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Content at Scale

Content at Scale is the first-ever content automation platform built to scale content marketing without losing touch with quality, authenticity, and accuracy.

This is the first tool I’ve found that will completely revolutionize the world of at-scale outsourced content creation.

Business owners are saying: “This AI has beaten 36 out of 40 writers I’ve hired!”

It’s that good. Content at Scale was built by long-form SEO content marketers, for long-form SEO content marketers that don’t want to build their presence through crappy content.

Instead, it outputs content that is truly human-like, bypasses AI content detection, and has the ability to 10x or even 100x your SEO content production.

It also has my personal stamp of approval, which isn’t easy to earn.

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Why Use Our Recommend AI Writing Assistant, Content at Scale?

Long Form Quality 

The average length of a blog produced with Content at Scale is 2,667 words. The blogs I write have been 2,800w! The interface also tells you which keywords to include based on what already ranks for the target keyword so you don’t have to research yourself or use another SEO tool.

Original and Human-Like

Content at Scale produces content so human-like, it’s the first one I’ve seen that truly mirrors and mimics a high-quality SEO writer. Plus, it bypasses AI content detection – currently the only solution on the market that can!

Plagiarism Integration

Content at Scale doesn’t use their own plagarism checker – they use the leading one on the market, a direct integration with Copyscape. You can simply run a scan and if there are any issues, they’re highlighted so you can fix them.

WordPress Plugin

Content at Scale has a plugin to sync your content to WordPress directly from the dashboard, making it easy-peasy to move from full document to published blog. In the tutorial, you can see that it populated in my WordPress blog in seconds.

Write Entire, High-Quality Blogs in Seconds

Did I mention this will change the game entirely for SEO content creation?

Here’s a blog I produced for one of the new sites we’re working on this year, helping entrepreneurs and business owners stay educated on what it means to have a high-converting website. The article, a listicle, is actually written well and just requires an hour or two of optimization and editing.

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Less than $25 Per Post

What does a 2,500w blog cost that is completely humanly-created? How about the time you have to wait to get it done? I’ll answer that – hundreds of dollars, and dozens of hours (weeks). Content at Scale has pricing that beats everything you’ve seen.

Think about what this replaces. It replaces literally hundreds in dollars and hours of time, if you were to write from scratch. And with my stamp of approval, you know the content is truly quality.

Proof is in the pudding: Here’s a real post I generated with Content at Scale (structure, style, flow, subheadings); and edited it to make it more personal to our brand.

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Ready to Adapt Your Process to AI-Assisted, Faster Content Production?

WITHOUT losing touch on quality, accuracy, and flow in the process?

Content at Scale takes what is already working for your target keywords to rank in the top of Google, and uses that to fuel the content it produces. (This is the process I’ve been teaching for years, and teach in my mentorship – you have to study what’s in the top of Google to know what to write and model after.)

This completely replaces the need to research and put together hours of work just to outline an SEO piece that will rank highly in Google.

All you need to do: take the draft produced by the AI, edit to incorporate story and personal expertise, and publish!

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