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Looking for a business development skills training course?

Facts: Entrepreneurs don’t launch businesses to spend their days selling.

You did it to help fix a problem.

You did it to make an impact on the world.

…and yes, you did it because you’ve dreamt of the freedom that comes from seeing massive revenue.

But you need the strategy to get there.

That’s where practical, real business development skills training comes in.

What do useful business development skills (today) look like?

Business development skills are in that cool sweet spot between sales and marketing — set on a foundational base of overseeing operations.

But here’s the thing…

This looked completely different before the internet and the explosion of digital marketing in the last couple of decades.

So most available business development trainings are completely dated. They’re missing a vital piece to success in the 2020s — and it’s understanding content strategy.

To scale sustainably, leaders need to have business development skills that heavily focus on tapping into content marketing (an industry growing to a worth of $600B by 2024).

In the digital era, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and business creators (+their teams) are increasingly turning to online business development training systems and coaches to get the skills needed to thrive in a modern world — and after serving 5,000+ clients, I’ve seen first-hand how nearly any niche and industry can succeed through developing a content marketing strategy.


What To Look for In a Real-Life Business Development Skills Training Program

Budding entrepreneurs who are ready to get trained on business development skills that actually work in today’s market, should look for coaches offering programs with both soft and hard business development skills.

Want a Proven Business Development Skills Training Program?

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content transformation system curriculum

You’re in the right place. Our 12-month mentorship, The Content Transformation System, gives you BOTH the 90-day roadmap to immediate skills as well as the long-term, multi-year pathway to growing your online business to 6 and 7 figures.

Click here for a visual skill map of the curriculum lessons.

What you get when you enroll in The Content Transformation© System:
  • Step-by-step methodology: Our latest and greatest 5-phase video curriculum (40 easy-to-understand videos) with instructions, templates, and implementation work (no detail is missed). Step-by-step content skill building.
  • Live calls: Monthly mastermind-style calls on Zoom live with Julia, structured as a live training on a new topic by Julia that you can attend and directly apply to your marketing.
  • Ongoing support: Daily, get on-call help from Julia and her expert coaches inside CTS. All in all, you'll receive 24/7 support in the private group. We are committed to your success.
  • Plug-n-play library: A Google Drive constantly updated with Julia's proven templates (over 60+ content templates).
  • Updates: The video training curriculum is living, breathing. You'll see new lessons and upgrades often.
  • Accountability: CTS includes a personal accountability partner from our team who will hold you to your word and check-in with you personally.
  • Two extra seats: Add your writer or business growth partner.

You'll be able to achieve the following with CTS:

  • Verify your market-fit offer and get clear on standout messaging for your brand (think: clarity in brand messaging like you've never had before!).
  • Set your brand up for both short and long-term industry success with a vision, mission statement, & differentiation factor.
  • Implement content and marketing skills that work (if you already have a team: share CTS—up to 3 seats included per enrollment—& have them learn these skills).
  • Know how to find high search-traffic topics that have little competition in your industry.
  • Know how to create a powerful content calendar for your brand that works sustainably over time to drive traffic on a platform you own.
  • Know how to build and monetize a targeted list (that actually grows in organic ROI).
  • Get paying clients immediately, without ads (Julia's astounding 50% conversion-rate organic pitching + template strategies).
  • Start running an employer account and know exactly how to hire an entire well-oiled remote team for your business.
  • Know EXACTLY how to find great content writers to continue to grow your brand and exponentially increase your visibility (Julia's training on this in CTS isn't shared anywhere else).
  • Learn how to write a book and a powerful training class, both important content vehicles to massive growth. Get the specific step-by-step of creating and launching both to build your authority and get massively known in your industry for years to come.

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Top Skills to Learn in a Real-Life Business Development Skills Training Program


Business Development Soft Skill #1: Mindset

Adapting a high-achievers mindset is an often-overlooked business development skill — but no training should start without addressing it.

