Why we’re adding AI sections into our signature mentorship.

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adding AI lessons into our curriculum

This week, we introduced four new AI lessons in The Content Transformation© System, my signature program teaching entrepreneurs how to build a lasting business out of their skillsets.

These are stackable lessons now accessible to everyone inside of the curriculum. All new users that enroll will also get immediate access.

Inside the Skillset phase, we added:

  • 2.9c Creative Skill: AIO Writing Step-by-Step (Optimize Artificial Intelligence Content)

And inside the Growth phase, we added:

  • 3.2a AI + HUMAN: Why You Need Both for an Efficient Marketing/Company Team
  • 3.2b AI TRAINING: WHY & HOW AI Will Fit In to Help You Produce Content 5x Faster (Theory/Knowledge)
  • 3.2c AI TRAINING: Step-by-Step Keyword Research to Generating Inbound Content with AI (Practical/How-To)

We debated launching a new course, vs. adding to the curriculum. In the end, adding to the existing mentorship program curriculum felt like the best fit for the values I uphold at Content Hacker and the experience we want to give our students and clients.

CTS is the only program I offer with live coaching, making it a powerful hybrid course-and-coaching accelerator. You have a real writing coach (my writer, Alyssa) and a real strategy coach (my long-time student, Sarah) available inside the program to review your work and critique at important junctures.

And interestingly enough, AI itself fit into the “revolving wheel” approach we teach in my signature program, The Content Transformation© System, quite well. Here’s the wheel:

content transformation system wheel

And a screenshot of the full at-a-glance skills you learn inside Content Transformation© System, our business-building mentorship:

visual goal key screenshot

Download the full skills map here.

The Story Behind the New AI Lessons

I’m never interested in a quick win – a quick launch, a quick hustle for $, or a move just to hop on a trend.

And that’s why, even though I took a huge career jump into the fastest-growing AI writer in SEO marketing, I waited a few months before recording and creating the new lesson content on how to approach, incorporate, and add AI into your content marketing… now in our CTS curriculum and featured in the updated free class on our site.

Getting my hands dirty before teaching it also gave me the chance to host some private coaching sessions with users of the AI tool I’ve now joined, and really get into what they were doing with Content at Scale.

And what I saw blew my mind. 🤯

Jacki Alcorn – an incredible 50+ year-old mom, grandmother, and 20+ year small business owner, used the AI tool I recommend and love to substantially cut back on her SEO content writing process. She was able to hire her daughter for just four hours a week, and between both of them with AI in the mix, they are producing long-form (we’re talking 5,000+ word guides on quilts!) content like bosses.

Seriously impressive!

You can see her story in my free training.

Then, I met Justin at JourneyEngine – a student of a community I guest teach in (Ryan’s Blueprint Pros), and helped him adapt his whole agency to AIO, the concept I’ve defined at Content at Scale for how to use AI to produce your baseline content. He was able to gain his time and money back on content by 25x. He’d been in the middle of a very frustrating relationship with a costly, one-sided writing agency that only cared about making money off of him. Switching to AI didn’t just save time, it saved him incredible headache.

Again – HUGE transformation.

These weren’t just small wins. They were big-scale wins.

We’re talking freedom, peace of mind, more time to spend with family and more money made for the right people.

I also began to host AI training sessions with 70, 100, 150+ in attendance.

CTS trainings in our own Content Transformation© System monthly meets.

Guest session classes by request in communities.

Expert training classes for big brands, like Teachable and DigitalMarketer.

What I saw simply floored me.

Entrepreneurs and marketers that used to hate the idea of trying to chase down a dedicated writer and blog consistently – were now scrambling, sometimes late at night, to sign up to Content at Scale and get their hands on this technology.

Why? It made blog writing 10x easier.

And when I taught the use of Content at Scale and AI in content at DigitalMarketer’s Training Day, live on stage in Austin in March of 2023, I was again amazed by what happened.

See the actual footage for yourself (all the way to the end to see Content at Scale write difficult niche content inside four minutes):


After my stage talk, an agency owner walked away empowered to launch a whole new arm in his company that he’d call AI-driven content marketing. Because it’s now so much easier to produce great long-form content.

The playing field for long-form content creation has been leveled.

And it’s unbelievable.


Since I’ve spent more than six hours here (three months, to be exact) 😅 , I don’t feel like an overnight ChatGPT-influencer-guru-expert-bro-marketer approaching you with “HERE’S A COURSE TO SELL!” 💀

No, thanks.

That’s why I’m fully confident in launching this AI content training suite inside of CTS.

Keeping it inside The Content Transformation© System mentorship means that you will need to be serious about growing your business.

But it also means that the people inside of my Content Transformation© System will also have the opportunity to quickly adapt and pivot.

Because it’s time.

Want inside The Content Transformation© System?

If you want access to these lessons and more importantly, the real blueprint, path, and diagram to a successful, lasting online business –

One where you could have a 13,000x ROI, like I did –

Then you should apply now.

Watch the training class first, and then apply directly on that page if it speaks to you.

I built this for people like you.

The dreamers…

that want to become doers, but lack the path.

I’m both…

But it took me a TON of stumbling around in the dark to actually do the right things that equaled building the dream.

Guess what?

I build CTS as your shortcut – your direct map, both the thinking (theory) and practical next steps – to get you to the dream.


This is your path.

And I want you to have everything in life you dream of, too. ❤️

Come join us?



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