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Private Coaching & Consulting with Julia McCoy


It’s my honor to help experts (and budding experts!) like you grow beautiful brands.


Whether it’s brand growth, content marketing strategy, your offers, 10x’ing your income, or monetizing an audience… I’ve coached and consulted on it all. I help you build a real online brand that establishes trust, authority, and lasting return. At Content Hacker™, I will work with you privately in an action-planning session (choose 30 or 60-minute intervals). Let’s get your obstacles worked through, your compass set in the right direction, and your feeling of I can do this elevated tremendously.

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Let’s work together and help you achieve big breakthroughs.


My strategy sessions have helped entrepreneurs, marketers, and freelancers start new brands; pivot and raise prices by 3x, with good reason; find the right vertical to market to, and establish clear messaging; finally monetize their audience; put together ideal offers; raise their industry authority; get their first book title and synopsis together; and much more.



Struggling to gain clarity on your next big move? 
  • How should you launch and pivot that new brand?
  • How do you find your industry sweet spot and speak to your people?
  • How and where should you start creating content?
  • How can you grow your brand in the next 12 months?
  • How do you set profit margins and hire a team?

I’ll help you gain clarity on the big, burning questions.

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As a copywriter, entrepreneur, author, and former 100-person agency leader; you’re not just hiring a coach, you’re hiring a real expert who enjoys taking the time to help you gain clarity in big ways. While cognizant of the clock, we won’t rush through or come to a quickly-arrived decision. I treat every client and session with care.



content hacker confused

Leave the confusion behind, and gain real direction and clarity.

(Not familiar with my story? Read it here.)

Are you going to finally DO THE THING you’ve been dreaming of? I’m your ideal coach, because my sessions go deep. I’m the coach that’ll motivate, guide, help, and show you exactly how to go big. You are my growth obsession, and together, we go to the moon. 🌙  It’s my honor and joy to help others exponentially rise.

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private coaching with julia

1-to-1 Coaching & Strategy Session with Julia McCoy


Typically not offered outside a package that runs $5,000+, my 1-on-1 sessions have changed lives. I care about each and every person on that Zoom call, praying and taking time to think of every person before I start the meeting. Truly AMAZING things happen during a coaching session! I’ve been called the ‘freelance whisperer,’ helping solo freelancers building a brand gain clarity on how to build and launch their offers; coaches and consultants have used my sessions to get their framework finally developed, after over a decade of not being able to get clear on it. I have an uncanny ability to see through any fluff you’re wading through, and instantly provide clarity. One session can be worth unfathomable ROI in results. And don’t take it from me, take it from featured students Sarah and Paul, below! Buy now and save half of what you’d normally pay to access Julia on this intimate of a level. This is a true steal for the value you’re getting in return.

30-Minute 1-on-1 Session

1 PAYMENT of $250
  • 30-minute session on Zoom (1-on-1)
  • Quick action plan with Julia: use this for anything you’d like!
  • Get strategic, life-changing expert weigh-in
  • Book with flexibility after purchasing

BUY NOW – $250

60-Minute 1-on-1 Session

1 PAYMENT of $500
  • 60-minute session on Zoom (1-on-1)
  • In-depth action plan with Julia on Zoom
  • Julia will create your strategy live on Jamboard during our call
  • Book with flexibility after purchasing

BUY NOW – $500

Sarah found skills and strengths she didn't even know she had

"If you're considering hiring Julia to coach you, DO IT. She puts so much time and effort into her coaching, and her recommendations to your exact needs. You will walk away with a plan of action to get to your next step, and peace of mind that you're being coached by the absolute best of the best in the content marketing world.

My advice if you hire Julia as your coach: Spend time answering her pre-session questions thoroughly–that will help Julia get to know you more, determine the best recommendations and action items for you and help you see strengths/skills that you didn't know you had."

sarah greenberg
—Sarah Greenberg,

Paul Gallovich, cybersecurity expert, has been able to build his brand from scratch

“Hiring Julia as my coach and mentor was the best decision for my industry and career. Her Content Transformation System is life-changing. I can say this not only because of the quality of the curriculum and training, but I have seen firsthand how Julia and her team truly help her students and clients. Her courses teach real-world skills in content marketing and brand development.

Julia genuinely cares about your success. The coaching calls, training, and mentorship has made a significant impact in building my brand from scratch and gain my first clients.

I have worked in many organizations for over 30 years, including private companies, multiple government agencies, and non-profits. I have worked and trained with some of the best instructors in the world. Julia, by far, is one of the best instructors and mentors I have had. If you are thinking about signing up, you should. I have not found a system like this to help me build a brand."

paul gallovich
—Paul Gallovich, Founder of, Cybersecurity Professional and Writer

Andrea 10x’ed her income with Julia as her private coach


Let me help you gain clarity and a path forward.

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