Content Transformation with Julia McCoy: E17 – How I’m Juggling Life With a Newborn

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content transformation podcast with julia mccoy episode 17 how I’m juggling life with a newborn

Welcome back to Episode 17 of Content Transformation with Julia McCoy! 👋

In this installment of the podcast, I’m opening up about how life has been with a newborn as I continue to build my business.

Episode #17 – How I’m Juggling Life With a Newborn

I had a beautiful baby (child #2), born at home, this March 2022!

So many of you have asked me how I’m planning to juggle work with a newborn at home — this episode is the answer!

Inside, I discuss:

  • The magic and power of how I gave birth at home naturally
  • How I set up my business to run nearly 100% by itself
  • How I hired coaches to work under me
  • The difference between how I’m able to navigate my second newborn’s first year of life versus my first baby’s first year (when I was building an agency from the ground up)

Listen and be inspired!

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