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I write a book every year to fuel your faith, hope, and elevate your talents in the marketplace. Don’t miss out on reading these books. Each book takes me a year and is a labor of love!


Content Writer’s Handbook

Write TODAY-FRIENDLY, RESULTS-DRIVEN Blog, Email, Sales, Social & YouTube Copy

With a little AI sprinkled in!

This book is a “primer” that will serve as a simple guide to help newcomers navigate the world of online writing. From writing high-quality content for your blog, to email copy, to sales and social media… to better video descriptions… this book addresses it all at a simple beginner’s level.

Bonus: we’ll cover my favorite AI content tool and how I’m using it today to generate accurate long-form, trust-building content!

#1 New Release!


Heaven on Earth

A Simple Reminder of the Everyday Miracles that Happen Around Us

This book came to life in the summer of 2022 as I experienced incredible miracles during that year, facilitated and lifted up in the middle of those miracles by a dear faith-filled friend of mine, Rachel Keagy. From a natural birth that year to our land and house saved from multiple fires – it was a year of walking in faith over fear.

I felt the call to re-tell those miracles in book form. After I complained at God, because I’d just had a baby – the next day, I began to write with my newborn in my arms, and an entire chapter happened. Time supernaturally stood still!

By January of 2023, we had an entire book written. This is an easy, light, enjoyable read that will restore and rebuild your faith in both God and the power of following faith over fear like none other.

Available now!


Content Burnout Create Content

How Entrepreneurs Can Position Their Voice & Brand in the World Without Overload, Frustration or Burnout

Content marketing is one of the strongest, most viable types of marketing. Studies have shown that content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing. It also generates over 3x as many leads. 84% of businesses now have a content marketing strategy. If you’re not doing it to build your business, well — it’s time.

But, the #1 question Julia hears in the decade she’s spent building up five brands to six and seven-figures through content marketing is — How do I get consistent at content marketing, and save my sanity? How do I avoid burnout? This book will give you Julia’s personal processes to mega content creation. Plus, original insights from top industry leaders Julia interviewed.


Woman Rising, A True Story 

Julia brings multiple genres together in her electrifying, non-fiction true story, Woman Rising: A True Story, guaranteed to have you turning each page. Released February 10, 2020.

Growing up under a narcissistic cult leader, Woman Rising: A True Story tells the unbelievable true story of one woman’s ability to defy the odds and rise up despite a terrible upbringing, build a business empire, and find her complete life path—through recovery and healing, to personal and professional success as a woman CEO. Woman Rising: A True Story is a memoir that goes above and beyond a story of childhood trauma.

“…with vivid imagery and eloquent language, Julia immerses the reader in her story of a difficult childhood while also providing guideposts for self-discovery along the way.

This is a brave and important work.” Anna LeBaron, author, The Polygamist’s Daughter

Follow the author, Julia McCoy, on an incredible journey from birth to present-day at the age of twenty-nine. This is a story that will inspire you, challenge you to rise higher, and show you that it is humanly possible to go from trauma to triumph.


Skip the Degree, Save the Tuition: Your A-Z Pathway to Teach Yourself a Money-Making Online Skill Set

…is a powerful new book co-created by entrepreneur and multi-best-selling author Julia McCoy and professor-dropout and Adobe educator, Dr. Ai Addyson-Zhang.

Two successful #dropouts, Julia McCoy and Dr. Ai Addyson-Zhang, are the perfect team to guide young people in search of their passion on a real path to building a life they love and earning great income.

This revolutionary book will teach you a tangible, easy-to-follow route to building a life based on skills and passions you can uncover with practical exercises. You’ll learn how to uncover and cultivate those skills. You’re never too old or young to start! Discover your passion and build a real, thriving income source without the debt.

So You Think You Can Write?

So You Think You Can Write? is your ultimate guidebook to learning every skill it takes to write great copy for the web, from the fundamentals of using storytelling in online content all the way to knowing how to write for both search engines and people, what it takes to craft different forms of content on the web, and much more; plus, a bonus chapter revealing how to market yourself and make income as an online copywriter in an modern world.

Spotlight Review

“In this book, Julia has laid the groundwork for teaching anyone–from novice writer to business owner–how to harness and put to applicable use the skill of writing online content. Julia has a fun, engaging voice, bringing clarity and understanding to heavy learning. She has an energetic way of writing: it’s not your typical marketing read. Regardless of your level, you’ll thoroughly enjoy this refreshing, yet thorough, guidebook. I’ve been in the marketing industry for over 13 years, and my number one piece of advice to newcomers is to learn how to leverage content. The right words can make a world of difference. Over the years, writing content has helped me build my personal brand, a seven-figure marketing agency, secure speaking engagements, and gain thousands of customers at my startups. If you put Julia’s well-taught online writing skills to use, big things will happen: read this book prepared to learn!”

—Sujan Patel, 13-year internet marketer veteran

Practical Content Strategy & Marketing: The Content Strategy Certification Course Student Guidebook

If you run a business or if you’re trying to break into a top-dollar content marketing career, you need to know the practical concepts involved in content strategy and marketing.

The “how,” the “why,” the “where” of content. Content marketing itself involves so many platforms, formats, content types, strategies, tools—and to get the most ROI from your approach to content marketing and strategy, you have to know how to do the most important content marketing practices. Forget FOMO and trying to figure out too many things. This guide will teach you the most important foundations and skills you actually need in order to get far in our booming industry of content marketing.

For the first time in the industry, Practical Content Strategy & Marketing lays the “hows” of content marketing and strategy out, in a step-by-step approach, book form.

Spotlight Review

“This new content world might seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. There are simple, tried-and-true paths up the learning curve, and Julia is absolutely the best Sherpa for your journey up the content marketing mountain. This is an important book. Congratulations for finding it and best of luck with your content marketing journey.”

—Mark W. Schaefer, Consultant, college educator, and author of The Content Code

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