’ll learn not only SEO keyword research techniques, but how to use my favorite content analysis tools to capitalize on hot topics your audience will love.
  • How to master each step involved in writing SEO content, with templates.
  • How to write the supporting content around SEO content including lead magnets, great headlines and hooks, SEO web and landing pages, email content and other forms of copy.
  • How to put an accurate price tag on your content services and how to close more clients. If you work in an agency, learn how to deliver and build proven reports that show your boss the ROI of the content you produce.

Who’s Not a Good Fit for This Course?

  • This program isn’t for “get rich quick” wishful thinkers.
  • If you enroll in this course hoping to make a million dollars within a year, this program isn’t for you. You need to put in the work, fill out the templates, download and use the worksheets, and watch the videos carefully to see real results in your SEO content skills.
  • If you write for fun, but don’t care about earning income or growing a brand through your writing, this course isn’t the best fit for you, either. Sorry.

The Expert SEO Content Writer Course

Student Success Stories & Testimonials

"Wow! How to describe this course. It's complete. It’s great. It’s reeally deep. In every lesson, Julia teaches you actionable stuff. She brings you video lessons, worksheets, templates. Every kind of material to learn. And she and her team really cares about the online group of students in Facebook; they're ready to answer you anytime. So, be committed to improve your writing because Julia is committed to teach you everything she knows about SEO writing. And, my friend, that means TONS of knowledge."

sara copywriter
—Sara Mansouri, Spanish Copywriter & Content Creator

"I don't know how I found Julia, but I'm glad I did. Her course materials are comprehensive and up to date. After learning the groundwork, you will have the skills to write optimized and interesting posts. She introduces you to many of the cutting edge data tools out there (SEMrush, BuzzSumo, Ahrefs to name a few). Her Practical Content Strategy and Marketing Course and the Expert SEO Content Writer Course were great! Julia has taught me enough to start getting great ideas for a future in the content marketing industry. Go for it!"

stuart williams
—Stuart Williams, Content Creator at The Consciousness Portal

"I saw my first highly-qualified lead book a call through my editing website after implementing the SEO content tips in The Expert SEO Content Writer Course. Not only was the lead qualified, but when I got on the phone, the lead already recognized me as an expert in my field. I didn't need to "sell" him on my services — he was already sold after reading my content. This is powerful stuff! If you're a business online, you need to get your hands on this course and start generating the clients you want through compelling SEO content — this stuff works."

monique muro
—Monique Muro, Professional Proofreader at Proof Mango, @moniquemuro

"This is the second course I've taken under Julia McCoy's wing and I cannot get enough of her advice, leadership, and knowledge of SEO writing. Julia respects and illustrates the importance of SEO writing and the foundational tools you need to write SEO-driven content for your industry, but most importantly, focuses on the audience/client first. In today's market, the customer is central to all content marketing and Julia reiterates this power in all of her lessons.

I will sign up for any course Julia puts together as she helps to refresh even the most seasoned writer and keeps you in the loop on industry changes and trends. You'll only move upwards after Julia's course!"

bre d'alessio south
—Bre D'Alessio South, Sr. Content Manager @BreDalessio

"The Expert SEO Content Writer is a fluff-free, nuts-and-bolts, hit-the-ground-running course.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is no longer a "nice to have" skill. To get the search engine rankings you crave, you need to know the right way to craft your content.

Julia McCoy knows SEO. Once you complete The Expert SEO Content Writer Course, you will too."

mariana norton
—Mariana Norton, Customer Conversation Architect @MarianaNNorton

"Hi Julia,

I've just completed your SEO course and got my certification, yayyy!

Just want to thank you for coming up with a short course that's packed with so much info, facts, statistics & helpful templates (that I could complete in less than 3 days!). Loved the way it was presented - bite-sized (yet so in-depth) and great choice of bright & fun colours too for the video presentations.

Completing this SEO course gives me the push that I need to now complete your Content Strategy Course!! Wish me luck and hope to talk to you again soon?"

aquila a. shah
—Aqila A. Shah, Content Strategist, Word Stylist @theQilala

"Besides being a college professor, I am a content creator. I produce video, visual, and written content across a number of social media platforms on a regular basis. Some of my content performs extremely well, while some barely gets noticed. I love what Mark Schaefer once shared, 'the economic value of content that is not seen or shared is zero.'

With that, my biggest takeaway from taking Julia McCoy’s The Expert SEO Content Writer course is that she helped me understand the strategies and tactics behind well-performing content.

