Content Transformation with Julia McCoy: E34 – How to Start Building Your Email List from Scratch

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content transformation podcast with julia mccoy episode 34 how to start building your email list from scratch

Chiara, a solopreneur content strategist from The Museum Creative asks, “How do I build my email list from scratch so that I can sell my services more confidently?”

Great question!

Today, I answer with a rather boring but refreshing reminder of the basics and fundamentals of how content marketing works to grow your business, specifically, your email list.

You need a great website, built by a skilled professional (don’t hire just anyone here). You need copy that sells your services. Then, you need an ebook that gives away incredible value and WOWs your audience (see an example of ours).

Lastly, you simply need to stack traffic by adding blogs onto your site. I saw Content Hacker subscribers substantially grow around the 100 published blog mark.

Trust the process – it works! 🙏

Don’t forget to send in your question for the podcast if you have one for me to answer.

Episode #34 – How to Start Building Your Email List from Scratch

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