Create These Types of Content to Grow Your Business (+ Avoid the Content Death Trap)

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content types to grow your business

Vine. Myspace. Google+.

There’s a spooky graveyard of buried content out there. 👻

Content a business owner worked really hard on, investing their time and energy, for it to fade away forever.


Because not all content is created equal.

If you’re researching content types to grow your business, I’ll give you a spoiler:

There are three types of content that are more powerful than all the others.

This is something I’ve discovered in my 10+ years in the content marketing industry, building and scaling multiple profitable content businesses as a content hacker.

There are a ton of different types of content out there. And there are new content types popping up or fading into oblivion constantly.

Here’s the kicker: I’ve learned that for truly sustainable growth, you shouldn’t be paying attention to the content types you might think you should. 🤯

Sure, these flashy, sneaky distractions may seem enticing if you’re craving a quick hit of customer engagement (I see you, Twitter, with your 15-minute content life expectancy!). But the lifespan is so short, these content types end up resulting in a terrible ROI in the long run.

Don’t worry, there’s hope.

Because if you look at the data, there are three specific content types that can help grow your business exponentially. 📈


The Best Content Types to Grow Your Business

I can tell you a thing or two about the longevity of content. Through the 7-figure content writing agency I built and sold for a 13,000% ROI, I’ve worked with thousands of clients and have seen first-hand which types of content work and which don’t. Watch this vlog-style video where I go super in-depth about the three best types of content that lead to meeting your long-term goals with your business.


3 Content Types That Are GUARANTEED To Grow Your Business Long-Term

So, what are the best forms of content to grow your business today? These are the content types I recommend to grow your business, tap into powerful inbound lead generation results, and get clients.

1. Blogging

(Lifespan: 2+ Years)

If you’re only going to produce one type of content to grow your business, invest in blogging.

Here’s why blogging works:

  1. It’s the only content type that lasts 2+ years.
  2. It has a killer ROI: Once you’ve got your content strategy down, it’s an incredibly simple and repeatable process.
  3. Blogs are actionable. You should be inviting readers to become prospects by using hyperlinked CTAs (calls-to-action) to relevant topics, services, or products, within your content. This includes written copy, images, and even web forms.

How to use blogging for business growth:

  1. The topic must relate to what you sell.
  2. The topic and keyword should be researched, relevant, and not overly competitive. Study entertaining and engaging content examples and learn SEO blogging for small business.
  3. You must be consistent with posting.
  4. Your business must produce high-quality content that stands out (outsource to a content writer through smart delegation).

Having a successful blog that gets 1M+ visitors doesn’t happen by just dumb luck. If you’re consistent with your strategy, you can get there, too.


If you imagine what that kind of growth and visibility would mean for your business, you’ll see why you should prioritize this content type immediately.

Ready to get more out of this one life by building a powerful content business that’s genuinely sustainable? My coaching system for passion-driven entrepreneurs, The Content Transformation System, will get you out of the grind and into an incredible future.

2. Video

(Lifespan: 30+ Days)

Video is one of the most powerful types of content you can use to grow your business, and it can be a whole lot of fun along the way (just check out these lessons from the highest-paid YouTubers). In fact, internet video traffic accounts for 80% of all internet traffic — a 67% increase from 2016. 💥

Here’s why video works:

  1. It’s the only other type of content (besides blogging) that has a lifespan of over 30 days.
  2. Seeing your face and hearing your voice (plus you being authentically you) helps build trust. Trust is more crucial to business growth now than ever before — it’s the 2nd most important reason people buy (after price).

How to use video for business growth:

  1. Be patient. In my video content, I’ve witnessed the majority of views come in after a year.
  2. Don’t stress over deciding between live or recorded videos — do what feels right for you and focus on showing up as yourself.
  3. Just like blogging, make your video (topics, content, and production) great so you don’t waste your viewer’s time. This is another wonderful opportunity to outsource your content creation to an expert in your niche (while you manage the content). In fact, content creation is the #1 most outsourced task from b2b organizations at 86%.

content marketing activities b2bs outsource

So now that you know the top two content types to grow your business (and the only ones that have a lifespan of 30+ days) it’s time for a plot twist.

3. Podcasts

(Lifespan: 96 Hours)

Podcasting is another insanely valuable content type you should consider using to grow your business.

But wait a sec — it’s only got a 96-hour lifespan?! 🕒

Yes, but… when used correctly, your podcast can work with your other content to create a beautiful lead generation ecosystem.

