The Ongoing Journey of Creating a Living Business Building Course

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Julia McCoy

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What’s worse than buying a business building course that doesn’t actually teach you a ton of real-life skills?

…Buying a business building course that doesn’t allow you to share access with the people in your life who were either hired to support you, or are your biggest supporters.

In our live, done-with-you business-building program Content Transformation© System, we recently launched a NEW value-add: bring in two people into the program, at no extra cost.

These seats can be limited-access, meaning they only access the Phase that’s specific to what they need to learn or know (see the visual journey of our phases).

Inside CTS, our engagement is a whopping 85% so far, out of everyone that enrolls. Many of our members are seeing success at all different stages in the curriculum. (Compare that to a typical business building course, which gets a 5-15% engagement rate (EdSurge).)

With this latest update… why are we opening up thousands of dollars’ worth of seat access for free, for our members?

Because here at Content Hacker, we believe when creative entrepreneurs are truly empowered to have the support they need, the opportunities and work ahead feel less overwhelming. And that doesn’t just mean your coach. That means the partner/people closest to you. They need to be empowered with the knowledge you’re building, so they can share in your vision, too.

The expert eyes you get inside the Content Transformation System, as well as our 5-phase curriculum, are alone powerful enough to get our students to next-level in business skills, strategy, and systems.

But this extra addition is all about personal support. Another “S” that you need to fill, so your journey forward in building your online business gets a lot more enjoyable.

business building course 4 s's

This fresh update to CTS is another reason why we think of the program as a living business building course. 🌿

Our program is an organism with many moving parts that work together to give you the training you need to build your brand.

In the landscape of business courses, this is a major differentiator for us along with what we teach. We are pioneering the economy of online business sustainability. Let’s explore more deeply.

business building course

What a Business Building Course Should Teach You (and Why Most Fail)

Business building courses are everywhere these days. Unfortunately, SO many are a waste of time and $$$.

Before we dive into what you need to learn and why the Content Transformation System is different, let’s look at the other options for comparison.

The Problem with Business Building Courses via Colleges/Universities

Take, for example, college courses and marketing degrees.

They’re expensive. So expensive, in fact, that 55% of students under age 30 who received a bachelor’s degree in 2020 took out loans to pay for it.

These students graduated with an average of $28,400 in debt – both federal and private.

What’s worse, most students are going into serious debt for an education that will be out of date and useless by the time they graduate.

The average business degree curriculum is outstandingly old-fashioned. And, since college curricula are notoriously slow to change, they aren’t nimble enough to keep up with internet trends and technology.

Exhibit A, a curriculum for Business Administration from a run-of-the-mill, four-year college:

outdated business building course curriculum

Sounds pretty stuffy, right? And what relevance would courses like “Probability and Statistics” or “Principles of Macroeconomics” have for actually building YOUR business?

None. N – O – N – E.

Courses like these are absolute time-wasters, keeping you locked into a time and money drain for four long years – that is, if you’re able to complete your requirements on time. Plenty of students do not, and actually end up in college for 5-7 years versus four. 😦

Yep – 90% of college students believe they’ll graduate in four years, but only 45% of them actually will. Less than two-thirds of students will graduate in six years.

Is your brain exploding right now? 🤯🤯 I don’t blame you.

The fact that college is failing to teach so many students job-ready skills these days AND is making them broke is shocking – especially for those of us who grew up with the mindset that college was THE destination that would make or break your future.

what the what

(By the way, if this is a topic that interests you, check out my book, Skip the Degree – inside, myself and co-author Dr. Ai Addyson-Zhang discuss the college landscape and how you can work around it to build real skills and your own career.)

The Alternative

The better alternative to a business degree or MBA? Taking an online course packed with value for a flat fee that’s at least 80% less expensive than any degree program.

  • Getting 1:1 instruction and coaching from an expert who has walked the talk.
  • Homing in on the practical training you need, with no fluffy topics thrown in to “round out” your education – especially if they have zero relevance for your career trajectory or knowledge base.
  • Plunging into practical instruction with a HUGE emphasis on “practical.” No flighty discussions of theories, principles, or schools of thought that have nothing to do with your brand growth or goals.

….and all of it is tucked inside our Content Transformation System.

BUT – there’s more to consider.