It is NOT luck that helps content be discovered, rank high on Google, or bring traffic and profit. SEO writing is an art and science; it takes a certain mindset shift to produce strategic content that ranks for SEO and is enjoyable to read. Julia's course also encouraged me to bring my personality and creativity into my writing. Thank you for being such a great teacher, Julia. I cannot wait to apply what I have learned from you into my work!"

ai addyson-zhang
—Ai Addyson-Zhang, Ph.D, Professor, Entrepreneur, @aiaddysonzhang

"Julia presented a thoroughly insightful and inspirational course. It’s improved my SEO writing and that offers a better service to my clients. The down-to-earth approach and supporting worksheets outline the theories you need to understand and the benefits are immediate when applied to your business."


sarah wood
—Sarah Wood, Digital Consultant and Director, marketingondemand

"This course taught me to think of SEO writing in a different, more methodical way. It helped me refine my strategy and purpose in content marketing. The keyword research section was particularly helpful.

If you’re trying to up your content marketing game, this course is for you!"


lisa farrell
—Lisa Farrell, Marketing Director

"I just finished the course which gave me a lot of information + tools for professional SEO writing. The advice given is actionable from the very beginning. It is also great to gain insight into how a successful content agency works. Only rarely you find insider tips & tricks shared so openly elsewhere. A huge thank you to Julia and her team."


inga hockenbring
—Inga Hockenbring, Marketing Strategist

"Woohoo! Happy to announce I am now a certified SEO writer thanks to Julia McCoy's 'The Expert SEO #Content Writer' course. A great educational program that I thoroughly recommend if you need help getting your head around #SEO. Thank you, Julia!

Thanks again, I've been stressing about SEO for ages and it all feels really clear now. Looking forward to putting it into practice."


emma lander
—Emma Lander, ITSM & Technology Copywriter

"This course is worth every penny! Julia virtually takes you by hand and walks you through the whole process of creating killer content that your readers and search engines will love. It's a must for everyone who wants to empower their SEO writing and content marketing as well."

vladimir mirnii
—Vladimir Mirnii, CEO, Content Adore

"I tried as hard as I could but I couldn't find anywhere else that offered anything near what Julia McCoy is with this new course. 😂  Leveling up my copywriting skills!"

kristeen romero
—Kristeen Romero, Digital Marketer @KristeenOnline

“The Expert SEO Content Writer course is a thorough and well-structured collection of information that has aided me greatly in my content marketing career. The resources Julia has assembled are extremely helpful – and they save me from having to search the web for these resources individually.

I learned to create ROI-focused content, helpful writing strategies for a variety of content types, and even how to market myself to prospective clients – this course truly covers it all. I highly recommend it to any content marketer, regardless of experience level.”

josh stanley
—Josh Stanley, Copywriter & SEO Specialist

“Julia's SEO Writing Course is what every marketer needs. I had a pretty good idea of *what* SEO was, but how to properly utilize it and apply it were a bit fuzzy to me...until I took this course. Julia lays out, in detail, the WHAT, the WHY, and most importantly the HOW to take your SEO game to all new heights!"


jason schemmel
—Jason Schemmel, Social Media Manager at HarperCollins @JasonSchemmel

“I have to tell you that there is a wealth of information in this course and student group.”

nathaniel goins
—Nathaniel Goins, Affiliate Marketer

The Expert SEO Content Writer Curriculum


Intro Module

A few key video lessons getting you all set up for what’s coming, a download of our complete student workbook, and access to our private student group with 1:1 access to Julia.

Welcome! What’s Ahead in This Course: Get Set Up for Success (9:36)
Private Student Community Access 

Module 1: Understanding SEO, Your Audience, & How to Come Up with Profitable Content Ideas

1.1. How Do I Generate Profitable Topics? Thinking in Terms of Content Ideation Goals (4:37)

1.2 Your 4 Content Keys & Persona-Building: Understanding How to Reach & Impact An Audience with Content (6:47)

1.3 How to Understand SEO Keyword Research & Uncover the Right Keywords (With Templates) (27:25)

1.4 How to Do Content Analysis for Even More Powerful SEO or Thought Leadership Content (11:21)

1.5 Intro to Content Writing Templates: How to Optimize Content Correctly for Search Engines & Humans (16:27)

NEW for 2021 Module 1 Bonus: Semrush Tutorial #1 — The Basics of Keyword Research in Semrush (8:56)
NEW for 2021 Module 1 Bonus: Semrush Tutorial #2 — How to Track Your Rankings in Semrush (13:09)
NEW for 2021 Module 1 Bonus: Semrush Tutorial #3 — Advanced Live Examples of Pulling Brand Keyword Reports, Keyword Magic Tool, & More (13:19)

