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sara copywriter

Sara’s thoughts on Julia’s 6-Step Framework to a Profitable SEO-Optimized Content Strategy

“When Julia says her free training is “zero-fluff”, believe me: IT IS. The webinar was so complete and full of insights that I spent the whole time taking notes like crazy! :O

I was surprised by her generosity sharing so much knowledge in a free lesson. Even her personal systems I found useful and witty.

After the class, I decided to take The Expert SEO Content Writer Course and now I’m enjoying learning even more with Julia.” – Sara Mansouri, Spanish Copywriter & Content Creator

How to Build a 7-Figure Business Through Content Marketing in 2021 & Beyond Feedback

free content strategy masterclass



free content marketing strategy class

Creating content? I hope you’ve got a strategy for it.

Making a living writing online takes more than just a knack for words. Brands have woken up to the fact that powerful content means more leads, and it’s now your job to engage, delight … and convert.

It’s no surprise that 70% of marketers are actively investing in content marketing. 78% of companies have a content specialist on board.

Content strategy and marketing are everywhere – or are they?

Here’s a little secret: a lot of people (and brands) are still doing it wrong.

But who says you need to be among them? Sign up for my FREE content marketing masterclass if you’re:

  • Completely new to content strategy and marketing, and want to get started on the right foot the first time
  • Struggling to create and implement an ROI-driven content strategy for your company or clients
  • Interested in building great content online that not only lasts but earns a real profit

Ready to get ahead of your competition with tested, proven, practical advice that unlocks your writing career?

When you sign up for FREE:

  • The mindset and skills behind a profitable, search-friendly content-grown business
  • How to apply my Content Differentiation Factor concept for online success — and how to build your very own content differentiation factor (we work together on this, live!)
  • Simple content marketing mindset exercises you can repeat and do with me, as you learn
  • The top 3 NO-NOs separating growth-focused content marketers from unsuccessful peers
  • …And more!

All you need to get started is 35-40 dedicated minutes set aside to watch the training.






successful online writer

online content that works

You CAN Do More, Earn More, Be More with Content Marketing

You don’t need a fancy marketing degree or big-name advertising agency to reap the benefits of a powerful marketing strategy.

You just need content strategy and marketing.

I created this ALL-NEW, FREE content marketing masterclass to help you get started with harnessing what – up until now – has been the best-kept secret of the most successful brands out there. Imagine if you could deliver:

  • A blog targeting the 84% of U.S. consumers who make a purchase after reading one
  • A 6% close rate with your SEO content (outbound marketing gives you a measly 1.7%)
  • 126% more leads and 434% more indexed pages on Google than your client’s rivals
  • Low-maintenance, high-quality content that brings 99% of your clients to you

… at 62% the cost of traditional advertising?

It’s not just possible, it’s fully within reach.

I’ve outlined the system for you for free.

Grab your seat NOW for FREE in my masterclass!

Hi, I’m Julia McCoy! Content Creator, Author, and Entrepreneur

When I started out, I was just like you.

Nine years ago, I was like most writers just getting started out there. I had just discovered the world of online writing and knew I’d found my calling. But I had exactly this:

  • $75 to my name
  • No support system
  • No degree
  • No idea what I was doing

Sound familiar? I started at the bottom – clueless, confused, and sure about ONE THING.

I wanted to write for my life, and nothing would get in the way of that.

Fast forward nine years later, and I’ve got:

Not to mention a load of skills, strategies, and secrets from taking the path of hard-knocks and self-learning.

I’m proof that, with a little bit of great content and great content strategy, it’s entirely possible to grow a lasting brand from the ground up.

And I’m proof that you can do it, too.





happy content hacker

Content Marketing Success Doesn’t Happen On Its Own

If you’re anything like me, you’re no stranger to the fact that success requires hard work, lots of grit, and probably a few tears along the way.

That doesn’t mean you need to reinvent the wheel.

You could do it all yourself, grinding away for years before the first glimmer of success.

Or you take this FREE, 35-minute intensive training, which cuts to the chase and shares insights I learned the hard way.

If you’re ready to up your game and learn a hack-free, lasting methodology that delivers tangible results, the content strategy masterclass is for you.

Serious content marketers only.

What’s Inside the Content Strategy Masterclass: 35 Minutes of Insights That Work

In just one hour, you’ll get an intensive crash course that covers everything you need to know to get started succeeding in content marketing and strategy today. No fluff and no B.S. … CURRENT to reflect the industry in the 2020s!

Your Tickets to Julia’s FREE Masterclass: How to Build a 7-Figure Business Through Content Marketing in 2021 & Beyond

  • Instantly receive your private video link via email after signing up, and begin watching!
  • Tickets will arrive within ten minutes of signing up (Add [email protected] to your contacts so you DON’T MISS the video tickets)
  • Bring a pen, notepad, and turn off notifications! Focusing brings best results
  • Download the worksheet for the masterclass and work alongside Julia on real-time exercises!


See you inside!

—Julia McCoy, Content Hacker™



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free content marketing masterclass