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Get that dusty book idea off your shelf and into your “accomplished” pile. First, we start with a call, and then I give you my book writing process and customizable outline. You get to work sharing your vision with me, and then I produce your book from start-to-finish inside six months or less. I’ll even guide you all the way through, have my amazing designer use my inside specs to create a winning book cover, guide and manage the formatting process, and get it published on Amazon for you. I only work with two book clients/year, so you’re in the best hands.

Book Ghostwriting for High-Level Founders, Entrepreneurs, & Marketers

You don’t play small. Neither do I. We’ll get your incredible book idea brought to life — all you do is hand me your vision. Read this page thoroughly before you send me a contact form, please!

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Book Ghostwriting process


Book Ghostwriting: Writing, Editing and Creation

Are you an industry leader with a vision, a story, and a thought you want to see come to life in the form of a beautifully-produced book on Amazon?

I can take your book from “idea” to “DONE”, without a wasted penny along the way in hiring or re-hiring help to “fix” issues. Or, waiting years because you’re trying to rely on yourself to write the book, when let’s face it – you’re never going to get around to it.

Book writing is my passion. My books are created to perfection, to highest standards that will absolutely rival the best of the best WSJ bestsellers (which I study and emulate on the regular).

Headsup: I’m NOT a book “writing & publishing agency.” I’m here with a unique 1:1 ghostwriting service because I believe in putting the money back in the author’s (YOUR) hands. I’ve made $17,000 and counting in book royalties through my 100% self-published books in the last half-decade. Why should you publish traditionally and settle for 8% royalties, when you can have 70%? When you self-publish, you’re also in control every step of the way.

I treat your book project like it’s my own. I know what it takes to rise to the very top of Amazon. I’ve done it five times. Plus, I only take on two book ghostwriting projects per year; so you’re getting artisan, hands-on service.


Who I Write Books For

I ghostwrite books for the entrepreneur, marketer, and industry leader that has a vision, an industry-transforming concept, and/or a powerful, life-touching story to share.

You aren’t just anybody. And you KNOW everybody should read what you have to say. You have a beautiful, practical idea ready to turn into a powerful book, written and crafted by me for the masses. You have a topic in your heart, a message in your mind, and you simply need a skilled, trusted partner to write it out, and see it all through to Amazon production in paperback and ebook formats. (Some of the experts I ghostwrite books for: nonprofit leaders, entrepreneurs, leading marketers, keynote speakers, content marketers, SaaS entrepreneurs, YouTube thought leaders, and more.)


Why Julia for Your Book Ghostwriting & Creation?

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(Switching to third person voice…) Julia McCoy knows book ghostwriting.

She is the author of no less than three bestselling books on Amazon, all of which have made it far and wide on Amazon (earning over $17k to date in direct author royalties). Back in 2016, she debuted as an author with her first self-published book, So You Think You Can Write? A Definitive Guide to Successful Online Writing, and in 2017, she published her second book, a behemoth 365-page guide to the practical content strategy market, Practical Content Strategy & Marketing: The Content Strategy Course Student Guidebook. Both books reached the Top 30 in their respective categories on launch week and have sold thousands of copies, some of which have been used as classroom references and recommended educational guides. In 2020, BookAuthority placed both of Julia’s books in their list of Top 100 Marketing Books of all time.

In 2020, Julia published another 390-page book with the launch of her memoir, a creative nonfiction narrative book titled Woman Rising: A True Story, which shot to #1 New Releases and #1 Best Seller combined by day three of release week. Julia was also a content resource for leading expert Ryan Stewart’s new book on SEO, The SEO Blueprint: How to Get More Organic Traffic Right NOWJulia launched Skip the Degree on February 2021, and it became a #1 New Release in TWO categories two weeks before launch date!

All in all, Julia has earned over $20,000 in direct Amazon royalties from her books sold to date, which have sold in more than 20 countries. Julia has extensively weighed the benefits of traditional publishing, where authors earn 2-8% of royalties, versus self-publishing, where authors earn 70% and more of book royalties, in favor of self-publishing. In 2019, Julia even turned down a HarperCollins agent offer in favor of self-publishing. She believes in the power of books because she has seen them work to build her own brand and revenue in multiple powerful ways.

Happy Book Ghostwriting Client: Ryan Stewart, SEO expert, Entrepreneur, Creator of The Blueprint Training

“Julia and her writer has been helping us with our book, The SEO Blueprint coming out next month. We’re reviewing the final drafts. It’s really good. I’m really impressed with it and you Julia have done a tremendous job taking a stream of feedback and implementing it. Going back and reading what I originally drafted, I knew it wasn’t where I wanted it to be, and I couldn’t physically get my brain to take it there. So we reached out to Julia, and she has done a great job with really difficult content to write. Especially within our scope, considering ourselves more advanced, thoroughly happy with the work.”

What Do You Get in My Book Ghostwriting & Creation Services?

What does it cost to work with the Content Hacker™ to write YOUR book from start to finish? Let’s discuss. If you’re ready to get going, just fill out the short form at the end of this page. I will be in touch!

Book Ghostwriting Costs (Your Starting Budget: $15k+ minimum)

  • .35c/word
  • Minimum length at least 45,000w for a 250-page book ($15,750)
  • Research hours (custom quoted) for watching and translating your videos into content, going through additional materials (courses, webinars, videos, etc.) $125/hour (optional)
  • Don’t want to deal with cover design, formatting, and publishing? Original cover artwork from Julia’s personal designer; Amazon end-to-end publishing, copy and categories formulated by Julia; formatting in paperback and Kindle, by Julia’s personal formatter; to an incredible book live on Amazon. $4,000 (optional, recommended for new authors)


BONUS: Julia will manage the book formatting and launching process (which can be a NIGHTMARE for new authors!) for you!

What to Expect In The Book Ghostwriting Process

  1. You fill out the form below and tell me a little about what you have on hand (upload any rough outlines or documents); share your industry of expertise; potential book title (can be draft or final); and requested timeframe. I will get back to you with my process, FAQ, your homework before we begin, and a start date, if I am currently taking book ghostwriting projects! If not, I’ll place you on my waitlist. (Either way, you’ll get notified). 
  2. Costs are broken up into milestones and paid before completion dates of each milestone. A 25% deposit is due to start the project, another 25% due on completion of the first milestone. A full quote is shared with you that you approve, and a timeline. 
  3. Once you approve the quote, a 25% deposit is due, and your homework: a book outline. I’ll share examples, directions, and an outline you can use to write down your (rough!) vision to share with me. You can ask me questions anytime to help guide your outline. This is your vision, so you CANNOT delegate your ideas to me. I need your ideas! Once I have them, I do the rest and bring your book baby to life.
  4. Once you send me your rough book outline based on my templates that I’ll send you, I have your vision and I can start writing! Expect 15,000 words written/month, or 5-10 chapters (depending on how we structured the book). You get bi-weekly updates with a fresh draft to read and review, and a quarterly invoice due at each 25% progress. If I’m writing you a 60,000w book (200-ish pages), you’ll get a 25% invoice at each 15,000w checkpoint.
  5. Your book is complete within six months or less, depending on how quickly you get me feedback.
  6. If you paid my $4,000 book publishing retainer, I’ll also guide your book completely through the Amazon publishing process, including cover design, formatting, and Amazon copy/category creation by me. I’ve been here five times over, so I know what I’m doing. You’ll have the best shot possible at a #1 New Release or Bestseller, but better yet, we will release a beautiful book that will build your brand on a MOMENTOUS level.

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