Module 2: How to Write High-ROI Online SEO Content & Supporting Formats

2.1 2 Writing Formulas To Help You Write More Structured Content: PAS & KISS (With Cheat Sheet) (9:14)

2.2 AP English vs. Online Writing: Major Differences (With Cheat Sheet) (13:00)

2.3 Modern Online Writing 101: Terrible, Good & Amazing Content (Live Recording of Julia’s Writing Coaching) (47:01)

2.4 Creating Lead Magnets & “Content Upgrades” For Subscriber Growth (with Worksheet) (10:57)

2.5 Creating Powerful Headlines & Hooks (with Worksheet) (5:58)

2.6 How to Create 2 High-ROI Blog Types (Templates & Worksheets) (3:36)

2.7 SEO Web & Landing Pages (Templates & Knowledge Sheet) (10:01)

2.8 How to Write Other Key Supporting Forms of Content: Email, Social Media & Video (10:25)

2.9 FAQ: I’m Not a Native Speaker… How Do I Up My Game at Writing? (11:02)

2.10 FAQ: Tips for Boosting Your Writing Productivity & Speed (4:53)

2.11 FAQ: Should I Syndicate My Content? & Other Top SEO Questions (16:00)

2.12 FAQ: How Should I Link to Sources or Quote in My Content? (7:26)

Module 3: Marketing Yourself & Proving the Worth of Content

3.1 How to Price Content Writing Services (With Pricing Template) (5:38)

3.2 How to Guide Content Strategy & Marketing Clients to a Close (Sales Tips) (2:35)

3.3 KPIs & Boss-Friendly Stuff: How to Look Up Content Rankings & Traction (Tutorial) (12:24)

CERTIFICATION: Quiz & Certification

Congratulations! You Did It! How to Get Your Certificate (1:23)

Test Your Knowledge: Short Course Quiz

Badges & Adding Certification to Your LinkedIn (0:22)

SEO Content Writer Course Bonuses

Bonus #1: Content Template Library & Prompts

Bonus #2: Student-Only Partner Discount Codes

Bonus #3: Complete Course Workbook

seo content writer course

Content Hacker Academy 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The Expert SEO Content Writer Course, a flagship Content Hacker Academy training course, combines my best strategies into a fool-proof training program full of templates and systemized steps to help you learn, enhance, and perfect SEO writing skills.

I’m 100% confident you’ll love this course—so much so that I’ll give you a full refund within 30 days, provided you accessed 5% of the course or less.

This course isn’t for people who want to take this exclusive training, download it, use it to boost their profits or their clients, and then demand a refund. (Don’t enroll if that’s what you plan on doing.)

If you put in the effort, I firmly believe every single step you need to learn successful SEO writing is contained in this training. I want to give you the time necessary to try out my systemized steps and implement your skills, and I’m more than confident this training will work for you!

I’ve trained hundreds of writers in my agency for the past seven years, and I’m confident this program is just what you need if you’re looking for an intensive SEO writing course.

Ready? Let’s do this!

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Enroll in The Expert SEO Content Writer Course: Get Started Today

  • 18+ short video lessons in three organized modules
  • 5 hours of on-demand video content, produced with subtitles and knowledge sheets
  • ZERO-fluff, intensive training created JUST for the busy agency team member, freelancer, or solopreneur. This is the course you’ll actually complete after you buy!
  • Certification as an Expert SEO Content Writer after course completion.
  • Student-only partner discount codes: savings on my favorite tools & special trial offers!
  • Content template library: templates for long-form blogs, lead magnets, web pages, infographics, FB Lives/YouTube content. Completely original, and customizable!
  • Lifetime access to the course & updates
  • Printable workbooks and knowledge sheets
  • Exclusive access to a private student community
  • Clear action items that set you up for success: You can download and work from proven content templates!

Expert SEO Content Writer Course


1 PAYMENT of $379 $150
  • Lifetime Access to The Expert SEO Content Writer
  • 3 Modules + Bonuses
  • Private Student Community
  • Certification after completion



I can’t wait to see you in the course community!

To your success,