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The Content Hacker™ Process Map


Master your exact step-by-step content process with Julia’s digital content roadmap and rolodex. Learn how to delegate your content, what systems to implement, and more.


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What if… you never again had to guess when it comes to the process of creating, publishing, and promoting focused, traffic-earning content?

What if there’s a way to rethink the whole confusing process and follow a no-brainer path?


The truth is, creating a system for content marketing production is bewildering. You might already have:

  • Content marketing knowledge
  • Experience creating and publishing content
  • Your own handpicked SEO tools

But it’s all chaos.

You write random blogs with random topics. You’re not sure if you should hire an SEO expert or do the work yourself.

What’s more, you’re exhausted and burnt out creating ALL your content.

You want to hire experts, but how much should you delegate to them? The whole process including ideation and keyword research? The writing only? The writing and editing? The publishing?



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julia mccoy confused

If you’re not sure where to start, I’m here to help you.

My name is Julia McCoy, and I scaled and sold my own agency after building it from 0 to $5M in sales.

But when I started out, I was just like you.

I was running my first company, Express Writers, and although we were seeing some success I was feeling totally drained.

I was running around doing EVERYTHING for my content agency’s marketing. I was doing keyword research, ideation, writing, editing, and publishing.

It’s no wonder I sometimes clicked “publish” on content I wasn’t exactly proud of.

Everything changed when I created a step-by-step process, and I learned what and how to delegate the parts of my content creation that were sucking up all my time.

Once I had the right team players and process in place…

  • Finally, I had WAY more energy and time to do other things.
  • My content creation started flowing like a well-oiled machine.
  • I never again woke up in the morning panicking, about to miss another deadline, struggling between writing it all and trying to delegate parts.
  • I finally had a crystal-clear process to produce timely content, week after week, without missing a deadline once—for five brands!

Does my process work?

1000%. This well-oiled content process I’ve developed has helped my content agency get to where we are now.

  • My agency has over 20,000 keyword placements organically ranking on Google, the result of high-quality, consistent, SEO-optimized content—day in, day out.
  • We have 100,000 website visitors/month.
  • We’re the 25,700th most popular website in the world!
  • We’ve saved over $200,000 by skipping paid ads!

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And I don’t plan to keep my secret sauce process to myself.

In fact, I’m sharing it with you today in a succinct digital guide that you can instantly download and start using now. 

What’s covered:

  • The parts of content creation to get locked down to see brand growth (for ANY brand/industry!)
  • Exactly what to delegate, and what to do yourself
  • How to go from ideation to publishing—an exact pathway
  • WHO to hire (with links to the very people I hire!)

zee ali content hacker

The Story Behind the Content Hacker™ Process Map Guide

One of my Ultimate Content Hacker™ Course Bundle students, Zee, reached out to me in our student group.

Zee is a business owner, marketer, and new agency owner. He’s about to launch his new personal brand, and he’s been using my Content Strategy & Marketing Course to map out every step of the services he’ll offer.

Zee has been putting his head down to build every day. In May of 2020, he popped in our student group to ask, “Is there a process for content creation and publishing, from A-Z? If not, can Julia create it?”

I laughed, but then I got serious and realized he was right—there is no clear pathway, in any article, any blog, any software system. You have all the parts, yes. They’re discoverable, online. But a clear pathway? A roadmap to the treasure? Nope. It doesn’t exist. At least in the clear, easy-to-follow, immediately implement-worthy style I know, live, and love.

I wrote every word of this guide, poured my entire process into it, and created it collaboratively with Zee’s feedback. When they signed off on it and told me – “YES! This is exactly what I’m looking for!” I knew I’d struck gold. It took weeks to write and design this pathway.

My fingers have touched every word, every illustration of it. You’re getting Content Hacker™ gold.


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Get the Guide

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The Content Hacker™ Process Map to Creating, Publishing and Promoting Focused, Traffic-Earning Content

I created this book as a simple, actionable guide to your content creation process.

