Content Transformation with Julia McCoy: E46 – Why You Shouldn’t Fear AI (+ What to Do Instead)

Liz March, copywriter and beloved Content Hacker audience member, recently stated in our Facebook group for sustainable business owners:

“I know this is what’s happening [80% of writers replaced by robots]. But it makes me incredibly sad to see human skills, arts, and crafts being replaced by robots.

How far humans will go to wipe out jobs just to save money and be better, more efficient is crazy. I worry what jobs will still be around in a decade when my daughter wants to look for work.

I know it’s happening, and it doesn’t make me happy at all.”

I think Liz echoes a lot of us who have put YEARS of blood, sweat and tears into our writing craft.

I wanted to take some time to not only reassure and help Liz see the right perspective on the content industry as it changes and shifts from human-only content creation into AI-assisted content production, but help all of you adapt and have the foresight on how to adapt, too.

This is a don’t-miss episode with my thoughts as the now VP of Marketing for the fastest-growing AI writer in SEO marketing.

Remember to play offense, not defense. If you do, I believe you can win at any game you play! 🏀

Enjoy this episode!

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Episode #46 – Why You Shouldn’t Fear AI (+ What to Do Instead)

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Julia McCoy is an 8x author and a leading strategist around creating exceptional content and presence that lasts online. As the President at Content at Scale, she helps marketers achieve insane ROI in a new era of AI as a baseline for content production. She's been named in the top 30 of all content marketers worldwide, is the founder of Content Hacker, and recently exited her 100-person writing agency with a desire to help marketers, teams, and entrepreneurs find the keys of online success and revenue growth without breaking.