3 Reasons to Invest in an Online Writing Course: Announcing the Launch of My Unlearn Essay Writing Course

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It’s finally here.

My new course, Unlearn Essay Writing: Your Professional Online Course, is open for beta enrollment!

Check out the new course now on Content Hacker™ Academy. Enrollment is open and pricing levels are now active! ? The course closes July 5, 2020.

The beta launch of Unlearn Essay Writing goes hand-in-hand with our full one-year Content Hacker™ birthday. One year ago, on this very week, I was celebrating the launch of my brand.

Our first fiscal year ended on January, and I wrote a summary of it on Instagram not too long ago. Our first year has been wildly successful—not seven-figures-filthy-rich successful, but a ton of major successes achieved for the people I serve, which matters more to me than just a dollar figure.

Along with my small core Content Hacker™ team, year one fiscally ended this way:

  • We wrote a guide that is now ranking in #1 SERPs for SEMrush
  • Completed Ryan Stewart’s new book
  • Wrote a complete content campaign (14+ blogs) targeted to a new CoSchedule client persona, for CoSchedule
  • Crafted round of guest blogs for BigCommerce’s clients
  • Grew my courses by 200% (went from 150 students to over 300)
  • I OWN THE TRADEMARK for The Content Hacker™ (*insert clapping*)

And just last week, we added another successful mega-guide completed for a client in an extremely niche industry.

Woot! Here’s to celebrating amazing content marketers and creators, just like you.

Back to the topic at hand.

I can’t wait to dive into the details of this new course I’ve been hard at work at developing and creating for you. (Psst. Enrollment closes SOON!)

But first, let’s get into why you should invest in an online writing course.

Enroll now in the new online writing course
Invest in an online writing course

Video: Why Invest in An Online Writing Course (& What’s in My New Writing Course!)

3 Reasons Investing in an Online Writing Course Is an Excellent Idea

There’s a ton of free material you can study online, but investing in an online writing course is a faster, surer, better way to gain in-demand writing skills.

1. An Online Writing Course Keeps You Accountable

Accountability is like magic.

In fact, did you know that being accountable to someone increases your chance of success by up to 95%?

accountability quote

Source: medium.com

With an online course, you’re accountable to your mentor or coach. The result is you reach your goal FASTER and get there through a SURER route.

2. An Online Writing Course Has You Learning Straight from a Seasoned Professional

Who would you rather learn basketball from…a self-promoted “coach” with zero experience in the game…or Michael Jordan?

Would you rather dig through mountains of free content online, or learn it straight from someone who has built a successful business out of it?

Taking an online course is like being an apprentice working with a tradesman. You learn from someone who walks the talk, and you KNOW you’re going to learn real skills.

3. An Online Writing Course Introduces You to a Community of Like-Minded Peers

This is the part where it gets truly special. When you enroll in an online writing course, you get access to a group of people who share your dreams and passions. It’s a lifelong gift.

The Unlearn Essay Writing Course: Your Ticket from Ignored to Adored Online Writer

I created the Unlearn Essay Writing Course because of a HUGE NEED I’ve seen in the content industry.

I’ve been hiring writers to work for my agency Express Writers for nearly a decade, and unfortunately only 1% of them pass my interviews.

Sure, a ton of them are graduates from fine colleges. Some of them even have writing experience.

The problem?

They don’t know how to write.

Well, they do know how to write. Just not the kind of writing that glues an online audience or gains a host of high-paying clients.

And the #1 problem that keeps their writing below this standard?

It’s called the essay writing habit.

You’ve seen it and I’ve seen it. Stuffy, clunky paragraphs filled with jargon. Long, tedious sentences. Useless words. Zero interesting, engaging, enlightening phrases.  

My promise to you with Unlearn Essay Writing is you’ll be done with that style of writing once and for all. You’ll completely eradicate it from your system.

And from your clean slate, you’ll learn the kind of writing I used to grow my brand Express Writers from a $0 startup to a thriving company worth $5 million.

Are you ready for greatness?

Enroll now in the new online writing course

Why You Should Enroll in The Unlearn Essay Writing Course

The Unlearn Essay Writing Course is unlike any other course out there.

Here’s what you get as a student:

  • Part one of the course, where you “unlearn” the #1 bad habit that’s keeping you from online writing success: the essay writing habit.
  • Part two of the course, where I teach you the ABC’s of irresistible content and walk you through how to write content that draws in your online audience.
  • Pick from two levels. Both have you writing a 1,000-word piece. If you pick Level 2 of the program, you get personalized collaboration with me. I help you reshape and finesse the 1,000-word piece of content you write until it’s publish-ready. I don’t stop until I’m 100% confident your clients will love your writing! That’s a powerful guarantee (plus the expert certificate you get when you pass this exercise).

The best part is it won’t take you years to transform from ignored to adored online writer. In fact, you can go from writing stuffy, clunky, boring writing to impressing your audience with irresistible content…IN JUST ONE WEEK!

And you’ll love the course I’ve prepared for you. You get:

  • In-depth, workshop-style video lessons
  • Workbooks you can use to jot down your notes as we go along
  • A whole library full of content templates (never guess again when formatting a blog, web page, email, social media post, video script, and more!)
  • Timed exercises with secret-sauce brain enhancement magic (whaaaat? …YES! enroll and see!)
  • Every tool I use to completely get rid of writer’s block
  • My personal methods and techniques for writing better, faster content every time
  • Tons of bonuses and free resources crafted to help you amp up your writing
  • And more!

(Download the full curriculum here – no opt-in required)

Ready to Take Your Career to the Next Level?

What if I told you that you could land your dream writing client in just one week?

Or amaze and thrill your boss or client the next time you sat down to produce content for them?

If you’re totally new to it, you’d shake your head. Laugh even.

But if that client is searching for a writer with real online writing skills that deeply engage an online audience, your education won’t matter. Your credentials won’t matter. Heck, your experience won’t even matter.

All that WILL matter is your skills.

And you can learn those skills in only one week when you enroll in my Unlearn Essay Writing Course.

Have you heard? Beta enrollment is now open! It runs from June 30-July 5, 2020 and we’re only accepting 100 students.

Grab your seat now!

Enroll now in the new online writing course

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