Content Transformation with Julia McCoy: E25 – Want Your Content to Win? Unlearn Bad Content Habits

Welcome back to the podcast! Episode 25 is here. 🎉

In this installment of Content Transformation, I’m asking if the essay-writing habit is stopping you from creating profitable content — and sharing how to unlearn it once and for all.

Episode #25 – Want Your Content to Win? Unlearn Bad Content Habits

In my 10 years of mentoring and leading writers, I saw the essay writing habit stop good writers – time and time again.

It’s why, in 2020, I launched a course called Unlearn Essay Writing, where I help online writers kick this bad habit once and for all and offer mentorship on becoming an expert, internet-friendly writer.

I narrate “essay writing” vs. “online writing” so you can see the difference for yourself in this episode. Learn more about the Unlearn Essay Writing Course at

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About Julia McCoy

Julia McCoy is an 8x author and a leading strategist around creating exceptional content and presence that lasts online. As the President at Content at Scale, she helps marketers achieve insane ROI in a new era of AI as a baseline for content production. She's been named in the top 30 of all content marketers worldwide, is the founder of Content Hacker, and recently exited her 100-person writing agency with a desire to help marketers, teams, and entrepreneurs find the keys of online success and revenue growth without breaking.