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Create an established content marketing process with streamlined tools and systems. Get our Content Process Blueprint (content marketing processes, templates, and tools) to run your content calendar seamlessly. Includes Julia’s 2023 tutorials to speed up your entire process with AI and train your writers.


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Derek DOUBLED his content creation output with our process blueprint, freeing up more time to bring in more clients

"I've been using the Content Process Blueprint for a few weeks now and my agency has already doubled the content creation output. The process is very straightforward and the Clickup template has saved me multiple hours each week which has allowed me to bring on additional business. Julia: I appreciate all the great content and products you've produced over the years, keep up the great work!"

derek at emerald consulting from content hacker
— Derek Jacobson, Founder at Emerald Consulting




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Content marketing can feel like the biggest task on the planet.

Even if you have:

  • Some knowledge about what to write on
  • Some experience creating content
  • A plethora of SEO tools available

But it’s all chaos.

You write random content. You’re not sure what to delegate, or what to do yourself.

What’s more, you’re exhausted and burnt out from zero clarity on any part of the content marketing production process. What do you do – and when do you do it?

But what if you could finally achieve real organization in your content marketing?

What if… you never had to corral all the missing pieces from everywhere and nowhere again, and instead you had a clear system and process to creating it?

What if there’s a way to gain clarity on the whole confusing thing and follow a no-brainer path?

Let’s solve that, for good.

The Content Hacker Process Blueprint was first built after a student requested a template and step-by-step list from me of my content marketing process back in 2017. I reinvented it completely this fall to give you complete, renewed clarity on your content marketing process.

A central idea throughout this product is the idea of building a Content Cake – thinking of your content marketing in layers that you can easily assemble. Additionally, we’ve got my favorite AI content tools for SEO blogging that will revolutionize your time and profits.



content cake



julia mccoy sherpa of content marketing

My name is Julia McCoy, and I sold my own agency after building it from 0 to $5M with organic content marketing.

I love being a Sherpa for my clients up the content marketing mountain.

But when I started out, I was just like you.

I was running my first company, and although we were seeing some success I was feeling totally drained.

I was running around doing EVERYTHING for my content agency’s marketing. I was pulling assignments out of email, Scotch-taping ugly processes together so fresh content would “just go live.”

It’s no wonder I sometimes clicked “publish” on content I wasn’t exactly proud of.

Everything changed when I had a step-by-step process, and got clear on the stages and systems of my content marketing.

I got clear on my stages for the processes of content (there’s more than one!), and my systems to house the moving parts (images for the blog… the first draft of the blog itself from the writer…et cetera).

It was like MAGIC!

Everything began to open up for me. My content calendar began to exist three months in advance. My writers were clear on tasks out into the future. My designer wasn’t rushing to put together a promo image last minute.

As I moved through stages seamlessly – I began to stack on more and more pieces of content and move them all through the stages! I finally had time to add more content to my plate.

  • I had WAY more energy and time to do other things.
  • My content creation started flowing like a well-oiled machine.
  • I never again panicked late at night, about to miss another deadline, struggling between writing it all and trying to delegate parts.
  • I finally had a crystal-clear process to produce timely content, week after week, without missing a deadline once—for five brands!

Does it work? 1000%. This well-oiled content process I’ve developed has helped every single piece I publish earn traffic and succeed.

  • I’ve earned a collective 40,000 keyword placements ranking organically in Google, the result of high-quality, consistent, SEO-optimized content
  • I grew my traffic to 100,000 website visitors/month.
  • We’ve saved over $200,000 by skipping paid ads!
  • Best of all, we’re at least two months ahead on our content calendar at all times!

Purchase the Content Blueprint at 70% off $157 $47

And I don’t plan to keep the secrets of organized content marketing to myself.

In fact, I’m sharing it with you today in a succinct digital pack that you can instantly download and start using now. 

When you download and read it, you’ll get:

  • The step-by-step process blueprint I use to create consistent, quality content for all of my brands. (Hint: this includes three content creation stages and what goes into each one, step-by-step.)
  • How to map out your content steps (featuring tangible action steps identified with crystal-clear clarity, so you go seamlessly from topic ideation to the very next step).
  • The inner stages of the writing process, including the exact template I give my writers to help them come up with stunning, share-worthy content.
  • The 8-step process your blog editor should follow before publishing any piece of content.
  • Links to tools complete with an insider’s look at my own content creation process, including my calendar, blog template, examples, and more!
  • How to replace HOURS of time with Content at Scale, a new AI tool for SEO blogging (including two FULL tutorials for your writers!).
  • Best tools for keyword research and how to use them.
  • Complete ClickUp Space Template with four video tutorials on how to use them, from myself and our Systems Expert at Content Hacker.
  • Brief guide on how to promote your content, once you’ve published it.

The best thing is you won’t need hours to pore over the digital pack. It’s action-oriented. You can execute and act from all 12 pages, use the accompanying ClickUp templates today, and get started on building a seamless pipeline for your content marketing systems!


content process blueprint

Get the Content Process Blueprint Digital Pack (Includes a Detailed Guide, ClickUp Space Templates, & Guiding Audio File)


Purchase the Content Blueprint at 70% off $157 $47

The Content Hacker™ Process Blueprint for Content Marketers: Run Your Content Calendar & Team

I created this digital pack as a simple, actionable process guide for your content production.

