Content Transformation with Julia McCoy: E33 – How to Protect Yourself When Someone Infringes on Your Content

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content transformation podcast with julia mccoy episode 33 how to protect yourself when someone infringes on your content

Google has said that a whopping 30% of the web is a duplicate of something that already exists. 😱

However, copied content can get much more dangerous when someone has actually stolen and infringed on something that is rightfully yours as your intellectual property.

What can you do about it?

For one, you can report the guilty person to the network (i.e., LinkedIn’s reporting feature that allows you to report scams or spams and impersonations), but you can also go all the way to the IC3 (Internet Crime Complaint Center) and file a report with the FBI.

I cover all the ways you can protect yourself, including how the hosting company will be on your side due to Google DCMA compliance rules, in this episode.

Listen in to learn how to keep your content safe. 🔒

Episode #33 – How to Protect Yourself When Someone Infringes on Your Content

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