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Julia McCoy is an in-demand female speaker that can motivate, supercharge, and teach your group of attendees how to use AI with integrity.

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Did you know? AI is the world’s fastest-adapted technology – in the history of the world.

No other technology has had the explosion in growth or impact that AI has had on the future of human work.

Julia McCoy is known for being completely anti-AI… she just didn’t believe in it.

And then completely changing her tune and working for a leading AI company, when she could no longer deny that AI would change content forever (and replace, she believed, what she did on a human level).

The fastest pivot in the history of career pivots happened when Julia decided to take ten years of content marketing leadership and expertise, and become a leader in the new frontier of AI.

And now, since January of 2023, she’s been in the mix of more than 50 million words produced per month.

Contrast that to the writing agency she used to run, with 100 humans producing around 10 million words per year.

That means Julia’s in the fast lane of five years of content, developed in one month.

And Julia’s able to speak to it, in her talks, summits, and stage appearances. Her recent appearance as a keynote speaker at TBEX left 300+ bloggers feeling motivated, empowered, and as if they finally had clarity on the new world of AI.


If you want a conscientious AI speaker that is in the mix of thousands of use cases, as the President of Content at Scale – then you want Julia.


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Take yourself and your team from AI overwhelm to finally getting clarity on AI as a whole.

Does the thought of AI and contentgive you and your attendees or team a massive headache? What would it do for you and/or your audience if you had complete clarity on how to use AI in your online workflow?



Julia addresses these topics in her well-developed AI speaking presentations:


Copyright concerns when developing AI content

The roles and work that you need to shift into, now that AI is here

How to get 10-20x more productive in your content production with AI

Level up and build some real AI-driven content skills.


Invest in an educator that can connect to your audience or team on a practical level, and create step-by-step action items for them to take when stepping into AI for the first time – without losing out or publishing content that they might not retain ownership too.

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Time to skyrocket the success of your team with a great AI speaker.

Leading AI speaker, Julia McCoy, can effectively address:


Marketers & Individuals

No more feeling like you’re trying to figure out AI alone at the desk. Listen to Julia and walk away inspired, motivated, and armed with practical tips for your everyday online workplace. Julia speaks with depth and knowledge to AI-assisted content development.


Agencies & Teams

Your team will seriously level-up with the Content Hacker. Julia will be there to personally address questions and guide your team through the Wild West of the AI forest, and give practical, motivational insights that will finally have your team feeling capable of working with AI.

What Attendees Say About Julia’s Talks


Clarity like they’ve never had before

“Julia, I came to TBEX completely unsure of and unaware of how to use AI. I walked away from your session feeling clear and confident about AI for the first time. Thank you so much.” –#TBEX 2023 attendee

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Content Hacker has been weaving AI training in our leading courses and mentorship since this January, with Julia leading the way.

Here’s more about our top pros at Content Hacker, and their journey so far into the new frontier of AI.

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Julia McCoy
Founder at Content Hacker, Expert

Julia McCoy is a pioneering entrepreneur and digital content tactician committed to empowering marketers and businesses to optimize their content for maximum profit.

As the President at Content at Scale, she has emerged as an authoritative figure in refining AI content for game-changers and visionaries.

At the youthful age of 19, Julia made a bold move, stepping away from college and using her remaining $75 to create a writing enterprise. In the ensuing decade, she grew her venture into a $5M powerhouse, providing employment to nearly 90 individuals. By placing a strong emphasis on audience-focused, value-rich content marketing, Julia has successfully launched seven brands, gaining priceless insights from both victories and setbacks.

A prolific writer, Julia has penned eight books and counting, which are accessible on Amazon, Walmart, and Barnes & Noble. These works have been purchased, appreciated, and commended by countless readers across the globe.

Initially skeptical, Julia warmed up to AI content when she came across Content at Scale in January 2023, recognizing it as the game-changing AI utility that would permanently transform long-form inbound content generation. She crafted a straightforward marketing strategy for the company’s founder over a weekend and earned a position the subsequent week, rapidly progressing from VP of Marketing to President. Under her steerage, Content at Scale has continually advanced and retained its status as one of the most rapidly expanding AI writing tools in the sector.

Julia champions the power of AI-enabled content marketing for marketing professionals and teams. Aware of AI’s capacity to conserve time and reduce expenses, she is devoted to guiding others through the dynamic landscape of marketing, encouraging them to harness the benefits of AI.

alyssa content hacker

Alyssa Villeneuve
Mentorship Coach

I’m an expert freelance writer and editor based in the Midwest. I’ve been writing for over a decade, more than half of that spent here at Content Hacker writing for and with Julia, now serving as the Head of Content at Content at Scale.

I’ve researched, compiled and written articles read by over 100,000 readers in one week, including putting together some of our contributor content that drives over 400,000 views in a single month.

I’ve also ghostwritten books and longer-form content than your typical blog or two. I know what it takes to create business and blog content that will return in views, results, and revenue to your business, and every day, I oversee a team of writers using AI to make their work (and lives!) better. I can speak to Julia’s AIO and CRAFT framework and the powerful methodologies that are driving business growth forward.


If you’re tired of going up the AI mountain all by yourself…

You need Julia McCoy, expert AI speaker.


Julia has over 10 years of entrepreneurship, writing, speaking, and authoring (8 books!) behind her. She knows what it takes to connect with an audience on a deep, intimate level, since she started out as an individual in marketing herself, building her own successful business from scratch. And since she has served full-time in AI since January of 2023, she’s seen and been in the middle of remarkable use cases that prove the effectiveness and worthiness of AI in content, and can speak to it with real knowledge. (Plus, did you know? 80% of the blogs developed for Julia’s leading blog are written with AI!)

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Master Your AI Content Skills with a Live, Custom Presentation from Julia McCoy

Practical, powerful AI insights in every session.

What happens when I submit a request for Julia to be my AI speaker?


Here’s what will happen:

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You’ll hear back within 2 business days. We’ll get your preferred date booked! If this is a paid session, send a budget you have in mind.



Get clarity on AI with a top-rated AI content marketing speaker, Julia McCoy.

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AI Speaking FAQ

What’s the fee?

The fee is dependent on what you’re looking for. Julia has created session and course content for teams and employees for around $1,000 per video (custom created just for that team); and she’s also delivered a half-day workshop, with fully customized-to-them content that took her over a week to write and create, for $12,500 (including travel, etc.). It depends on what you’re looking for!

How do I know Julia will be the right fit?

Julia has 11 years of experience as a content marketing entrepreneur; she knows what it takes to create successful businesses. She doesn’t just talk the talk. She’s known for walking the walk, too. She approaches everything from a powerful angle, including AI: Will this content piece, will this marketing collateral, actually bring in ROI and sales? Will I retain ownership? Will I build the right skill to achieve the right end goal, if I’m approaching something new? With 8 books under her built, and over 100 speaking appearances, Julia is quickly becoming a sought-after speaker that you NEED to have at your event, in your workplace, or speaking to your team/attendees.

Want to hop on a call to see what kind of resources and training Content Hacker has to offer? Do that here. ⤵

I cannot wait to see you on the successful side of AI!

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