Here’s why podcasting works (even with that short lifespan):

  1. The sheer amount of podcast listeners is staggering. In 2021, 28% of Americans (80 million!) were weekly podcast listeners.
  2. People feel connected to podcasts hosts/guests and hearing your voice and your personality helps build trust. It’s much more interactive (and personal) to consume than written copy.
  3. It’s incredibly usable. You can place your podcast episodes within other pieces of your content to elevate value. Sure, 90% of episodes get the most traffic in the first 96 hours, but your recordings are also extremely valuable when used as an evergreen tool in other spots.

How to use podcasts for business growth:

  1. Embed relevant and well-loved episodes in trainings, ebooks, white papers, a welcome email series, and more.
  2. Make sure to invest in quality production tools, or collaborate with one of the solid podcast production agencies that have all the necessary equipment in place.

serious business owner

Important: Don’t pour your energy into these three types of content all at once. To avoid content burnout, focus on only one or two. Pick content types that match your business, skills, interests, and target audience the best.

And if you’re wondering how often to post on your blog, remember that consistency is key. 🔑 That means a weekly blog, video, or podcast (at the minimum).

To keep on this schedule, make sure to find and delegate your content production to others (even if you’re a one-person show right now).

Why Lifespan Is So Important in Content Longevity

Remember what we said earlier? 70% of marketers are now investing in content.

The jury’s out: Content marketing is truly the only marketing left. So how long a piece of content your business produces lasts makes all the difference.

This is why content lifespan is such a hot topic, and why it’s so important for your business. 🔥

Let me go back and define what’s being referred to when we talk about the lifespan of your content. A piece of content’s lifespan = the visibility of that content.

And that’s why it’s so vitally important in content marketing when you’re talking about practical, realistic content creation. Because generally, the longer the lifespan of your content, the better the ROI is for your small business. We’re talkin’ time, money, focus, and energy.

Let’s take a look at the average lifespan of content across the most popular types.

lifespan of content

Did you notice how there are only TWO types of content that last 30+ days? And only one content type that lasts 2+ years. That’s seriously b-a-n-a-n-a-s. 🍌

I’ve noticed a trap some content marketers seem to fall into with all the different options of content types out there for business growth — they act on advice that suggests growth comes from jumping on the hottest new platforms and pumping out content onto them.

It’s a well-meaning attempt to insert your brand into the zeitgeist, but here’s what’s wrong with that hamster-wheel approach:

It’s a total time-waster. Even if it seems like the quick, easy, or “smart” thing to do.

Because for your business to be sustainable, you need to be producing content that lasts.

But if you’re a creative entrepreneur who’s struggling with business growth, it can be hard to avoid dipping your toes in the latest trends of content types.

Your time is precious, so use it focusing on content that gives you an ROI that makes it worthy of your focus and energy.

The Content Types that Won’t Exponentially Grow Your Business

Types of Content Creation With Short Marketing Lifespans

Here’s a breakdown of the types of content that have painfully short lifespans. Honestly, it’s hard not to be shocked at how poor the ROI of posting on some of the most popular content platforms in the world actually is.

1. Pinterest

A pin lasts a total of 4 months – 1 year.

2. Instagram

An Instagram post lasts a total of 48 hours.

3. Facebook

A Facebook post lasts a total of 5 hours.

4. Twitter

A tweet lasts a total of 15-20 minutes.

5. TikTok

A TikTok post lasts a total of just a few minutes.

10 commandments of a great business

You may have noticed that all the above content types are social media, which seems like an undeniably important place to focus on for business.

But on average, 53.3% of website traffic comes from organic search, versus just 4.7% from social. And when we look at the latest content marketing ROI statistics, you’ll notice that the key metric brands use to measure content success is organic traffic (even before leads!).

So, I’m not telling you to ignore these types of content for social media completely. But if you’re really looking for long-term business growth and are ROI-focused, those numbers should motivate any online entrepreneur to shift focus to the three forms of content below.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to refresh your lead magnets, ebooks, and web copy quarterly. These are powerful types of content as well!

Find the Right Content Type for Your Unique Business Growth

If someone asked you “What are some examples of content in your business?”, what would you show them?

Is it up to par with the statistics? Meaning, are you truly harnessing the power of this $400 billion industry to your own benefit?

If not, it’s time to invest in a mentor who can show you how. I’ve worked with thousands of clients, learning what works for a niche and what doesn’t. Working alongside you, I’ll show you which type of content will grow YOUR business best, plus the systems and strategies needed to finally break free of the constant hustle and create sustainability and freedom to do what you love.

Ready for monumental change and true sustainability in your business? Learn more about how to build your own long-term small business growth in my Content Transformation System.

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