It has zero fluff, zero frills, and zero unnecessary content. Every page brings power. You’ll learn exactly how to implement content by visually seeing the pathway to it, in this powerful digital guide.

When you download and read it, you’ll get:

  • A detailed list of EXACTLY which tasks to delegate and which tasks you should sit down and do yourself. Plus, which tasks you should delegate versus do yourself. (I’ve used a color-coding scheme for these, so you see which tasks to do or delegate at a glance.)
  • The step-by-step process map I use to create consistent, quality content for all my five brands. (Hint: this includes three content creation stages and what goes into each one, step-by-step.)
  • My personal rolodex of five creators and resources you need to hire and invest in to create a flawless content creation system day in, day out, that never breaks down.
  • How to map out your content goals (plus, which tasks to delegate and which to do yourself when it comes to personas, keyword research, and how you’ll map a content piece to end revenue).
  • The inner stages of the writing process, including the exact info I give my writers to help them come up with stunning, share-worthy content.
  • The eight-step process your blog editor should follow before publishing any piece of content.
  • Links to resources that give you an insider’s look at my own content creation process, including my calendar, blog template, examples, and more!
  • My chosen tools for keyword research and how to use them.
  • …And so much more!

The best thing is you won’t need hours to pore over this book.

BONUS: For 2022, we added another 6 pages showing you how to delegate, hire, and put together your FIRST job for an award-winning contractor of your own! The moment you download this guide, you can immediately begin using it as a fully-actionable map to your content creation success.

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Get the Process Map


“I’ve already gone through the whole Process Map and I’m so impressed! I run a content marketing agency and we are at the scaling stage, and this is just what I needed, especially Airtable.”  — Jessica Bennett, Owner and Content Creator at Got Writer’s Block

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Ready to Take Your Content Creation to the Next Level?

Buy and download The Content Hacker™ Process Map to Creating, Publishing and Promoting Focused, Traffic-Earning Content from Start-to-Finish and you’ll never again:

  • Feel lost and confused, not knowing where to start in your content marketing journey.
  • Waste tons of time doing tasks you should delegate.
  • Feel burnt out and exhausted.

Ready to change the way you do content marketing?

Ready to rise higher on Google with precise, high-quality, traffic-earning content—published ahead of schedule, and never go without a week of content going out to build your audience?

What Others Say About the Process Map

"I've already gone through the whole Process Map and I'm so impressed! I run a content marketing agency and we are at the scaling stage, and this is just what I needed, especially Airtable.
I love that you use it, I just downloaded it last week to start delegating content out!
Thanks for the amazing resource."
jessica bennett
—Jessica Bennett, Owner and Content Creator at Got Writer's Block

"I can’t thank you enough for everything that you do. I still remember when I decided to research content writing and your video came up on YouTube. Thank God that it did. I loved how you explained everything so clearly and I felt empowered to pursue this skill.

Your programs and guides have been a great experience and I appreciate the time you took to teach the course, and I am looking forward to using my newfound skills as a content writer.”

majid moussa
—Majd Moussa, Entrepreneur & Content Creator

"Julia, the way you give is unparalleled!"

margaret o
—Margaret O., Content Creator

"In terms of design, the Content Hacker™ Process Map is well balanced and easy to read. I love how you were able to include mentions of who to hire if someone does not want to do some of these steps. This guide removed the worry of what's next when there really is a lot to do and to understand. My team member is updating our checklist with a few missing items."

zee ali - content hacker student
—Zee Ali, Founder at

Finally–clarity on your content process.


Master your exact step-by-step content process with this powerful digital guide. See how I manage, create, and publish consistent content for five brands. You’ll learn which tasks to delegate and how to delegate properly, get an entire process for mapping out your content, get my rolodex of who to hire, and never again feel lost, confused, or burnt out. Buy and begin reading instantly!

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