The guide has zero fluff, zero frills, and zero unnecessary content. Every page brings power and clarity with visual concepts and working timelines showing you how to think through the stages of content marketing execution.

The accompanying ClickUp templates have been built by one of the best ClickUp Systems Expert (at $185 an hour, they would charge you around $1,500 to build the ClickUp Space we already have ready for you to swipe and use – complete with custom content automations!). These ClickUp Space templates were extensively tested and implemented by our team for our high-ticket Content Engine clients, and used for our own content production across the past year.

You’ll learn exactly how to implement content by visually seeing it, in the digital guide; you’ll get all the tools and templates you need to execute your content systems. You’ll be able to listen to me explain it all in an exclusive audio file, and finally, get started on immediate action steps with a special What’s Next? bonus PDF included too.

What’s covered:

  • The stages of content creation (from profitable strategy and ideation, all the way to telling the world about your amazing new piece!)
  • Actual templates to swipe to build a ClickUp Custom Space to manage your content team (created by our Systems Expert, tested by us with multiple Content Engine clients!)
  • A simple blueprint and tool list to use to promote your content in less than one hour a week
  • Visual breakdowns to simplify how to approach profitable content marketing, as a whole

Learn from a leading content marketer trusted to train inside Fortune 500s and leading publications alike, including:

Featured on EntrepreneurBigCommerce

“Julia McCoy is one of the few people in the content/SEO industry that I look up to and respect.”

Brian Dean
—Brian Dean, Founder, Backlinko

Sarah transformed her business success with Content Hacker coaching and website services

"My brand/website is so good – thanks to Julia, her team and the guiding principles of CTS! – that a startup marketing agency approached me about being a PARTNER with them!

As a student in Julia's CTS program, and highly recommend it. If you're considering booking coaching with Julia, DO IT. She puts so much time and effort into customizing your session and her recommendations to your exact needs. You will walk away with a plan of action to get to your next step, and peace of mind that you're being coached by the absolute best of the best in the content marketing world."

sarah greenberg
—Sarah Greenberg, Freelance Content Marketer

“Julia McCoy is one of the best content marketers on the scene.”

lindsey anderson
—Lindsey Anderson, founder of Web Impakt &

"In a world increasingly full of books with snackable advice that leaves you wanting more, Julia McCoy’s books and teachings are a banquet.”


warwick brown
—Warwick Brown, Account Management Activist, Consultant, Coach




content process blueprint

Ready to get clear and comfortable with content marketing?

Buy and download The Content Hacker™ Process Blueprint with our ClickUp Custom Space template pack, and you’ll STOP:

  • Feeling lost and confused, not knowing where to start in your content marketing journey.
  • Wasting tons of time doing tasks that can be ran through a system.
  • Feeling burnt out and exhausted.

Ready to finally get clarity as you approach day-to-day content marketing? Ready to trade content confusion for content ahead of schedule?

You need our Blueprint. ⚡️ That’s what it will do for you.

“As a core value of Woww, continuous improvement is critical to our growth and success. To enable this, we’re always seeking new and insightful perspectives from digital marketing experts to further enrich our team’s knowledge base and expand their skill set.

We’ve purchased a number of Julia’s frameworks and courses with the goal of improving our agency’s content creation SOPs, and empowering our writers with fresh ideas and inspiration to create amazing content for clients. We found the Content Process Blueprint especially ingenious and helpful.”

felix at content hacker
—Felix Norton, Managing Director, Woww Digital

content hacker process blueprint

Get the Content Process Blueprint Digital Pack (Guide, + ClickUp Space Templates, & Audio File)


Featuring full 2023 tutorials on how to optimize AI-written content

Master your exact step-by-step content production and marketing with the processes inside this powerful digital guide. This is how we manage, create, and publish consistent content for multiple brands. You’ll have systems (complete ClickUp templates + video setup tutorials!), a step-by-step guide to ideating and pipelining your content, and finally have clarity. Buy and use immediately!

$157 $47

  • Digital Guide: Content Process Blueprint for Content Marketers, 21-page guide
  • Digital Guide: ClickUp Template Summary (direct access to 4 training videos + ClickUp content management Space templates
  • NEW process & guided, writer-friendly tutorials for AI-assisted content production that will save hours of time
  • Audio file for the Content Process Blueprint, with personal motivation from Julia
  • LIFETIME access to the Content Process Blueprint & all updates
  • Bonus: What’s Next? Guide to help you identify next steps after implementing the guide

Get it Now at 70% off $157 $47


Cheers 🥂  to your success,


This product comes with our Content Hacker™️ guarantee.

We’re so confident this digital product works, that we’re giving you a fantastic guarantee. If you implement our step-by-step process, try the ClickUp Space template out, and don’t like it, you’re entitled to a full credit of the MSRP of this product to any workshop, course, consulting program, or service at Content Hacker.