The Problem with Average Online Business Building Courses

Next, let’s turn to average online courses on business building. There are a LOT out there.


A lot of them aren’t great.

In terms of value, when you invest in yourself and spring for a business building course, you expect to get quite a bit out of it – including results. And, you should! These courses are investments for a reason.

Unfortunately, in many of them, the value just isn’t there.

What does this low value look like?

  • Courses with nothing but a bunch of pre-recorded videos. I don’t care how fancy the production quality is for these – if the learning doesn’t go deeper than that, it’s probably not worth the $$.
  • Courses with no clear takeaways or expected outcomes. What should you get out of the course once you complete it? What should you gain? What should you be able to do? If there’s no mention of this, beware.
  • Courses taught by questionable “experts.” If the course instructor has no experience practicing what they preach, that’s a giant red flag.
  • Courses that teach unsustainable growth strategies. There are two types of business growth: sustainable and unsustainable. Many courses focus on the here and now, on instant results and flash-in-the-pan tactics that do NOT equal long-term, steady, sustainable growth.

One of our CTS students, Rowena of Blog Growth Collective, has seen firsthand the value difference between other courses vs. the Content Transformation System. Here’s what she had to say:

business building course testimonial

The Alternative

A value-packed course will contain the exact opposite of what a low-value course contains. Take a gander at how this plays out in the Content Transformation System:

  • A wide range of course materials and learning opportunities. There are in-depth video lessons, sure, but alongside these you get:
    • The chance to connect 1:1 with me, other expert coaches, and other students in our private community.
    • Worksheets and summaries to download/print.
    • Brand-building homework personally reviewed by me or an expert coach.
    • An extensive plug-n-play library with outlines, scripts, formulas, templates, and more for everything from writing a blog post to taking market research calls.
    • Monthly mastermind-style Zoom calls with me where we deep-dive into a specific topic or question.
  • Clear outcomes once you work through the curriculum. As you complete your Content Transformation, you’ll know EXACTLY what kind of skills/knowledge you’ll have in your pocket and how your biz will grow.
  • Instruction from real, in-the-trenches experts with practical experience. Led by me, an entrepreneur with 10 years of business in the bag, all of it spent growing successful brands. You’ll learn exactly how I did it, using the same strategies, skills, and mindset that got me here.
  • Sustainable growth strategies! I grew my businesses using these exact strategies that focus on long-term results (becoming known and trusted, building sustainable revenue) over vanity metrics (i.e., likes and shares that don’t connect to sales).

The differences are pretty mind-blowing once you compare them side-by-side, right? 🔥

And we haven’t even talked about the curriculum yet!

So, what should a business building course actually teach you? What problems should it address? Here’s what we cover in the Content Transformation System and why it matters.

The 5 Major Skills a Business Building Course Should Teach You

1. Mindset Skills

A business owner/brand leader needs the right mindset to truly lead and grow their enterprise.

Why? Magic is in the right mindset. Especially an open, flexible growth mindset. 🧠

In the Content Transformation System, we specifically focus on building a foundation of mental agility so when setbacks or roadblocks appear, you have the tools to see them as opportunities rather than dead ends.

This is how you cultivate an attitude that creates success rather than quashes it.

growth mindset vs fixed mindset

Source: Carol Dweck

You’ll also learn that the terms “hard work” and “difficult” are nothing to be afraid of – especially if you face them now and climb over whatever hills or bumps are in front of you to enjoy the long-term benefits later. That means smoother roads are ahead! 🛣

2. Business Building & Content Marketing Skills

The practical skills you need to grow a business are not always intuitive.

For example, do you know how to clarify and define your target market? Do you understand how to verify and build a powerful offer? Are you clear on the language your ideal clients use, and do you know how to talk to them on a deep level?

That’s on top of what you need to know about content marketing principles like writing for the web – can you write a blog post that not only engages online readers but is profitable and ties to sales? Can you write an email that grabs attention, opens, and clicks?

Content marketing is foundational to the online business growth we teach because it works.

  • Content marketing is highly visible – over 7 billion searches for content happen daily.
  • 80% of people like learning about a brand through custom content.
  • Content marketing campaigns cost 62% less to launch and maintain vs. other types of campaigns.
  • Brands that use content marketing see 6x higher conversion rates than brands that don’t.

the content lifecycle

All of the above are the base skills any online brand builder must have, and we teach them all in CTS.

