Your 7-Day Course to an AI-Optimized Blog

AIO Blogger is THE essential 1-week course teaching marketers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs exactly how to create and build their own AI optimized blog, generating endless traffic streams and revenue.

The key question you ask as you fire up the AI and write content
that’ll build your online traffic: “Do I know what I’m doing?”

This question is the key to success because you’ll do one of two things:

Do nothing. Write so-so content just to get it out. Or procrastinate again… because you’re just not sure what you’re doing, or how to do it.

Or, you can answer with a cool, confident “pffft, heck yes.”

Because you’ve committed to the education that will transform your skills. You’ve committed to the work. You’re no longer guessing. And a year from now, you’ll look back on today with pride. You consistently published content that grew your business. You knew what you were doing back on that day… because you went through AIO Blogger.

Brands you know and trust turn to
Content Hacker for education

Navigating the perils of content production to grow your online business used to be
HARD… but we’re in the age of AI. The biggest obstacle to online success, content
creation itself, just got eliminated.

How do you apply it? That’s what AIO Blogger is going to teach you.

For decades, you and I have either written our website content by hand, or hired a writer.

That writer hiring process? Phew.

We’ve gone out, sourced a writer, hired them, hoped they didn’t flake on us. Gave them an outline. Looked at their rough draft. If it wasn’t entirely off, we sent it to an editor, or edited it ourselves. Published it. Hoped it worked.

But even the content we did publish didn’t always work. In fact, Ahrefs said that 91% of all blogs get no traffic from Google. ☠️

In 10 years of managing over 40,000 content projects for clients–one of which was easily 250 content pieces at a time–I can tell you that the missing piece that stopped content from working, by far, was the lack of knowledge around how to structure a successful piece of content.

It’s why I’ve launched SEO writing courses. Why I’ve painstakingly worked with writers, week after week, to teach them the art and science of not just writing–but writing that actually gets somewhere.

Writing that ranks in the top of Google, brings traffic and conversions. That’s a whole different animal than well, just “writing.” Guess what?

After a year of working in the field of AI content for myself, I can tell you that AI (Artificial Intelligence) eliminates both problems.

 (Specifically, Content at Scale’s AI.) Because not only does it write incredible content from scratch, but it also formats it exactly as you need it for it to work and rank in the top of Google. 🤯 In minutes. Talk about an eternally game changing way to produce content.

Thanks to AI, we can work 10x faster and better and create
content at the click of a button.

But–here’s the kicker. The application of how to use these AI content tools to grow an online business’ traffic and revenue can be completely overwhelming. 

How do you edit AI content to sound like you? 

If you’re offering AI content as a service for your clients, how can you set that up correctly?

If AI can produce content 10x faster and better, how do you get started implementing it?

Using artificial intelligence (AI) writing tools like ChatGPT and Content at Scale to grow your blog shouldn’t feel like guesswork. But it does, because it’s a brand new process–an entirely new way of doing things.

The clarity of how to use AI to grow your traffic is what AIO Blogger solves. 

Learn more about AIO Blogger Course

AIO Blogger is a revolutionary AI blog writing course, every lesson written, created, and updated to be fully current by Julia McCoy, that will teach you how to build knowledge effectively in three parts:

How to think (theorize) before you approach building out your AIO blog

What to do (practice) to create and launch a successful AIO blog

How to make ROI (monetize) from your AIO blog

This course was built for the marketer, freelancer, and entrepreneur that wants to create and build their own AI optimized blog that brings real traffic and revenue. 

Who Will Benefit From This Course?


Solo, mid-size, and enterprise teams can use the AI writing, AOFU approaches, and AIO theory taught inside to manage their content process.


Freelancers that offer AIO content writing as a service–this course is built for you. You’ll learn the skill, and how to monetize the skill


Entrepreneurs, consultants, and CEOs that want to offer AIO content services and/or use AIO blogging to grow their brand, will benefit from this course.

AIO Blogger All-Star Teachers

Class is in session. And these educators are at the top of their game. Learn about the people that teach lesson content inside our signature Content Hacker Course, AIO Blogger.

