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Step-by-step strategy with Julia McCoy

Accelerate your online business growth.

A 5-Phase System to Go from Zero or Plateaued with Your Online Business Idea, to 6 and 7-Figures & a Long-Term Game Plan

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You’re a creative person with a BIG vision.

Your work ethic is admirable, but you’re still stuck doing it all.

You’re burned out, lacking a clear long-term strategy for your own content creation and marketing.

You’re sick of this stage… but growing feels impossible. You need answers and clarity.

Let’s change that for good, together.

Ready for everything to get so much clearer?


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Welcome to the last business-building program you’ll ever need.

You CAN Ditch Stagnant Revenue and Constant Setbacks.

Switch disorganization for a crystal-clear focus in the right areas using our practitioner-first approach inside The Content Transformation System. You are an expert already. You simply need the skills to grow your business.

You CAN Have Short-Term and Long-Term Clarity.

In the next 90 days, learn how to elevate your marketing, content, and replace yourself in your online business. Then, get the blueprint on how to become exponentially known in the next few years by building evergreen sales vehicles, with the templates and how-to on each vehicle.

You Don’t Have to Wonder if You’re On the Right Track… You Can KNOW.

Apply yourself and build real-life skills that you can immediately turn into business revenue, in the right sequential order. Then, get live coaching feedback at every stage. Inside Content Transformation, we’re hands-on. For example, Julia’s lead writer and CTS coach will help edit the sales pages of our students. And that’s just a sliver of what’s inside this powerful program.

Using our system, David overcame massive roadblocks and saw a 400% traffic increase

David experienced a 400% increase in organic traffic in 30 days


“CTS is an invaluable resource if you’re serious about scaling your business AND your content – because you’ll have guidance from experts who are all helping you to build a sustainable online business.

While other courses and creators are preaching ‘get rich quick’ schemes, Julia gives you realistic milestones and systems to help take your business AND your content to the next level.

This is the stuff I was missing for so long that has been holding me back from scaling my business, and it would have taken me YEARS to learn it all on my own.”

—David Martin, UXHACKS.com

Your two steps to achieve Content Transformation©

Strategy Call

Hop on a customized-to-you Zoom 1:1 call with our Strategist, and we’ll listen to your business plan or structure and help you get clear on how CTS can help.


Start Learning & Implementing

If you’re a good fit for a spot inside the program, we’ll extend an offer to you so you jump in!

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82% of businesses fail in the first two years.

Choose to not be in this statistic. The Content Transformation System is your strategy safeguard. We’ve built the online entrepreneur’s pathway to a realistic, lasting seven-figure online presence. Our next-level training is built as a growth machine for entrepreneurs in one of two places: just starting out, or plateaued for years. Time: five hours/week, one hour/day, to devote to the program.


Break the norm and gain speed, momentum and clarity with your online brand.

Years of

In Content Transformation©, tap into practitioners with 10+ years of experience.


julia mccoy

Lead Coach, Julia McCoy

Did you know 95% of businesses never make it to $1M/year in sales?

I’ve been an online entrepreneur and content strategist for the past decade.

I never had it easy in life – I grew up in and escaped a real-life cult. Maybe that’s why I always believed that the harder I worked, the luckier I got.

But the truth was, working smart and having concrete strategy to guide your steps is an even BIGGER part of success. I worked 90-hour weeks my first four years… and still stayed below $30k/months.

It was when I implemented a real content strategy, and simple systems… in 4 months, we went from $30k to $70k/months! I tell the full story in my free training.

I built and grew a stream of 100,000 organic visitors/month to my website for ten years before selling that business for $1M.

Not only did our website earn 100k visitors/month, but we also held steady at $90k-$100k per month, too. To convert those leads, I hired a small core remote team that treated our clients with care—and completely avoided sleazy sales.

I’ve built brands that earned revenue day in, day out, for a decade. I’ve been paid $12,000 to teach a single workshop on what I know. Be in the 5% of creators building businesses that last. In Content Transformation, I teach you how.

Our Content Transformation© coaches include Julia’s personal writers & designers

expert coaches


Content Hacker™ Training is Trusted by 1,000+ Entrepreneurs & Brands Including

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andreaAndrea was able to get clear on her messaging and go to the next level with her business

“I have been stuck. I can’t grow. Nothing seems to be working. When I tried hiring help, it just didn’t work out. I loved Julia from the moment I saw the quality of content she does. In The Content Transformation System, she covers mindset, which is going to be probably the biggest and most important part of your business. You have to be willing to put in the work, but Julia’s system WILL TAKE YOU to that next level you have been looking for.” —Andrea Belasco, Owner, Virtual Online Help

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Why we believe in, and teach you, a search-first content strategy

Get present in Google within months, not years, using our framework.

