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We are visionary website experts. We bring to life beautiful, high-converting websites for the expert business owner.

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Over the last year, we’ve been working with online experts to launch their website.

Sometimes, all the expert has had is a sales page in Kajabi.

Or a website built in a weekend by a friend in Wix.

Or an idea for a brand in a Google Doc.

They’re typically really good at what they do, but they’ve never had the time to stop and build a breathtaking website for themselves.

And honestly – they shouldn’t be doing that if it’s not their area of expertise!

That’s where we shine – bigtime.

We will bring your brand to LIFE on the internet. The same way we’ve brought multiple brands of our own to life for ourselves.

We’re incredibly good at it, and we love every minute of building your brand.

We only take on three to five website clients per month. You will be in our hands, with Julia writing your copy, visionary UX designer Tiago working on your branding, and every touch from the Content Hacker team personal to you and your project.

We specialize in the entire package. We don’t tweak, optimize, or merely “fix.” Your success story won’t be nearly as good if that’s all we do. We’re going for 10x, 100x, not just 10%.

That’s why we package up an entire service with multiple stages where we do it all.

And here’s our Big Hairy Audacious Goal.

You’ll receive what we guarantee as one of the best websites any pro could ever design for you…

Hands-down. Or we’ll work until you feel we are there. Guaranteed.

julia mccoy doing ecommerce marketingWhy Our Approach Includes the Holy Grail of Everything: Content, UX, Design, and Implementation

Here’s a fact.

For your website to NOT JUST RANK, but also bring in the bacon…

You need accurate copy, on-point branding, a great UX design, SEO/website implementation.


All four.

Great copy.

Great design.

Great branding.

Correct building and implementation of your website in a way that Google will like. (Aka, no DIY-ing or cheapening out)


Fact #1: Google recently updated its policies on E-A-T and YMYL. Fact #2: Google judges and de-ranks INACCURATE content. Fact #3: Google considers AI generated content spam.

What does all this mean for you and your website?

Your website content needs to be accurate, or Google will bury it. And you won’t even get a eulogy or a tombstone.

Accuracy even extends to the contents you add to your buttons.


You also need a brilliant design that allows your website visitors to flow through your site.

So what exactly are the changes that Google is making?

Google redefined YMYL, your-money-or-your-life content, to include content that has the potential to harm individuals or society or affect someone’s financial well-being, health, or safety.

You can still publish content on these topics, but Google will not rank you high unless you demonstrate E-A-T.

✅ E = Expertise ✅ A = Authoritativeness ✅ T = Trustworthiness

So far, so good.

With your website, you need the HUMAN TOUCH for design and content.

That’s precisely where Content Hacker comes in.

Now–historically–you need four types of experts to do a great job here.

1. A copywriter (or content team!) for accurate copy.

2. A branding expert to build a brand guide and dictate colors, logo, font types if you don’t have them.

3. A UX designer for high-converting website design.

4. A wickedly-smart WordPress developer to build and launch your site once it’s designed.

Average cost?

Over $20,000 divided up by four, if you were to piecemeal it out.

You can  REPLACE THEM ALL and save bacon with this four-phase service of ours, Custom Branded Websites.

We cover it all.


I know content marketing works. But what I’ve also come to realize is that great content will not work if your website design isn’t optimized, with the right copy, in the right places, built to last over time.

I’m here to help.

I will personally build and design a website for you that ranks and converts, just like Content Hacker does.

If you’re ready for a new website design, let’s start on one this month.

I work on every website along with my hand-picked team, to ensure you get the BEST results.

We work from a content and a UX and an SEO perspective. Probably 1% of web agencies do this. 😱 🔥

The only caveat: we truly don’t have unlimited spots available. (No scarcity technique. It’s four of us human experts working on your website, and we don’t scale.) So, don’t wait.

custom brands by content hacker

Here’s what we can do for you:

brand design

Artisan Brand Logo & Design

Don’t have a brand? Don’t love your brand? Start here. Tiago, Antonella, and Julia personally bring your new or re-launched brand to life. With decades of experience, and 100s of successful brands between all of us combined, we will personally develop your brand design from scratch, by hand. We begin by designing a brand book.

website design

Pro Site Design & Copywriting

Let’s envision your website design! We’ll custom-design a ful website mockup for you, handcrafted by our visionary designer Tiago. Comes with copywriting for your headlines, taglines, services & About page by Julia & her top writer. We work together and bring you in for review at the important stages. This is done in Figma, a leading web design software that allows you to collaborate with us easily, and leave comments directly on the design.

This is considered Phase 2 if you need us to do all three phases.

