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Today on Content Hacker, I’m passing the mic over to one of my students: Zee Ali. 🎤 This is written by him. In no way did I pay Zee for this endorsement. These are his honest thoughts as a student of our training. His story is amazing. Enjoy!

I’m Zee Ali, an entrepreneur, personal development blogger, and Founder and Janitor of, your premier source for custom branded swag.

I have a diverse set of skills and interests, so I have two separate blogs which are devoted to these different facets of my life. The first blog,, is a personal development blog where I peel back lessons in life and business from my own experiences to help you avoid slipping on some of the same banana peels I did, so you can accelerate your growth.

The second blog is for my company, We are a custom swag company whose mission is to create memorable, joyful brand experiences. We do this through virtual conference/trade show swag boxes and swag for remote/work-from-home teams. Right now our focus has shifted to custom face masks in the wake of the coronavirus, to keep our client’s brands top of mind while keeping their team safe.

Outside of my professional life, I am a dog dad to two puppies (Mimi and Royce). I enjoy salsa dancing, brazillian jiu jitsu, and using my culinary arts degree to cook healthy meals.

I was initially interested in Julia’s help because I wanted to avoid a lot of the common mistakes people typically make when they’re just starting out. I had a lot of great ideas for content, but lacked the background to know for sure if I was heading in the right direction to achieve high ROI.

In short, I wanted confidence in what I was doing.

Here’s my story.

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Why Take a Content-Focused Training Course? Zee Ali’s Story

When I wanted confidence in what I was doing, I found a solution in Content Hacker™. Julia has already made the many mistakes I want to avoid, and has done us all a huge favor by packaging up her knowledge in an accessible, easy to consume format that I have access to 24 hours a day.

Julia’s user-friendly course helped me to gain confidence in my writing strategies, allowing me to more effectively position myself as a thought leader and generate organic web traffic through our email list.

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Why Content Hacker?

Content Hacker™ is great because the training is straightforward. Julia’s explanations of the different concepts, particularly regarding SEO, are easy to understand and remember, and she takes you all the way from ideation to practical application of each concept in her lessons.

I also liked how each section was broken down into bite sized, easy to consume chunks. As a busy professional trying to fit this course in between meetings, it was nice to know that I could watch a lesson during a quick 15-minute break and still get through all of it. It’s also continuously being improved and updated with new information.

Finally, I appreciated the many resources that came with the course, including templates for SEO research and client avatar creation, copies of the workbook, and the Content Hacker Facebook group.

This last one was my favorite, because it serves as a kind of mastermind group where you can go and ask questions not only to Julia but to everyone else who is in the course. These resources would easily cost upwards of $2k/month if purchased as a part of a consulting program, making Julia’s course the bargain of the century. [As a comparison; our mentorship program starts at just $250/month!]

I can’t emphasize enough how much value I got from Content Hacker, and I wholeheartedly endorse it to anyone.

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3 Points to Know Going into Content Hacker Training

If you’re thinking about it, there are three things you should know going in.

1. You’ll get out of it exactly as much as you put into it.

If you don’t want to put in the work and just want to flip through the videos, you can do that, sure, but it won’t result in high ROI for you.

You have to be really ready and willing to immerse yourself in it. Do the workbook exercises, work through the templates alongside Julia, and take notes. That’s how you’re going to become a content writing champ.

She’s giving you a lot of valuable info, and you have to be open to receive it.

2. You’re not alone.

If you get into the course and feel confused at any point, just remember that there’s a world of lifelines built in to answer any questions you might have. That’s the biggest differentiator for this course vs. other online SEO courses: Julia is available, the other students are available, to answer any questions you may have, versus a faceless FAQ page.

And if you don’t immediately get a response from anyone, look through past messages in the Facebook group discussion board. Chances are someone else had the same question as you!

3. Finally, as you’re getting into practical application, keep in mind that SEO ranking is not a one-and-done game.

You have to be consistent in your posting, and even then, it can take months, sometimes years, to build up enough of an online presence that your stuff starts ranking.

So if you don’t see your article at #1 on Google 15 minutes after you post, it doesn’t mean you’re failing. Just stay the course and you’ll start seeing results.

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The Bottom Line: Content Hacker™ Works

I started this course with lots of ideas but no ability to execute, writing blog posts that didn’t generate any organic web traffic or the kind of brand awareness I wanted. I ended this course with the skills I needed to get SEO driven, high ROI posts up on my blogs on a regular schedule and generate an image of my brand I can be proud of.

No guesswork, no trial and error, just complete clarity about what works and what doesn’t.

Bottom line? Content Hacker works. Enough said.

Note from Julia: NONE of my students were paid for their stories. They reached out and told me how willing they were to share because of the ROI they’d experienced, and I offered to feature them on my blog in exchange for them writing this post for me. Zee is an amazing student, and we’re lucky to have him in our community! ❤ Seeking help that will help you actually reach big online business goals? Look into our Content Transformation System, enrolling now.

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