Julia McCoy

Julia is the lead instructor and genius behind AIO Blogger, outlining, creating and teaching the pathway inside. She's an 11-year entrepreneur behind her own 100-person writing agency, the creator of Content Hacker, and President at Content at Scale. AIO Blogger is Julia's brand new course developed in 2023 with AI-focused content strategies, with all-new Julia ninja content hacks.

Jill Caren

Jill has worked in SEO for more than 15 years. She invests in websites, builds them up, and flips them for a profit. Inside AIO Blogger, Jill joins Julia interview-style to talk through the essence of what SEO is, distilling it down for complete beginners.

Marcus Campbell

Marcus has been an internet and affiliate marketer for over 16 years, and invests over $100,000 per year in domains alone, with multiple websites bringing in countless traffic. In 2023, he made the move from human content writing to AIO using Content at Scale. He’ll share his in-depth strategies in AIO Blogger.

Joe Crivello-Sorensen

Joe is an incredible lifelong entrepreneur behind multiple successful ventures (some of which he exited), and large offshore teams. He is currently the founder and CEO of and, where he helps thousands of businesses enhance their online presence and achieve remarkable results.

What’s Inside AIO Blogger?

Pathway-focused, fluff-free:

3 modules, 15 lessons  (AIO blogging as a skill, knowledge set, and monetization route)

6 bonuses

Workshops with Julia (ChatGPT, social media, and skill-focused writing workshops)

7 hours of content 

In-depth content that doesn't go down rabbit holes. You'll be inspired, motivated, and allowed to immediately take these lessons and run.

Certification + LinkedIn education

After you finish the course, you'll get a certificate and will be able to add it to your LinkedIn profile, boosting your experience and credibility.

sneak peek

Watch a sample video fromAIO Blogger

The Curriculum At-a-Glance

Module 1

Value $199


Shift from “short” into “long game”: become an owned real estate traffic builder

  • Why short content is in fact shorting your business: the data
  • What it means to “own your own real estate”
  • Julia’s 13,000x ROI made possible by a website
  • How and why you need to invest in your website
  • Think like a brand builder, have your website set up for long term success
  • Recommended partners for website success
  • How to think about keyword research for endless blog traffic
  • How to research and find your perfect keywords and topic clusters + takeaway homework
  • Never-seen-before tutorials from Julia on Content at Scale & topic clustering
  • Understanding basic SEO (with expert Jill Caren)

Module 2

Value $499


Learn step-by-step AIO SEO blogging & grow your business

  • Understanding SEO and content strategy
  • How SEO works (deep-dive with Jill Caren)
  • Keyword research & build your topical map
  • Create a content strategy
  • Why AIO for SEO content
  • Step-by-step AIO writing
  • Buying high-value domains and building content at scale (with Marcus Campbell)
  • How to scale & hire an AIO writer
  • How to find AIO writers on (with Joe Crivello-Sorensen)

Module 3

Value $999


How to turn these skills into dollars

  • Build an AIO agency and sell services (1+ hour) + takeaway homework
  • Buy and flip websites (with expert Jill Caren) (1+ hour)
  • Build a lasting, wealth-bringing online business (1+ hour) + takeaway homework

Value $1200

Plus… INSANE Bonuses 

  • Bonus: How to Understand ChatGPT and Use it to Create Copy 10x Faster (All-New Tutorial with Julia)
  • Bonus: How to Kill it On Socials (The FBB Formula with ChatGPT Prompts)
  • Bonus: Creating Twitter/X Threads with LoopGenius
  • Bonus: How to Create a Midjourney Hero Image of Anyone
  • Bonus: How to Write Emails that Sell (Full Workshop Replay & Summary)
  • Bonus: Email Marketing & Writing Tips (Workshop Replay)
  • Bonus: How to Get More Conversions from Your Content (Full Workshop Replay & Summary)

Just ONE of these workshops has sold for $199+!

Step-by-Step Theory, Skills & Monetization to a Successful AIO Blog


MSRP $599


One-Time Price

Lifetime Access


Shift from “short” into “long
game”: become an owned real
estate traffic builder


Learn step-by-step AIO SEO


How to turn these skills into

Plus… INSANE Bonuses:

7 Indepth Workshops & Bonuses 
from Julia

Value, $1,200. Just ONE of these
workshops has sold for $199+!

Certification + LinkedIn

Badge and certification after you

Real school on LinkedIn (Content
Hacker) to connect your badge to

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