Content Transformation with Julia McCoy: E44 – The BEST AI Blogging Writer & My Career Move

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Julia McCoy

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content transformation podcast with julia mccoy episode 44 the bes AI blogging writer & my career move

On January 16, my career took a big turn!

I accepted a VP of Marketing role at Content at Scale, THE tool set to change the game forever for SEO content production that fuels site traffic, trust, and revenue.

I’m excited to share the story behind this personal career move, my discovery of the tool, and how it works better than any other long-form AI content generator I’ve tried. I believe we’ll see a whole shift in the industry, including how writers are hired, paid, and even the roles that they’re hired for.

In this new mix, I want to be your guide for producing AI content that DOESN’T lose touch with your reader, consumer, and your own brand guidelines. Listen in to hear the full episode.

Don’t forget to send in your question for the podcast if you have one for me to answer.

Episode #44 – The BEST AI Blogging Writer & My Career Move

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