Content Transformation with Julia McCoy: E15 – Your Skill Is Not a Business

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Julia McCoy

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content transformation podcast with julia mccoy episode 15 your skill is not a business

Welcome back to Episode 15 of the podcast!

In this episode, find out why you can’t just magically run a business around a skill you’ve perfected.

As I explain, to run a biz, you need business skills, too. 💼

Episode #15 -Your Skill Is Not a Business

Creatives: Having a skill DOES not mean you can run a successful business around that skill. ❌

The biggest myth is this one — that if you’re good at something, you’ll automatically know how to start a business at it.

So, how DO you build a business that runs on your passion and skill set?

First of all, you SHOULD (don’t let the myth stop you); second of all, you simply need to go get those necessary business skills!

Listen as I explain more in this don’t-miss episode, live now on The Content Transformation Podcast.

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