3. Scaling & Growth Skills

To truly grow your business, there’s only one thing to do: scale.

And, scaling requires delegation. In the Content Transformation System, we break down the process of hiring your first remote team members, from posting a great job ad to reviewing candidates and their samples.

Once you hire, you need to know how to efficiently and effectively delegate tasks like content writing, which is the foundation of content marketing, the most effective online marketing there is. CTS shows you the exact pathway and strategies to do this effectively.

You’ll also learn how to map out your content strategy and manage all of your marketing the smart way.

All of this adds up to delegation and growth you won’t have to hand-hold 24/7. You’ll be able to step away and your biz will keep running and making $$ without you.

4. Skills to Get Known in Your Industry

One of the best strategies for getting known in your industry as an authority voice is to write a book. CTS gives you the blueprint to writing and publishing your own book in seven months, with tutorials and templates to guide you each step of the way.

5. Planning Skills to Build Your Successful Future

Finally, a business building course should give you the map to a successful future. In the Content Transformation System, we show you where to focus your efforts down the road and how to plan out your next five years in business after concentrating on deep skill-building.

You’ll learn how to judge new opportunities for growth and income in a smart, strategic way. You’ll also get guidance on how to focus on what you’re great at, diversify into additional smart opportunities, and refine both over time to become an incredible success.

Excited? It’s all inside the Content Transformation System. Apply today for a front-row seat to brand growth.

content transformation system

Free Business Building Training: Get a Methodology Overview + Learn Why CTS Is Different

Now that you know some details on the inner workings of this unique mentorship program…

You might be wondering, “Where did all of this come from? How did Julia put it all together?”

The skills, systems, and strategies I teach and share in the Content Transformation System are all based on my hard-won expertise building multiple businesses from the ground up over 10 years.

I learned SO much during that time. It was truly my crash course on how to build a successful brand.


I did it.

I figured sustainability OUT. 🎯

business building course - i did it

I tell you exactly how in my free class on how to escape the burnout and build your sustainable online business. This training is split into two sessions: one for those launching their brands, and one for those ready to scale.

Inside, I tell you the whole story behind building CTS and my background:

  • I built a solid, content-first strategy for my first business and never looked back.
  • I built and maintained a six-figure organic traffic stream to my agency website for years before selling and exiting that business.
  • We earned leads and sales on autopilot, day in and day out. 99% of our leads found us by searching for their pain points in Google, where we’d created organic content to get found exactly where they were searching.
  • This compounded on itself and gave us YEARS of steady $$$.
  • Our website earned 100,000+ visitors per month. We earned a steady $90k-$100k per month in income, too.

Besides my story, I also share a deeper look at the pathway and methodology you need to either launch your brand successfully or scale it sustainably. These are the skills we teach our students to embed steady growth deep inside their businesses so they can reach new heights of success.

Again, you can watch the free training right here.

Our BHAG: The Only Business Building Course You Need

The Content Transformation System is a living, breathing, business building course.

It’s not a bunch of static videos strung together.

It IS a complete curriculum including video instruction, summaries, slides, templates, formulas, scripts, 1:1 coaching and mentorship, a student community, and more.

It’s constantly improved, updated, or expanded based on the needs I see pop up in my student group.

That’s reflected in the most recent change: additional seats open by request on top of the seat you purchase.

That means you can give full access to the CTS curriculum to your partner, family member, or content writer – whoever is right beside you as you’re building your brand. We aren’t against sharing around here – at all.

You can also give your extra seat holder limited access to a specific phase (for example, give your content writer access to Phase 2: Skillset to help them build up their content writing skills).

As this living course keeps growing and changing for the better, we’re ready to welcome you in to experience all CTS has to offer.

Our BHAG is to give you the only business building course you’ll ever need.

And we’re working hard on features, curriculum, and coaching that does just that for you.

If it’s time for you to get out of the grunt work of building a brand – to get a clear path forward to growth versus staying stuck in the weeds wondering where you should go next –

We’re here for you.

Apply today for your spot in the Content Transformation System. Get the mentorship, knowledge, skills, strategies, and coaching you need to go all the way to the top. 🔝

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