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What if…you could make a living writing without being “super talented”?

What if you could become the best marketer on your team without an expensive marketing degree?

Here’s the sad truth:

A marketing degree won’t prepare you for the real world of online marketing.

You can spend $46,000 on your degree but still end up clueless on:

  • Content strategy and its role in content marketing
  • How to craft content that glues an online audience to your page
  • SEO techniques that get your site found on Google

Worried you’ll end up scratching your head the next time your boss or client gives you an assignment you don’t know how to do?

I’m here to help.

I created Become a Profitable Content Creator to get you started on the transformation from bewildered newbie to savvy, in-demand content creator.

When you enroll at NO COST, you’ll learn:

  • Exactly how content strategy fits in with content marketing
  • How to get the #1 bad writing habit out of your system, so you never again scare your online audience away (Hint: it’s the writing habit you gained an A for in college!)
  • How to optimize your content to be found on Google

All you need to get started is 12-20 minutes a day for four days, your favorite drink, and the determination to follow the advice I share inside.

Here’s what you can expect to learn each day.



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What’s Inside Become a Profitable Content Creator: Your Free 4-Day Course to Content Marketing Know-How

Day 1:

  • What marketing degree holders don’t know about content strategy and content marketing
  • How to wow your boss or client with your marketing skills (even if you don’t have a degree)
  • The two steps I used to become a savvy, profitable content marketer (even though I dropped out of college)
  • Plus: the complete list of blogs, books, and authors I follow to shape my content marketing skills (all in a handy, downloadable PDF file)

Day 2:

  • How to unlearn the #1 bad habit keeping you from online writing success
  • The six rules you should never miss for powerful, engaging online writing
  • The four steps I follow to turn an icky first draft into a clear, polished, publishable piece
  • The resources I use to keep me updated on the changing rules of internet grammar

Day 3:

  • The three SEO techniques I use to rank in the top three of Google in no time at all
  • How to do keyword research on my all-time favorite tools
  • How to write and format an SEO-optimized blog post

Day 4:

  • How to convince your client of the worth of content marketing (even if they have zero idea how it works)
  • How to convince your client to pay you $450 per blog post using the exact formula I created to predict content marketing ROI (this formula will “show the money” to your client)
  • What to say if your client asks why content marketing is better than paid advertising

Plus, you’ll get:

  • Downloadable cheat sheets for EVERY lesson
  • A sneak-peek into my content creation processes (look over my shoulder as I research keywords, prepare my blog for publishing on WordPress, and transform a sentence from icky to polished)
  • A ton of examples, resources, and more!

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Hi, I’m Julia McCoy! Content Creator, Author, and Entrepreneur

When I started out, I was just like you.

Clueless, confused, but sure about ONE THING.

My desire to build a life doing what I LOVE.

For me, that was writing.

Fast forward nine years later and I’m a successful entrepreneur with seven profitable brands. I’ve written three books, created three courses, and guest blogged for high-profile sites like Search Engine Journal, Content Marketing Institute, and Entrepreneur. My content agency, a startup I began myself with just $75, has reached 20,000 completed projects and over $5 million in sales.

How I accomplished all that might surprise you. (Hint: it wasn’t through earning a marketing degree. In fact, I dropped out of college in 2011!)

How I did it was through the hard-knocks path of self-learning.

I made a ton of mistakes. And learned from them.

I found myself on my knees time and time again. And learned to get back up.

It took me nine years to get from what I was then to what I am now.

And aside from my brands, books, and courses, I came away from nine years of learning with something even more valuable:

The skills, techniques, strategies, and secrets to growing a business from content alone.

I’m here today to share them with you.

You can say I’ve done the hard work for you. Instead of spending years on the hard-knocks path I took, you can learn what I know in days. Let me give you a taste of it right here, in my free four-day course.

What Others Say About Julia’s Courses

"I want to give Julia and her course a big endorsement. Her course is a complete game changer if you're looking to create content that will engage your audience, and WILL make you money. Personally, I don't want to waste time writing for the sake of writing and hoping it gets views. Her course breaks down exactly what you need to do, step-by-step. My favorite part? Access to Julia! You get your questions ANSWERED. If you're on the fence about this, what I can tell you -- if you DO the work, you are guaranteeing yourself success. There's no question this course is gold. But it's only gold if you execute on it. Thank you, Julia, for this course! The best part, I almost forgot to say -- the course continues to get better! She brings in speakers and updates the material all the time, which is amazing."

—Zee Ali

"With so many courses on the market, it is difficult to determine which ones will actually be transformative. Consuming education in the digital space and learning for real world application are two different objectives. This course provides the latter; using a practical step-by-step approach with real time practice in order to build skills while learning. As a writer, and through this course, I have been able to get to know myself better. When I decided to completely abandon my 20-year banking career to follow my passion and become a writer, I knew I needed to invest in a program committed to my long term success goals. This is that course!"

—Katie Gibbons

“I wish I'd found Julia's courses sooner. It's given me everything I needed to learn about content marketing as I started my own content business!"

—Angelina Dickinson

“As a digital strategist, I've been able to grow my end profits with the course and apply what I learned from Julia to create high ROI content, ultimately turbo-charging my content strategy game.”

—Mariana Norton

“I've used Julia's Content Strategy & Marketing Course to improve my ability to understand and build a full content strategy, and convince potential clients why content is important. The knowledge I've gained has even helped position me as one of the few content marketing pioneers in Calgary."