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Content marketing converts

Brands who use content marketing see 6x higher conversion rate

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Content marketing establishes trust

80% of people appreciate learning about a company through custom content

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Content marketing builds more traffic

Content marketing leaders see 7.8x higher year-over-year growth in unique site traffic

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Content marketing gets seen the most

Search is the world’s largest traffic source; 7 billion searches for answers via content occur daily

Ready for transformational growth?

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Am I ready for Content Transformation©?

You are ready to fully commit to creating serious income with ONE online business you want to build to significant heights.


You want to be authentic in your marketing, and you don’t want to lose touch with your people; you know it takes showing up consistently, once you have the strategy for how.


You’re ready to jump into the curriculum and have at least 5 hours/week to follow the step-by-step methods.


You’re open to feedback and willing to be coached.


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Content Transformation© is a one-year methodology-driven video curriculum and group coaching experience (with a 12-month commitment) dedicated to helping you build and create predictable, scalable revenue from your online business so that you can focus your energy on creating real, lasting impact in your communities and the world you live in.

Why is it one year?

Ever heard the phrase "Rome wasn't built in a day"?

Well, neither is a sustainable business! We don't want to promise anything overnight or set unrealistic expectations. And we're one of the VERY few coaching programs that will be real with you about this.

But we will be with you in the trenches. As one example, we've had members spend two months on the market messaging (ICA, business drivers) lessons ALONE, and get live coaching during that phase that helped them with everything else (i.e. content creation, client targeting). Get your foundations right, a long term-plan for growth down, and Rome will be built sooner rather than later. And that's what we're all about here–helping you achieve results.

Our Content Transformation© System Strategist, which you'll be able to book a FREE call with after the process, will personally review your situation and tell you! Our Strategists are trained on our system and are not your typical commission sales rep (at all). They're not paid anything extra when you buy, so you won't be talking to a person who's sole goal is to get you to enroll. We'll keep it real, and let you know if we think you're a great fit.

Even better! We believe in getting the fundamentals right before anything else, which is why we start with Mindset and Skillset in this 5-phase program. You'll learn how to narrow your client transformation into one clear sentence – a MAGNET to repel non-buyers and attract ideal clients. If you don't have a huge audience or an established brand yet, you'll get it right from the start, and then go on to build bigger traffic streams in the third and fourth phase of our program.

In the Content Transformation© System, we do business differently. We don't want you to rely on ads alone or a social media following to create consistent income and get known in your marketplace. And you won't. Your brand will be able to stand tall, on real estate you own, with a consistent way to earn leads, delegate, and grow over time. You'll have the blueprint to get known in BIG ways in your industry. The ship is here – you just need to jump in and be willing to set sail patiently to your new destination.

No more hamster-wheel strategies. More time celebrating success while having FUN!

This truly depends on you. We’re giving you the exact steps to follow to build and grow your online business, but it’s on you to DO the work.

We’ve had clients who cleared their calendars, planted themselves in their desk chair, and got their systems and content calendar up and running in a week or two. Then there are others who have taken months to establish clarity in their marketplace, FIRST.

So it’s not as much a matter of how quickly you’ll start seeing results… it’s a question of how quickly do you WANT or NEED to go? Only after you get things implemented and launched, will you have the data you need to measure results (i.e. traffic, leads, sales).


Julia has created every single part of this program (all the videos and content). It is her brainchild. You are enrolling in a program led and created by her. Julia will be active during the live sessions and available for 1:1 help with you in the student group. She’ll answer questions, provide feedback, and share her private notes to address common pain points. You also have a private form inside CTS curriculum to reach Julia.

We do not offer a money-back guarantee for this program simply because of the amount of content that you are slated to receive right as we receive your first deposit, as well as the time in live coaching from Julia and her personal coaches that are hired and staffed to support you during the phases of the training. The work, time, and investment that has gone into the production of this content, as well as our coaches’ time, energy, and efforts, must be respected.

We look for students READY TO COMMIT to their own success. We are also incredibly committed to the success of our students, and certain that with the support you receive, anything unsatisfactory to you we’re confident that we can work with you individually to make sure it’s resolved in some way. We are here to give you everything you need to be successful!

We guarantee that if you put in the work and spend the time on the program, it will transform your business and 10x your results. We want students that are ALL IN and committed to their success, so we can proudly share your case study of success everywhere we talk about this program.

Your success is paramount to us, and is a key reason why we are not offering a money-back guarantee, but instead a guarantee of proven methodologies if you put in the work. We want you set on going forward with your own success from the minute you enroll, and not looking back. This powerful plunge forward alone creates momentum that the world, and your business, takes notice of.

The Content Transformation© System

Take your business to the next level and transform your skills, systems, and strategies.

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