content accelerator membership

Stop creating content in an echo chamber, and get instant expert feedback. High-level help for your best content (offers, sales pages, blogs.).


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Tired of the content echo chamber?

Feel like you’re in a vault, creating all by yourself?

Get yourself in a powerful content ecosystem of on-call experts, where you can get real-time content feedback, critique and editing from Julia and her team of rockstar writers at Content Hacker.

Same-day feedback for your offers, landing pages, and more, in a Slack workspace with dedicated channels for content types.

This is a serious membership. Julia employs a full-time staff of vetted content writing coaches to answer and help. Cancel anytime. Pay dependent on the help you need: starting at $150/month to review 1-2 pieces/month, all the way up to $1,500/month for 10-15 key pieces.