What if you ditched get-rich-quick in favor of slow and steady?

Learn how to sustainably grow your online business without breaking.

Get inside our one year program (coaching, curriculum, community, and live calls) and start learning today. The Content Transformation© System will show you every step on how to build a stellar, lasting online brand using content strategy and marketing.

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We are no longer taking applications to CTS.

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Navigating content + business-building is HARD… But You Can Make It Easy.


Growing a business through inbound content strategically and sustainably to 7 figures isn’t guesswork.

You CAN grow without guesswork with The Content Transformation System – a program I built after spending 10 years building my own business from nothing to over $5M in sales, organically.


We are no longer taking applications to CTS.

Learn More About Big Changes Coming to Content Hacker

What is The Content Transformation© System?

Transformation for your content and business.

Julia’s Content Transformation© System is a five-phase hybrid course and coaching program, teaching you every step on how to take your idea for or an existing solid online business, transform and scale it with Content Hacker content marketing methodology. Comes with 2 additional free seats for your team or partner(s).

What’s inside at-a-glance:

Click here for a visual skill map of the curriculum lessons. Updated for 2023!

What you get when you enroll in The Content Transformation© System:
  • Step-by-step methodology: Our latest and greatest 5-phase video curriculum (40 easy-to-understand videos) with instructions, templates, and implementation work (no detail is missed). Step-by-step content skill building.
  • New AI lesson suite: We’re not launching an ‘overnight trend’ here. Julia spent months to study AI as the VP of Content at Scale before teaching the use of AI in your content marketing. The new AI lessons incorporated March of 2023 teach you how to approach AI without losing touch with the human side; how to add AI into the process of your human team; and a new model for paying your writers.
  • Live calls: Monthly mastermind-style calls on Zoom live with Julia, structured as a live training on a new topic by Julia that you can attend and directly apply to your marketing.
  • Ongoing support: Daily, get on-call help from Julia and her expert coaches inside CTS. All in all, you’ll receive 24/7 support in the private group. We are committed to your success.
  • Plug-n-play library: A Google Drive constantly updated with Julia’s proven templates (over 60+ content templates).
  • Updates: The video training curriculum is living, breathing. You’ll see new lessons and upgrades often.
  • Accountability: CTS includes a personal accountability partner from our team who will hold you to your word and check-in with you personally.
  • Two extra seats: Add your writer or business growth partner.

You’ll be able to achieve the following with CTS:

  • Verify your market-fit offer and get clear on standout messaging for your brand (think: clarity in brand messaging like you’ve never had before!).
  • Set your brand up for both short and long-term industry success with a vision, mission statement, & differentiation factor.
  • Implement content and marketing skills that work (if you already have a team: share CTS—up to 3 seats included per enrollment—& have them learn these skills).
  • Implement AIO writing skills, where you know exactly (every step!) in optimizing content from AI for web publishing (and you can share CTS—up to 3 seats included per enrollment—& have your writers learn these skills).
  • Know how to find high search-traffic topics that have little competition in your industry.
  • Know how to create a powerful content calendar for your brand that works sustainably over time to drive traffic on a platform you own.
  • Know how to build and monetize a targeted list (that actually grows in organic ROI).
  • Get paying clients immediately, without ads (Julia’s astounding 50% conversion-rate organic pitching + template strategies).
  • Start running an employer account and know exactly how to hire an entire well-oiled remote team for your business.
  • Know EXACTLY how to find great content writers to continue to grow your brand and exponentially increase your visibility (Julia’s training on this in CTS isn’t shared anywhere else).
  • Learn how to write a book and a powerful training class, both important content vehicles to massive growth. Get the specific step-by-step of creating and launching both to build your authority and get massively known in your industry for years to come.


content transformation system

Paul Gallovich, cybersecurity expert, has been able to build his brand from scratch

“Hiring Julia as my coach and mentor was the best decision for my industry and career. Her Content Transformation System is life-changing. I can say this not only because of the quality of the curriculum and training, but I have seen firsthand how Julia and her team truly help her students and clients. Her courses teach real-world skills in content marketing and brand development.

Julia genuinely cares about your success. The coaching calls, training, and mentorship has made a significant impact in building my brand from scratch and gain my first clients.

I have worked in many organizations for over 30 years, including private companies, multiple government agencies, and non-profits. I have worked and trained with some of the best instructors in the world. Julia, by far, is one of the best instructors and mentors I have had. If you are thinking about signing up, you should. I have not found a system like this to help me build a brand."

paul gallovich
—Paul Gallovich, Founder of Cybermeasure.com, Cybersecurity Professional and Writer

We are no longer taking applications to CTS.

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Featured Student: Alexandra Marshall attracted new clients for her business in a matter of DAYS, not months

“Your feedback in CTS, Julia, is second-to-none. I just got a lead in my inbox from the social media story I posted that you and Alyssa reviewed! Thank you so much!”

alexandra marshall
—Alexandra Marshall, CEO @ Just Ask Alex, SEO & Digital Strategist

Featured Student: Julia Plavnik received immediate clarity and expert-level feedback on her work

