The Content Transformation© System with Julia McCoy

Everything you need to grow and scale a successful online business to six and seven figures.


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Ready to DITCH all the hacks, and build a sustainable, long-term strategy for your brand?

Is this THE year you finally go all in, create that rock-solid content strategy, delegate and outsource the work you should, and plan out your book?

You’re in the right place. Get ready for everything to get simplified.

The Content Transformation System is for the go-getter, passion-led entrepreneur with mounds of creativity, talent, and experience… but no systems, strategies, and clear milestones set to get to that seven-figure year (yet).

Hi, I’m Julia! If we haven’t met, it’s wonderful to meet you.

I followed my dream to write for a living at 19 years old, dropping out of college to start a writing agency, Express Writers, with my last $75.

But that wasn’t my first big risk – my escape from my father’s real-life cult at 21 years old was. My memoir Woman Rising: A True Story, has impacted more than a million people.

Facts: Building a business didn’t come naturally to me. In fact, I was a massively introverted writer… that didn’t have these skills.

It took me four years and several five-figure setbacks to learn exactly how to set up business systems, a rockstar remote team, and a content strategy that grew our revenue.

The year I decided I was going to finally learn my skills, strategy and systems for sustainable business, we went from $30k/months ($10k take-home net profit) to $71,000+ per month.

And from there, $90k/months and beyond.

99% of these sales came directly from our inbound leads; we had over 50,000 organic visitors/month visiting the site I built from scratch.

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I went on to build additional repeatable six-figure streams of income with multiple courses I created and launched as their own brands, earning over $300k in just three years with my courses.

teachable sales

My businesses were sustainable enough to allow me to step back, write five books, and speak on stages all around the world! I even exited my agency for $1M+ in a private sale in 2021.

I don’t share this to brag. I share this to say I believe EVERY creative, passion-led entrepreneur can build a sustainable online business they LOVE that makes real revenue.

And I am committed, in my coaching system, to helping you get there.

Here’s the bottom line: I know content alone will NOT get you to that sustainable seven-figure mark. And through my unique Content Transformation© System, you have the keys to building your very own self-sustaining business – with every single skill, strategy, and system laid out and taught/templated for you, ready to use and implement right away.

Friends, there has never been a better time in the history of our world to start and grow your online business. More people than ever are online. All you need to be successful with your online business is the skillset, strategy, and systems to get there. There is no faking it when it comes to earning a million plus in revenue pulled in by your brand. You absolutely have to buckle down and learn the techniques to get you there.

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The Content Transformation© System is for two types of entrepreneurs: the ones BRAND NEW, and the ones READY for more. 

This program will teach you EVERY STEP in building and scaling a sustainable, revenue-earning business from scratch.

Is this you?

You want a business that LASTS.

If you have a calling for following your passions; if you yearn for the respect and position that comes with being noticed and followed in your industry, but you’re not sure how to even begin…

This is for you.

My coaching system will teach you exactly how to build & scale a market-proof, self-sustaining business you love, with the strategy, skills, and systems you need to get there – no matter how inexperienced you are in these areas (even though you might be a rockstar at the service you provide).

What’s inside our five-phase system:


Phase 1:

Boss Mindset

Learn the important mindset shift from worker to CEO. Whether you freelance for clients, write at an agency, or build your own brand; you MUST learn these methods. My mindset techniques, learned and cultivated over 10 years of listening to the best, will have you in the driver’s seat, at all times, in your business.

Expect to spend 1 day – 1 week; depends on how much time you have to go through it. This is approximately 1 hour of content, broken up into 5-6 videos. The best of the best mindset training.


Phase 2:

Skill Mastery

Build creative skills: All-new training from Julia on content strategy from an SEO and inbound marketing perspective. Powerful lessons on how to uncover content your audience will CRAVE, and master the art of creating in specific styles for every key platform. Build CORE business skills that will drive success for years to come: I’ll show you how to build your one-sentence ICA Magnet (Ideal Client Avatar) after intensive market research, and boil everything you do into one CLEAR sentence. Plus, the creation of all of your core business drivers, critical building blocks together for a sustainable business. I will personally help refine what you create. 20-30 days.

Phase 3:


Learn how to outsource, ideate and delegate YOUR marketing as well as your client services. Learn how to structure a team, set up a system for your team, and use my 3 hr 30 day method that I’ve been practicing for years to plan your entire content calendar quickly and seamlessly. You’ll move with confidence in this phase, because the Skillset Mastery phase was INTENSIVE. Learn delegation and automation for client-facing roles in your business, so you get freed up to chase big moves and ideas, while your team implements. Expect to spend 30-60 days here. This phase is magic!

Phase 4:

Get Known 

Build your gameplan to massive industry growth, lasting impact, and legacy. Get my hands-on templates and and over-the-shoulder tutorial of publishing your own book on Amazon. I’ll teach you how I’ve written all five of mine, while running two businesses on the side. Learn exactly how to come up with a client-magnetizing book, map your topic to clear goals and a strategy, and become a self-published author.

Phase 5:

Focus & Diversify

Get your priorities straight going into the next three years of your creative entrepreneurial ventures. I’ll teach you how to diversify and go after additional money-making opportunities that work, how to follow the rules of focus and say no to the wrong things; and diversifying on the right opportunities without wasting your time.

Why Julia Is Going All In On This Coaching System


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Your Business Growth Incubator to Scale Strategically – Without Any Guesswork.


