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The Content Hacker™ Work Smarter Guide


Get clear on how to set a 50%+ profit margin in your service or offer-based business, hire your first contractor, and eliminate the guessing games around scaling your business.


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Entrepreneurs: is it hard to scale your business? Do you find it almost impossible to find people you can trust?

What if… you never again had to guess when it comes to the process of setting up your profit margin for actual profits; hiring a great team, and finding the rockstars among the riff-raff?

What if there’s a way to rethink the whole confusing process and follow a no-brainer path?


The truth is, hiring the right people and even approaching your margins is bewildering.

At the beginning, it took me four years to get clear on this!

My agency went from $600,000 gross and $80,000 net the first several years – a measly 14% return, to $1,000,000 gross and $550,000 net for four years straight!  One of the reasons we were able to sell and exit our agency so quickly was because of the 50%+ profit margin we’d set up internally.

But here’s what I’ve learned. Industry experts and benchmarks claim confusing stats and if you follow them, you could bankrupt your business.

It’s chaos. What’s more, since you don’t know how to set up a profit margin, you get exhausted and burnt out trying to do ALL the tasks to save money.



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If you’re not sure where to start, I’m here to help you.

My name is Julia McCoy, and I’ve scaled a digital business from $0 to $5M in sales – then sold it for seven figures.

When I started out, I was just like you.

I was running my first company, Express Writers, and although we were seeing some success I was feeling totally drained.

I was running around doing EVERYTHING for my content agency. I was doing keyword research, ideation, writing, editing, and publishing. I was fulfilling client orders. I was editing. I was selling. I was on all the client phone calls.

And it was awful.

Everything changed when I created a step-by-step process and set up a slam-dunk system for hiring new team members.

Once I had the right team players, system, and process in place…

  • Finally, I had WAY more energy and time to do other things.
  • My business started spitting profits like a well-oiled machine.
  • I never again woke up in the morning panicking, about to miss another deadline, struggling between doing it all and trying to delegate unsuccessfully because I’d hired the wrong people.

Does my process work?

1000%. This well-oiled hiring and team process I’ve developed works time and time again, not only for me, but for my coaching students building their own brands.

In fact, I can predict a 99.9999% success rate now using the processes, hacks (yes! some are literal platform hacks!), methods and skills-based interview system I’ve developed. It took me NINE YEARS to put all this together, and over $100,000 in failed hiring/partnership costs (estimated).

I don’t plan to keep my secret sauce process to myself.

In fact, I’m sharing it with you today in a succinct digital guide that you can instantly download and start using now. 

What’s covered:

  • .. CLARITY (for the first time!!) on how to truly set up a profit margin that works
  • .. Industry “myths” you don’t need to believe about pay rates & contractors
  • .. Where and how to find your first rockstar
  • .. Julia’s personal job ad that has brought in writers behind six-figure projects

Finally–clarity on your business margins and team setup.


content hacker work smarter guide

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To your success,