From your morning routine to the way you make business decisions, no single thing will matter more than stepping out of the worker mindset and into the boss mindset every entrepreneur must have. This can feel intimidating, but there are processes and systems to make it work for every type of personality, so don’t write yourself off as ‘not that kind of person’. Mindset matters.

Business Development Soft Skill #2: Willingness To Learn

Entrepreneurs and business owners can’t learn everything on their own. And they gotta admit it.

Being collaborative and able to accept advice from mentors, plus being open to learning from other experts leads to a well-rounded leader and successful business owner.

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Business Development Soft Skill #3: Trust

Did you know that 86% of B2B organizations doing content outsource the creation?

outsourcing graph for business development skills training

No business can scale without a team, and you’ll need to trust them. If you’re going to see success in your business, you’re going to have to work with other people’s personalities, talents, and quirks.

One-person shows can have a hard time imagining shifting into a mindset where they trust others with their business. But building a team from scratch can work wonders. And there are systems that exist to make the entire process as seamless as possible as you build out your dream team.

Business Development Soft Skill #4: Foresight

You can actually learn a business skill that looks at your brand’s goals through the lens of complete sustainability. Meaning, every decision you make is tied to a goal within your long-term strategy.

Getting clear on and writing down your long-term goals and your strategy is key here — because even though only 3% of the population writes down their goals — they’re 3x more successful than those who never write a single goal down. And 83% of the population doesn’t even have them…so learning how to set goals and follow through is an essential business development skill.

goal setting and strategy in business development skills training

I love watching my students’ mindset completely shift after they’ve gotten clarity — it’s so empowering to put goals and strategy on paper and watch people reverse engineer their dream future.

Business Development Soft Skill #5: Adaptability

Every business you’re involved in is going to constantly evolve. And so will you!

So, in order to leave a lasting impact and keep growing, you’ll need to learn the skills to adapt.

It’s more than just being easy-going and flexible. It’s about breaking down and reviewing your entire system, refining it toward your new goals, and repeating it. Business development skill training should always include lessons on how to get a birds-eye view of your business — it’s wildly important to success.

Because if you lack adaptability, you lack clarity, and you’ll find yourself involved in everything — a recipe for disaster. We talk about this in my free training, How to Build a Sustainable Business.

lack of strategy skills leading to burnout

When you’ve got yourself out of the thick of things and up in the treetops, you’ll have a crystal clear answer every morning for ‘what should I be doing next with my business?!’.

Now that we’ve covered soft skills…let’s chat about the hard business development skills entrepreneurs need for a sustainable brand:

Business Development Hard Skill #1: Business Strategy

As you saw in the themes of the soft skills above, the single most important skill entrepreneurs need today is business strategy. It’s at the top of this list of hard skills for a reason.

Being able to manage a business means being able to have complete clarity — over where you’re headed and what you’ll be working on to get there.

Business strategy is on fire inside the coaching industry — entrepreneurs are realizing something executives and big corps have been onto for a while:

Strategy is one of the most impactful business development skills there is when it comes to keeping a business alive long term.

Business Development Hard Skill #2: Writing for The Online Audience

Business development skills training today should always involve building a content strategy, too.

Because if you’re building for sustainability (which, you are) — content is going to be what helps you thrive without burning out…. including but not limited to:

  1. Learning SEO blogging for small business
  2. Having a formula to write email copy that gets opens and clicks from your list
  3. Writing killer sales copy on a landing page
  4. How to write for social media

Whichever the online platform, learning the basics of how to write for an online audience has never mattered more. It should be one of the most important skills taught in any business development training for entrepreneurs.

Here’s why:

Since March of 2020, Google search traffic has jumped from an average of 3.6 billion searches per day to over 7.5 billion — people are looking for your business online, and you have to know how to position yourself for them to find you. This, my friends, is why the business development I teach includes all the skills, systems, and strategy needed for business leaders to become a Content Hacker.

what is a content hacker

You don’t have to be the one creating all of your own content to be a Content Hacker — you can hire a content writer to bring your ideas to life.

