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Are you ready to start breaking down barriers, thinking out of the box, and turning your writing into content gold? Then you need a serious library of references to keep you moving — and creating — in the right direction. Here are my two books to get you started. (I’ve got a third one in the works! Stay tuned.)

So You Think You Can Write?

So You Think You Can Write? is your ultimate guidebook to learning every skill it takes to write great copy for the web, from the fundamentals of using storytelling in online content all the way to knowing how to write for both search engines and people, what it takes to craft different forms of content on the web, and much more; plus, a bonus chapter revealing how to market yourself and make income as an online copywriter in an modern world.

Spotlight Review

“In this book, Julia has laid the groundwork for teaching anyone–from novice writer to business owner–how to harness and put to applicable use the skill of writing online content. Julia has a fun, engaging voice, bringing clarity and understanding to heavy learning. She has an energetic way of writing: it’s not your typical marketing read. Regardless of your level, you’ll thoroughly enjoy this refreshing, yet thorough, guidebook. I’ve been in the marketing industry for over 13 years, and my number one piece of advice to newcomers is to learn how to leverage content. The right words can make a world of difference. Over the years, writing content has helped me build my personal brand, a seven-figure marketing agency, secure speaking engagements, and gain thousands of customers at my startups. If you put Julia’s well-taught online writing skills to use, big things will happen: read this book prepared to learn!”

—Sujan Patel, 13-year internet marketer veteran

Practical Content Strategy & Marketing: The Content Strategy Certification Course Student Guidebook

If you run a business or if you’re trying to break into a top-dollar content marketing career, you need to know the practical concepts involved in content strategy and marketing.

The “how,” the “why,” the “where” of content. Content marketing itself involves so many platforms, formats, content types, strategies, tools—and to get the most ROI from your approach to content marketing and strategy, you have to know how to do the most important content marketing practices. Forget FOMO and trying to figure out too many things. This guide will teach you the most important foundations and skills you actually need in order to get far in our booming industry of content marketing.

With Julia as your guide, learn the principles and physical “how-to” behind these six key cores of effective content marketing:

  1. Core Foundations of an ROI-Based Content Strategy
  2. Audience Persona Discovery, Sales Funnel Content Mapping, & Style Guideline
  3. Understanding Keywords, SEO Opportunities, & Creating Keyword Reports
  4. How to Build Content Cores (Your Content House) for an Authority Presence Online
  5. Practical Content Creation (Your Site & Guest Blogging)
  6. Content Promotion, Setting a Budget, Preparing Your Editorial Calendar, & Maintenance

For the first time in the industry, Practical Content Strategy & Marketing lays the “hows” of content marketing and strategy out, in a step-by-step approach, book form.

Spotlight Review

“This new content world might seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. There are simple, tried-and-true paths up the learning curve, and Julia is absolutely the best Sherpa for your journey up the content marketing mountain. This is an important book. Congratulations for finding it and best of luck with your content marketing journey.”

—Mark W. Schaefer, Consultant, college educator, and author of The Content Code

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