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The ONLY training system in the market that teaches creative entrepreneurs exactly how to build a self-sustaining business they love, with a gameplan for lasting legacy and generational impact.


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content transformation system by julia mccoy

The Content Transformation© System: For Creative Entrepreneurs Tired of the Do-Everything Race, Ready for Clarity on How to Build the Business of Their Dreams

Are you ready to build long-term SUCCESS?

Then keep reading.


Open by invitation or application only, The Content Transformation System is for the creative entrepreneur that is READY to build a SERIOUS business. You need the roadmap from someone with a decade of experience doing just that. You desperately crave a long-term plan to follow; and you are willing to settle in and skip the shortcuts that will last today, and leave tomorrow. You want a business that LASTS.

But that’s not all. This program is custom created for those that also have a calling for IMPACT beyond their business; reach, legacy, and a voice that gets heard, noticed, and followed in their industry or industries.

Live Coaching Plugged In to Help You Move Through Each Phase

With LIVE coaching support from top-notch experts plugged in at each part of the five-phase development pathway, and a powerful new curriculum developed from scratch, this is an entirely new, game-changing coaching system from Julia that will take you from A to Z, learning every alphabet letter in business along the way.

You’ll learn mindset techniques of leaders; skillsets of practitioners, not fake “goo-roos”; along with both the creative and business skills you truly need to get firmly established in your niche and long-term presence. Then, you’ll move into automation, delegation, and growth; and after that phase, you’ll learn how to get known and exponentially grow YOUR voice and impact in a massive way.


Nothing like this program exists in the modern digital course landscape for creative entrepreneurs. You WILL walk away with true, end-to-end digital business and practitioner skills, for any creative service you plan or are offering to a client base/marketplace.

Not everyone is the right fit for this system. So… who IS the right person? You MUST already have a brand (built or in the works), a clear skill you’ve already begun selling to clients or plan to start selling to clients, and be in a place where you are READY to take the leap and do what it takes to see that business idea through. (We’ll help you build and plan the right goals.)

This program is worth insane ROI and dividends; we review each and every application, and schedule a call if you’re a good fit.

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Inside The Content Transformation© System, we’ll teach you how to master your creative AND business skills to build a self-sufficient business; then, move you into a plan for lasting impact.


Phase 1:

Boss Mindset

Learn how to shift from worker to boss. Whether you freelance for clients, write at an agency, or build your own brand; you MUST learn to become a boss of one. (Yourself.) I’ll show you how. Learn leadership mindset methods that will have you in the driver’s seat, at all times, in your business.

Expect to spend 1 day – 1 week; depends on how much time you have to go through it. This is approximately 1 hour of content, broken up into 5-6 videos. The best of the best mindset training.


Phase 2:

Skill Mastery

Build creative skills: All-new training from Julia on content strategy from an SEO and inbound marketing perspective. You’ll understand how to uncover topics that will matter to your audience, and master the art of writing content in specific styles that resonate on specific platform. Build business skills: I’ll show you how to build your ICA (Ideal Client Avatar), CDF (Content Differentiation Factor), set core BHAGs for long-term growth, and put critical building blocks together for a sustainable business. My coaches and I will help refine what you create. 30 days or less.

Phase 3:


Learn how to outsource, ideate and delegate YOUR content first with a process you can easily implement to gain leads; using my 3 hr 30 day method that I’ve been practicing for years. I’ll show you how to hire your own writer, or hire a content agency. You’re never out of the ideation. I’ll also teach you delegation and automation for client-facing roles in your business, so you get freed up to chase big moves and ideas, while your team implements. Expect to spend 30-60 days here. This phase is pure magic!

Phase 4:

Get Known 

Build your gameplan to massive industry growth, lasting impact, and legacy. Get my hands-on templates and and over-the-shoulder tutorial of publishing your own book on Amazon. I’ll teach you how I’ve written all five of mine, while running two businesses on the side. Learn exactly how to come up with a client-magnetizing book, map your topic to clear goals and a strategy, and become a self-published author.

Phase 5:

Focus & Diversify

Get your priorities straight going into the next three years of your creative entrepreneurial ventures. I’ll teach you how to diversify and go after additional money-making opportunities that work, how to follow the rules of focus and saying no to the wrong things; and diversifying on the right opportunities without wasting your time.

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To guarantee the profitability of this program and your success, our first launch is open only to a limited group of entrepreneurs. If you need this transformational system for your business and skills sooner, we recommend: 1) watch the free class first; if it speaks to you, 2) apply now and we’ll schedule a call to chat more if we feel you’re a good fit!

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Don’t Waste Your Time Any Longer

If you were to Google “how to build my business,” the books, videos, and content there would take you YEARS to read.

Everyone has an opinion on how to build fast, grow your online business, implement a strategy, how to create content, and how to track success.

But not everyone can say that they’ve taken a business from $0 to $5 million solely through content marketing in just seven years. I can.

And then, on year 10, I sold it. And not everyone has built a reputation on finding simple, yet powerful metholodologies that can build your brand faster than you ever thought possible. I have. With me as your expert practitioner at the helm, you will learn how to implement real success with easy-to-follow steps.

The LAST program you will need to build a self-sustaining business out of your skills.

Proven, tried-and-true is the way to go. The keys and the car is here. Don’t let anything hold you back from The Content Transformation© System.

Invest into your future and implement the steps that have already generated huge profits and return. Put in the work, and learn the skills as taught step-by-step. This system WORKS. You simply need to go through it, and patiently apply it. Then, watch your strategic moves pay off bigtime.

To your success,

julia mccoy


What’s the Commitment Required to Learn The Content Transformation© System?


You can finish this program in 60-90 days.

If you’re someone that likes to re-play training videos and let your brain marinate on things; you can take up to 120 days. If you’re someone that desperately needs this knowledge now, and you have at least two hours/day to commit, you can blaze through the system QUICKLY. My goal is ZERO overwhelm, and 100% action. I do recommend a MINIMUM of 5 hours/week commitment.

Your access to the course and live coaching with me and my team ends in one year. Our goal is to help you build a self-sustaining business long before then!

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What’s Happening to Our Existing Courses?

I follow the Rule of One: offer my very best, make it the only thing I sell. The Content Transformation© System will be the ONLY program we offer at The Content Hacker in 2022. Are you already in my courses?  Don’t worry–your seat in those courses will remain and live on forever.  Learn more about our courses.

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To guarantee the profitability of this program and your success, our first launch will be open by application to a limited group of entrepreneurs. I opened those spots during our live class. If you DESPERATELY need this to 10x your business and skills, then apply now and we’ll schedule a call right away if you’re a fit.

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content transformation system by julia mccoy