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At Content Hacker™, I personally write for a few 1:1 clients a month. I work my magic by writing great content for you. You reap the rewards. What I do: I create award-winning content that will win conversions from your readers, and rankings from Google. I believe in a win-win relationship. You tell me what you want, I produce it. Contract-free. Trust-based. No babysitting – ever – or worrying I won’t get it done. I’m a high performer, and if you are too, we’ll work great together.






Long-Form Blog Content Creation, Books, & Lead Magnets

If you’re a top-notch marketer, marketing executive, or lead strategist in charge of content creation, and you’re looking for powerful, revenue-boosting writing — stop your search. Right now.

In my content writing services at Content Hacker™, my elite team of no more than five handpicked writers and I will craft bespoke content for your blog and brand, including long-form blogs at 1,500w+, and evergreen guides to plug into your blog for list-building growth. Take your brand right to the top with content strategized and created by yours truly.

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“Julia and her team have been helping us with our book, The SEO Blueprint coming out next month. We’re reviewing the final drafts. It’s really good. I’m really impressed with it and you guys have done a tremendous job taking a stream of feedback and implementing it. I wrote 60% of the book, but going back and reading it, I knew it wasn’t where I wanted it to be, and I couldn’t physically get my brain to take it there. So we reached out to you, and you have done a great job with really difficult content to write. Especially within our scope, considering ourselves more advanced, thoroughly happy with the work.” — Ryan Stewart, Entrepreneur & SEO Thought Leader


Erika Varagouli

“Thanks again for completing this mega-blog and guide for SEMrush to such good standard! We’re ranking in the top 3 of Google. ? We’ll speak soon with more projects.” — Erika Varagouli, Global Content Strategist at SEMrush



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Costs & Time Involved in Epic Writing from the Content Hacker™

  • 25-30c/word
  • Depends on project (each piece includes research, writing, and editing)
  • Final cost determined after reviewing your industry and topic request
  • ETA is typically 1 week for one guide, less for shorter pieces

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Customized Workshops & Training Courses

Give your staff (new or existing agency team members) or yourself the gift of practical, profitable content hacking skills with tactical, hands-on training in my proprietary Content Hacker™ courses and bundles.

Learn more and find out how I can help train you or your entire agency staff in the art of online content success, from brand content strategy building all the way to writing and formatting a Google-#1-spot-ranking-friendly blog post. No fluff or outdated tactics here. Practical, immediately-usable training ONLY. Starting at $999/on-demand course seats, custom quotes per workshop.


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Sarah Andrade, Content Manager at Nextgen Healthcare

“Julia taught our four-hour content creation workshop, and attendees said it was like she’d been teaching workshops her whole life. Thank you, Julia, for delivering! We appreciate your accommodation to the deadline and flying down to California on such short notice.”



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