What’s Inside:

  • A powerful five-phase system pathway (Mindset, Skillset, Growth, Get Known, Focus/Diversify/Refine) with on-demand videos, core exercises, and live 1:1 coaching plugged into each phase
  • Hours of advanced online business skill, creative skill, marketing, and systems training – simplified in ways you finally understand
  • Includes LIVE, month-to-month coaching support in a private student community
  • Short-term and long-term planning: You’ll have the templates and the guidances to write a book and exponentially achieve MORE business growth, along with the skills, systems, and strategies you need to implement in 90 days to see success

More importantly, this program empowers YOU. You will walk away with true, end-to-end digital business and practitioner skills.

Who is a fit for The Content Transformation© System:

  • You MUST already have a brand idea (already built or a few ideas in the works)
  • You should have a clear “thing” you’ve already begun selling to clients or plan to start selling to clients
  • You should be in a place where you are READY to take the leap and do what it takes to FINALLY see your business succeed. You are hungry for transformational growth

Who is NOT a fit for The Content Transformation© System:

  • You’re still “dipping your toe in the water” when it comes to building your brand and going all in on exponential growth
  • You’re afraid of risks and unwilling to leave your comfort zone, even if you have the guidance and help to do so


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What Early Founders Are Saying

andreaAndrea Belasco, Owner of Virtual Online Help:

“I have been stuck. I can’t grow. Nothing seems to be working. When I tried hiring help, it just didn’t work out. I loved Julia from the moment I saw the quality of content she does. In The Content Transformation System, she covers mindset, which is going to be probably the biggest and most important part of your business. You have to be willing to put in the work, but Julia’s system will take you to that next level you have been looking for. I’m taking mine there.”

“I so appreciate the detail in this system.

I can already tell this (the early sneak peek documents you provided after I enrolled and the system) is going to help me think about my business in new ways and save time.

Thank you so much!” –Michele Linn
Co-founder, Mantis Research


“I love how intimate Julia’s coaching group is, and I feel so lucky to be a founding member here. I believe The Content Transformation System will be a leader in the business coaching space.”

–Rowena Bolo, Startup Growth Marketer

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Join the free class to learn more about what’s inside The Content Transformation© System.


If you are ready to build your business strategy, systems, and skill to hit next level, we recommend watching the free class first. Inside, Julia reveals the Content Transformation© System methodology.

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Don’t Waste Your Time Any Longer

If you were to Google “how to build my business,” the books, videos, and content there would take you YEARS to read.

Everyone has an opinion on how to build fast, grow your online business, implement a strategy, how to create content, and how to track success.

But not everyone can say that they’ve taken a business from $0 to $5 million solely through content marketing in just seven years. I can.

And then, on year 10, I sold it. And not everyone has built a reputation on finding simple, yet powerful metholodologies that can build your brand faster than you ever thought possible. I have. With me as your expert practitioner at the helm, you will learn how to implement real success with easy-to-follow steps.

This is the LAST program you will need to build a self-sustaining business out of your skills.

Proven, tried-and-true is the way to go. The keys and the car is here. Don’t let anything hold you back from The Content Transformation© System.

Invest into your future and implement the steps that have already generated huge profits and return. Put in the work, and learn the skills as taught step-by-step. This system WORKS. You simply need to go through it, and patiently apply it. Then, watch your strategic moves pay off bigtime.

To your success,

julia mccoy


Am I Ready for The Content Transformation© System?

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How do I know if my business or business idea is ready for Content Transformation?

Our Content Transformation© System Strategists, which you’ll be able to book a FREE call with after the application process, will tell you! Julia doesn’t hire commission sales reps, so they’re not paid to incentivize you to buy. We’ll keep it real and let you know if we think you’re a great fit.

What if I don’t have a huge audience or a mega-established brand?

Even better! We believe in getting the fundamentals right before anything else, which is why we start with Mindset and Skillset mastery in this 5-phase program. You’ll learn how to boil everything you do down into one clear sentence – a MAGNET that will repel non-buyers, and attract ideal client fits. If you don’t have a huge audience or an established brand yet, you’ll get it right from the start before you do began to build more consistent traffic streams in the third and fourth phase of our program.

What if I’ve flopped before (in my marketing/business revenue)?

We’ve all been there! In this system, you’ll learn SUSTAINABLE, long-term strategies that are essentially flop-proof, provided you put in the work.

How many members are building and scaling their businesses with CTS?

On average, each member takes 90 days to implement the skillset and growth techniques that bring return. A brand new business owner will need to be more patient to see return from the content marketing strategy we teach (average 3 months of consistency before you see traffic on autopilot), but our students have the ability to earn leads sooner by using the immediate pitching strategies we show you to gain clients today.

How is your program different than others?

In the Content Transformation© System, we do business differently. We believe in sustainability, and we are investment-minded thinkers. We don’t want you to rely on ads alone or a social media following to create consistent income and get known in your marketplace. And you won’t. You’ll be able to stand tall, on your own real estate, with a consistent way to earn leads, delegate, and grow without a cap over time. You’ll have the blueprint to get known in BIG ways in your industry. The ship is here – you just need to jump in and be willing to sail to your new destination.

No more hamster-wheel strategies. More time celebrating success while having FUN!

How much time will I need?

To watch the training videos and implement the Content Transformation© System methodology, you’ll need a consistent 5 hours a week. You can do this while you’re still working with clients, or even your full-time job.

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Apply Now to Join The Content Transformation© System

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To guarantee the profitability of this program and your success, we have an application process set up to tell you instantly if you’re a good fit. There is no pressure if you fill out the application. We truly want you committed to your success and ready to move forward on building your dream business. Before you apply, we recommend you watch the free training first.

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