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Sleek, Fast, SEO WordPress Build

We will build and launch a smoking-fast WordPress site that functions excellently and performs well in SEO, implemented, built, and launched by our developers so it lives on a domain you own. We will guide and consult you through the entire process–you’ll never feel alone. We will recommend best appointment-setting tools to use with your WordPress site, hook up lead magnets for you, and more!

This is considered Phase 3 if you need all three phases.

Our Pricing Per Service

By-Hand Custom Logo and Brand Design (Brand Book)


High-Converting Website Design


High-Converting Copy by Julia & Team for Your Entire Site


Design, Build & Launch Your Site in WordPress


Want it ALL? Save $5,000: $20,000 $15,000
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We know what it takes to create a standout brand on the internet.

It’s our everyday passion. ♥️ Let’s talk!

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Get The Absolute Best Results

At Content Hacker, you can trust in best possible results. In fact, altering our path may mean less conversions for you. Your review and collaboration is important to us; but even more importantly, you can rest in our expertise, with over 20 years of experience building high-converting websites (including our expert team of UX designers and site builders).

Our unique approach makes us one-of-a-kind when it comes to the typical website builder. We specialize in all of it (individually, all of these skills from top pros would cost you thousands of dollars); high-converting copy, beautiful design, UX and conversion flow, and implementation.

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Bonus: our WordPress sites include training at handoff.

We believe website builders shouldn’t be making it impossible to easily alter or upkeep what’s on your site. As a business owner, you SHOULD be in your site on a regular basis (or have a blog editor that will be).

So, that’s the experience we’ll cultivate for you! We want you in the driver’s seat of your own site.

We don’t want clunky site backends to be the experience for any business owner, and that’s why we’ll enroll you in Content Hacker Academy 15-minute trainings on how to add a new blog and edit a sales or landing page to help you use your beautiful website.

My name is Julia McCoy, and I’ve built 12 of my own (and counting) WordPress websites.

I’ve been building my own websites since the young age of 19.

I taught myself HTML coding by hand, and then quickly realized a developer was way smarter and better at this than me – so I hired my first one!

My first WordPress website launched in 2012.

Over the next ten years, we managed to build our own custom, full-service ecommerce platform on WordPress that generated over $5M in sales!

Now at Content Hacker, we have our own team of hired UX and WordPress experts, led by myself and my husband Josh, our CTO. (He led our own custom WordPress builds and oversaw development for a decade.)

I oversee content placement, design, and conversion-first possibilities for our clients sites and online web presence. Josh oversees the tech and Google Core Vitals friendliness of each project. (If you get our full-service product, my small expert team and I will write your copy, too!)

Killer value… The home page, offer and brand messaging copy I write come from ten years of expert knowledge, and real, hands-on knowledge in what I do (read my story).

Our small, high-expertise team designs and implements your website ourselves, with my hands personally involved in every project.

Facts: It takes design (UX), SEO, and copywriting to see massive results online, and you need a team skilled at all parts. Our team includes a UX expert responsible for hundreds of site designs, who will custom code everything, even your buttons and the way a user interacts with them, for best results (typical: 2-3x increase in conversions from his design work); expert brand owners and copywriters (myself and my lead writer, Alyssa, as well as my husband Josh); and you’ll receive our custom touch on every project. (No agencies here!)

If you’re considering the investment, let me share something with you, friend.

My ten-year record of building a website to 100,000 visitors a month and $100k in revenue per month at its height didn’t happen by accident.

It was 100% because of a strong website, great copy, and a UX flow that converted our visitors into more.

Who Is Best For Our Custom Brand Development Services?


Brand Owners: If you have a beautiful brand you want to bring to life – FULL STOP. FRIEND. WE ARE YOUR PEOPLE.

Coaches & Experts: Friend. Stop. Your beautiful website will bring you and your expertise to life like never before. Seriously. Let’s do this.

Founders: Friend. You should really stop farting around with those low-cost providers that are building websites so ugly, people will run instead of getting excited to contact you through your site and become your customer. We can fix that. For life. Seriously. Hire us.

Couldn’t help the tongue-in-cheek here. Your website is powerful, if it’s BUILT WELL! Let’s make it happen for you. ♥️  


100% Client Happiness Guarantee

We will work with you on every part of the process until you’re completely happy. We want you to absolutely love your brand, more than you’ve ever loved anything you’ve published online! This is our guarantee. And we’ll revise until you’re happy. Our track record since launching these services has been 100% client success, and we’re happy to share referrals and names with you. All we ask is that you come serious. Ready for your next level. Ready to do what it takes to get there. Ready to trust our expertise. We will bring heart, care, attention, love, and true talent to your brand. Let’s do this!

To you,