—Brittany Brander

"I saw my first highly-qualified lead book a call through my editing website after implementing the SEO content tips in The Expert SEO Content Writer Course. Not only was the lead qualified, but when I got on the phone, the lead already recognized me as an expert in my field. I didn't need to "sell" him on my services — he was already sold after reading my content. This is powerful stuff! If you're a business online, you need to get your hands on this course and start generating the clients you want through compelling SEO content — this stuff works."

—Monique Muro, Professional Proofreader at Proof Mango, @moniquemuro

"This is the second course I've taken under Julia McCoy's wing and I cannot get enough of her advice, leadership, and knowledge of SEO writing. Julia respects and illustrates the importance of SEO writing and the foundational tools you need to write SEO-driven content for your industry, but most importantly, focuses on the audience/client first. In today's market, the customer is central to all content marketing and Julia reiterates this power in all of her lessons.

I will sign up for any course Julia puts together as she helps to refresh even the most seasoned writer and keeps you in the loop on industry changes and trends. You'll only move upwards after Julia's course!"

—Bre D'Alessio South, Sr. Content Manager @BreDalessio

"The Expert SEO Content Writer is a fluff-free, nuts-and-bolts, hit-the-ground-running course.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is no longer a "nice to have" skill. To get the search engine rankings you crave, you need to know the right way to craft your content.

Julia McCoy knows SEO. Once you complete The Expert SEO Content Writer Course, you will too."

—Mariana Norton, Customer Conversation Architect @MarianaNNorton

"Hi Julia,

I've just completed your SEO course and got my certification, yayyy!

Just want to thank you for coming up with a short course that's packed with so much info, facts, statistics & helpful templates (that I could complete in less than 3 days!). Loved the way it was presented - bite-sized (yet so in-depth) and great choice of bright & fun colours too for the video presentations.

Completing this SEO course gives me the push that I need to now complete your Content Strategy Course!! Wish me luck and hope to talk to you again soon🤞"

—Aqila A. Shah, Content Strategist, Word Stylist @theQilala

"Besides being a college professor, I am a content creator. I produce video, visual, and written content across a number of social media platforms on a regular basis. Some of my content performs extremely well, while some barely gets noticed. I love what Mark Schaefer once shared, 'the economic value of content that is not seen or shared is zero.'

With that, my biggest takeaway from taking Julia McCoy’s The Expert SEO Content Writer course is that she helped me understand the strategies and tactics behind well-performing content.

It is NOT luck that helps content be discovered, rank high on Google, or bring traffic and profit. SEO writing is an art and science; it takes a certain mindset shift to produce strategic content that ranks for SEO and is enjoyable to read. Julia's course also encouraged me to bring my personality and creativity into my writing. Thank you for being such a great teacher, Julia. I cannot wait to apply what I have learned from you into my work!"

—Ai Addyson-Zhang, Ph.D, Professor, Entrepreneur, @aiaddysonzhang

"Julia presented a thoroughly insightful and inspirational course. It’s improved my SEO writing and that offers a better service to my clients. The down-to-earth approach and supporting worksheets outline the theories you need to understand and the benefits are immediate when applied to your business."


—Sarah Wood, Digital Consultant and Director, marketingondemand

"This course taught me to think of SEO writing in a different, more methodical way. It helped me refine my strategy and purpose in content marketing. The keyword research section was particularly helpful.

If you’re trying to up your content marketing game, this course is for you!"


—Lisa Farrell, Marketing Director

"I just finished the course which gave me a lot of information + tools for professional SEO writing. The advice given is actionable from the very beginning. It is also great to gain insight into how a successful content agency works. Only rarely you find insider tips & tricks shared so openly elsewhere. A huge thank you to Julia and her team."


—Inga Hockenbring, Marketing Strategist

"Woohoo! Happy to announce I am now a certified SEO writer thanks to Julia McCoy's 'The Expert SEO #Content Writer' course. A great educational program that I thoroughly recommend if you need help getting your head around #SEO. Thank you, Julia!

Thanks again, I've been stressing about SEO for ages and it all feels really clear now. Looking forward to putting it into practice."


—Emma Lander, ITSM & Technology Copywriter

"This course is worth every penny! Julia virtually takes you by hand and walks you through the whole process of creating killer content that your readers and search engines will love. It's a must for everyone who wants to empower their SEO writing and content marketing as well."

—Vladimir Mirnii, CEO, Content Adore

"I tried as hard as I could but I couldn't find anywhere else that offered anything near what Julia McCoy is with this new course. 😂 Leveling up my copywriting skills!"

—Kristeen Romero, Digital Marketer @KristeenOnline

“The Expert SEO Content Writer course is a thorough and well-structured collection of information that has aided me greatly in my content marketing career. The resources Julia has assembled are extremely helpful – and they save me from having to search the web for these resources individually.

I learned to create ROI-focused content, helpful writing strategies for a variety of content types, and even how to market myself to prospective clients – this course truly covers it all. I highly recommend it to any content marketer, regardless of experience level.”

—Josh Stanley, Copywriter & SEO Specialist

“Julia's SEO Writing Course is what every marketer needs. I had a pretty good idea of *what* SEO was, but how to properly utilize it and apply it were a bit fuzzy to me...until I took this course. Julia lays out, in detail, the WHAT, the WHY, and most importantly the HOW to take your SEO game to all new heights!"


—Jason Schemmel, Social Media Manager at HarperCollins @JasonSchemmel

“I have to tell you that there is a wealth of information in this course and student group.”

—Nathaniel Goins, Affiliate Marketer

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—Julia McCoy, Content Hacker™



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