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Your customers are waiting on the other side of a transformative brand.


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From-scratch, visionary branding and design for your entire web presence. For the online expert and business owner.

We know what it takes to create a standout brand.

It’s our everyday passion. ♥️

Here’s what we create for our clients:

  • Your custom brand assets: Signature Workbook (or Lead Magnet), Content Style Guidelines, & Branding Guide
  • Clarity on your offers and pricing with Julia in a 1:1 coaching call (map your expertise to real marketplace offers that you can scale, and hash out an ideal customer journey flow)
  • Your website designed from scratch, or rebuilt if already in existence (to be 10x better)

custom brand assets

Let us hand-craft custom brand assets you’ll use, promote, and sell for a lifetime.

You can buy these services à la carte or as an entire package.


Here’s how you can launch your own custom brand with us.

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coaching call with julia

1. Coaching Call with Julia

First, we’ll start with a coaching call to help you identify what you need and how we can best build results for you.

This is a 1:1 personally with Julia. We’ll get your brand vision, brand identity and expertise mapped to real offers and a brand that will stand on its own in the marketplace.

Worth $5,000 MSRP; yours at $500, or see the package price for everything below!


2. Branding Book

Don’t have an actual brand guidebook on file?

Or, need revisions to yours? Once the coaching call is done, we start to work our magic. We can create entire, beautiful brand designs from scratch (20+ years of brand design and experience in our team), or update yours with a modern, today-customer feel and flow.

You’ll be able to review, have us revise, and collaborate. Our goal: you walk away completely happy.

Worth $3,000 MSRP; yours at $750, or see the package price for everything below!


branding guide



signature workbook example

3. Signature Lead Magnets

What should your signature lead magnet(s) or workbook(s) be?

We’ll strategize, suggest a title, and create a workbook that brings in ideal subscribers that can turn into leads and clients for years to come. Our goal is an EVERGREEN lead magnet for you that brings in serious results!

(Our own ebooks do – every day!)

You’ll be able to review, have us revise, and collaborate (no limits, a perfect outcome is our goal!).

Typical signature workbooks and lead magnets are 9-15 pages, 4,000w; $2,000 is our price to strategize, copy write, and design yours from scratch. A completely hands-off, done-for-you process.

4. WordPress Website with UX-Conversion Flow

Once we have a brand identity, we’ll get to work on a full mockup of an elegant, but most importantly, high-converting website for you.

Our UX/UI designer creates a from-scratch flow in Figma after researching best opportunities for more conversions in your marketplace. If we’re taking an old site and giving you a brand new one, we rebuild everything; from clearer headlines to visuals that convey success to your clients, to bold, striking colors and branding.

You get to see the full Figma, comment and request revisions, and collaborate until you love it. Then, we implement and code everything within a Divi or Elementor theme in WordPress; customizing presentation, button code, header, footer, and other elements until you have a site that is custom to you. (Tip: UX is a completely different skillset than SEO: and SEO means nothing if you’re ranking an icky, non-converting site. You need great UX to succeed.)

Price: Starting at $5,000 for 5-8 page custom site (all design, copy, website build to launch)


vasetters website client

blog creation costs

Package Price: Want It All?

Purchase à la carte and we’ll send you an invoice for ONLY the services you’d like (select which ones to receive a quote for in the form below; browse base pricing above). Or, buy all together for a package price of $15,000 $10,000.

This includes your 1:1 coaching call with Julia (75 minutes); your brand book; your signature lead magnet; and your full website, all built from scratch to the highest standards. You’ll see results (guaranteed), and win on the internet with our expert brand production work. Again, you can purchase each separately if you prefer.


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Get The Absolute Best Results

At Content Hacker, you can trust in best possible results. In fact, altering our path may mean less conversions for you. Your review and collaboration is important to us; but even more importantly, you can rest in our expertise, with over 20 years of experience building high-converting websites (including our expert team of UX designers and site builders).

Our unique approach makes us one-of-a-kind when it comes to the typical website builder. We specialize in all of it (individually, all of these skills from top pros would cost you thousands of dollars); high-converting copy, beautiful design, UX and conversion flow, and implementation.

video curriculum cts

Bonus: our WordPress sites include training at handoff.

We believe website builders shouldn’t be making it impossible to easily alter or upkeep what’s on your site. As a business owner, you SHOULD be in your site on a regular basis (or have a blog editor that will be).

So, that’s the experience we’ll cultivate for you! We want you in the driver’s seat of your own site.

We don’t want clunky site backends to be the experience for any business owner, and that’s why we’ll enroll you in Content Hacker Academy 15-minute trainings on how to add a new blog and edit a sales or landing page to help you use your beautiful website.

My name is Julia McCoy, and I’ve built 12 of my own (and counting) WordPress websites.

I’ve been building my own websites since the young age of 19.

I taught myself HTML coding by hand, and then quickly realized a developer was way smarter and better at this than me – so I hired my first one!

My first WordPress website launched in 2012.

Over the next ten years, we managed to build our own custom, full-service ecommerce platform on WordPress that generated over $5M in sales!

Now at Content Hacker, we have our own team of hired UX and WordPress experts, led by myself and my husband Josh, our CTO. (He led our own custom WordPress builds and oversaw development for a decade.)

I oversee content placement, design, and conversion-first possibilities for our clients sites and online web presence. Josh oversees the tech and Google Core Vitals friendliness of each project. (If you get our full-service product, my small expert team and I will write your copy, too!)

Killer value… The home page, offer and brand messaging copy I write come from ten years of expert knowledge, and real, hands-on knowledge in what I do (read my story).

Our small, high-expertise team designs and implements your website ourselves, with my hands personally involved in every project.

Facts: It takes design (UX), SEO, and copywriting to see massive results online, and you need a team skilled at all parts. Our team includes a UX expert responsible for hundreds of site designs, who will custom code everything, even your buttons and the way a user interacts with them, for best results (typical: 2-3x increase in conversions from his design work); expert brand owners and copywriters (myself and my lead writer, Alyssa, as well as my husband Josh); and you’ll receive our custom touch on every project. (No agencies here!)

If you’re considering the investment, let me share something with you, friend.

My ten-year record of building a website to 100,000 visitors a month and $100k in revenue per month at its height didn’t happen by accident.

It was 100% because of a strong website, great copy, and a UX flow that converted our visitors into more.

Who Is Best For Our Custom Brand Development Services?


Experts: Have experience you’re proud of? Take it to the next level with our tailored-to-you offering of brand development and WordPress websites.

Coaches & Consultants: Your beautiful website will bring you and your expertise to life like never before.

Founders: Bring your brand to life on the internet and see real ROI happen. Trust the Content Hacker expert team to deliver.



100% Client Happiness Guarantee

We will work with you on every part of the process until you’re completely happy. We want you to absolutely love your brand, more than you’ve ever loved anything you’ve published online! This is our guarantee. And we’ll revise until you’re happy. Our track record since launching these services has been 100% client success, and we’re happy to share referrals and names with you. All we ask is that you come serious. Ready for your next level. Ready to do what it takes to get there. Ready to trust our expertise. We will bring heart, care, attention, love, and true talent to your brand. Let’s do this!

To you,