But part of your business development training should include learning how online writing is done so that you know if your writer is delivering. This is where the uber-important soft skill of trust will also come in. And it all builds into your strategy.

Business Development Hard Skill #3: Building Targeted Lists

Ah, the targeted email list.

It’s a big deal because it works so well. Email has an astounding content marketing ROI statistic of roughly 4200%.

Once your email copy skills are solid, you’re going to need people to send emails to. So, any passion-fueled entrepreneur trying to sustain a business online will need to train to develop business skills around emails lists.

Like your brand’s website, the email list is powerful because you own it. The people on those lists agreed to give YOU their email address — those are your leads, your customers, and a huge part of your business.

It’s not super hard to set up email lists correctly — but understanding why you’re doing it, what list goes where, and where people are inside your buyer’s journey is important in any business development skills training (so you can sell more).

Business Development Hard Skill #4: Delegation & People Systems

There’s a proven path savvy entrepreneurs are now taking to scale a business online for the long term.

A huge portion of that roadmap? Delegating work through lightweight processes.

That means part of your transformative journey will be hiring contractors and using task management and payroll software you can easily manage a team through — without spending tons of overhead on expensive software.

Passion is the fuel, but planning, strategy, delegation, and automation are what carry your business through for the long haul.

Business Development Hard Skill #5: Strategic Refining

Once the business you manage is up and running, you’ll need to keep mapping out your future — this is a core pillar for any business development training.

In Phase 5 of my business development coaching system, (Focus/Diversify/Refine), we cover exactly how to strategically refine your business system for major growth including:

  1. Mapping out your next five years
  2. How to rule additional opportunities out or in
  3. How to avoid wasting time, money, and losing in business

Because when you focus on the things you’re really, really good at — the areas where your business is doing great and tasks that you’d love to pursue — you’ll find opportunities (that don’t waste your time or money) to diversify and grow like wildfire.

Then, you can refine your systems as needed. This hyperfocus on your brand is what will increase your revenue so quickly.

Want these skills? Start by watching our free class, and then after you watch, you’ll have the chance to apply to our program.

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Real Business Development Skills Training for Entrepreneurs

Smart creators are turning to business developing training online, and that’s exactly why I exited my thriving 80+ person company to make coaching entrepreneurs my sole focus.

My coaching program is the type of investment in business development skills that’s going to be best for motivated, passion-fueled entrepreneurs ready to accept help and make a huge change in their life and business (buying a simple business development course or pdf from places like Udemy and Coursera isn’t the best use of an entrepreneur’s time).

If you can, ditch the outdated and ineffective free business development certification courses and get serious about your future with personalized sales and business development training from a real-life practitioner.

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What You’ll Learn By Taking This Course + System

The business development training topics covered in my coaching program, The Content Transformation System, are completely comprehensive. They’ll give you the exact roadmap to take to achieve success in your business long term (and without burning out).

My students not only get access to a five-phase video pathway, live Q&As, and our hybrid live coaching, but there are 30+ downloadable templates available to literally “plug and play” right into your own business as you move through the system during your year-long access.

It’s a content-focused business development training course like no other straight from the brain and processes of a real-world coach who has been there, done that. I’ve been in the content marketing industry for 10+ years and scaled multiple million-dollar revenue-generating websites.

Now, I’ve sold my thriving writing agency for a 13,000% ROI and turned my sole focus to training entrepreneurs like you on how to build and scale the sustainable online business of your dreams — by giving you all the business development skills you’ll need for explosive success.

Ready for Life-Changing Business Development Skills + Strategy Coaching?

What would your life look like if you learned in-depth business development training skills that taught you how to scale a sustainable online business that you love to 6 and 7-figures?

To transform your business into the successful powerhouse you’ve always dreamt it could be, you need relevant business development skills training, strategies, systems, and 100% clarity. Learn exactly how to manage a sustainable online business that brings you consistent income inside The Content Transformation System methodology.

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