“CTS is absolutely amazing. The coaches' review on my social media stories are amazing. I can't believe I get feedback like this! I always struggle with my imposter syndrome. As I'm not a native speaker, I always think that I can't write properly. Now, I love how the post looks 😍 and just can't wait to publish it! Thank you so much, Julia! ”

julia plavnik student at cts
—Julia Plavnik, Content Marketer for Crypto Finance

Sarah grew her new business by leaps and bounds in the first year

"If you're considering hiring Julia to train you, DO IT. She puts so much time and effort into this program, CTS, and her recommendations to your exact needs. You will walk away with a plan of action to get to your next step, and peace of mind that you're being coached by the absolute best of the best in the content marketing world. I am inside CTS, and it's my first full year of being in business for myself. My brand/website is so good – thanks to Julia, her team and the guiding principles of CTS! – that a startup marketing agency has recently approached me about being a PARTNER with them!"

sarah greenberg
—Sarah Greenberg, heysarahgreenberg.com

Featured Student: Diana learned evergreen business growth practices and is getting CLEAR on transformative business growth

“Julia, I thank God for you and CTS on the regular. I think being on your group is what helped my brain be able to come around to some key things.”

diana alt content hacker
—Diana Alt, Career Strategy Expert & Coach, dianaalt.com

We are no longer taking applications to CTS.

Learn More About Big Changes Coming to Content Hacker

Here’s what you get immediate access to when joining The Content Transformation© System.


Stop feeling alone or adrift in your content marketing and business setup. The CTS program and our coaches are both here to help you gain clarity with real-time feedback, and the video curriculum to teach you exactly how to set up, plan, and publish client-bringing content methodologies. Since we go deeper than content alone, you’ll also gain clarity on the skills involved in setting up your brand correctly online, down to positioning, selling, and marketing your offerings with clarity.


video curriculum cts

5 Phases, 40+ Training Videos Taught by Julia

In-depth training videos on how to build, launch, and scale a profitable brand from scratch. Everything you need across 5 phases.

cts templates

50+ Living Templates in a Plug-n-Play Library

Access over 50 individual plug-n-play content templates. We’ve got you covered on everything you need.

cts coaches

Expert Coaches to Review Your Work

Get the help of expert coaches Julia has trained on Content Hacker methodology inside The Content Transformation© System.

feedback in cts

In-depth Critique & Evaluation by Julia & Expert Coaches

Get real help inside The Content Transformation© System. We don’t let you linger with questions or go without feedback.

cts mastermind

Monthly Mastermind Calls 

Live training every single month on how to refine and improve your content, and connection with 50+ business peers.

We are no longer taking applications to CTS.

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julia mccoy

Hey, I’m Julia McCoy, and I Used Content Marketing to Build Multiple 7-Figure Businesses


Content marketing works.

I know because it worked for me – to the tune of selling over 5,000 clients 40,000 projects in the past ten years.

Teaching over 1,500 marketers SEO and content – including Airbnb’s team!

But… I wasn’t always a content marketing coach and entrepreneur.

Back in 2011, I was a college dropout with only $75 in my bank account.

But I used that $75 wisely.

I spent it on domain and hosting, starting a business website and blog that focused on helping people with their writing.

Back then, I had no idea that what I was doing was called content marketing.

But it worked.

In time, my writing started pulling people to my site, until I was getting 100,000 visitors per month.

julia mccoy express writers

agency sales

content hacker academy teachable sales

thrivecart julia mccoy

This translated to $90-$100,000 in revenue per month for my business.

(And another $100,000/year from educational courses I grew on the side, also through content.)


Nope, I never spent a single cent on ads.

I skipped the slimy funnels and hard selling.

And when I’d found and hired the right people to run my company, I could sit back, relax, and focus on my passion.

I wrote books and created extra sources of income.

Then, just last year, I decided to sell my business.

Here’s what I never would have believed 11 years ago: it sold for a whopping 7-figure amount.

So, creative human.

I think it’s obvious to you by now.

I didn’t start out with special privileges, powers, or knowledge.

Heck, I was just a clueless 19-year-old with a passion for writing.

But I made it this far.

And you can too.

Because I’ve decided to package my 11 years of learning, my unique business-building system, and personal coaching from me and my team…

…into a program that’ll take you from clueless, to consistently building your own 6-7 figure business.

That’s The Content Transformation© System.

It’s the blueprint that’ll get you from burnt out, exhausted, and confused…

…to knowing the exact steps to grow your business to six or seven figures.

The Content Transformation© System is a complete, hands-on roadmap towards growing your online business towards 7-figures, sustainably.

We are no longer taking applications to CTS.

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David overcame massive growth roadblocks – and had a 10x increase in organic traffic in 30 days

“I’ve been running my business full time for 2 years, and the only traffic I was getting to my website was from referrals, social media, and the occasional people who would Google my name.

All of that amounted to MAYBE 5 sessions a day… Fast forward to just 1 month of implementing what I’ve learned from Julia and we’re already seeing 50+ daily users (That’s 10x!), almost all of them coming from the blogs we’ve been researching, writing, and publishing by following the exact process laid out in the CTS course.

Just ONE article we published drove more traffic in 30 days than I received in the last 3 months COMBINED! The best part is we’re already seeing more leads coming in to talk to us about our services!

This is the kind of stuff I wish I knew when I tried to start my first business, because it would have saved me so much time and effort (and the shame of having to pack it all up and start again).

Now that Julia’s practically given me the roadmap to success, it feels like I have a realistic way for me to grow my business and establish myself as an expert without losing my mind (or my soul) in the process. I’m confident that if you are trying to start/run a company in this day and age, you are going to need to learn how to master the strategies and skills needed to build a sustainable content-driven business, and there’s honestly no better mentor to have in your corner than Julia McCoy.”

—David Martin, UXHACKS.com