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Choose Your Special Black Friday Pricing Option:

CTS Black Friday Upfront

($2,500 $1,875 One-Time)
  • 1-year access to the in-depth CTS curriculum (5 modules) + all updates
  • Plug-n-play library of 50+ business and content templates + all updates (1-year access)
  • Direct hands-on help from Julia and her coaches on your writing (1-year access)
  • 2 extra seats for your team
  • Monthly group mastermind live calls with Julia + replays (1-year access)
  • Save 15% paying upfront

ENROLL – $1,875

CTS Black Friday Monthly

($250 $187.5/Mo x 12 Months)
  • 1-year access to the in-depth CTS curriculum (5 modules) + all updates
  • Plug-n-play library of 50+ business and content templates + all updates (1-year access)
  • Direct hands-on help from Julia and her coaches on your writing (1-year access)
  • 2 extra seats for your team
  • Monthly group mastermind live calls with Julia + replays (1-year access)
  • Easy month-to-month payment

ENROLL – $187.5 x 12

What you get when you enroll in The Content Transformation© System:

  • Step-by-step methodology: 5-phase video curriculum with instructions, templates, and implementation work (no detail is missed). Click here to see all the skills you'll learn.
  • Coaching for a year: Monthly Q&A calls on Zoom live with Julia, structured as a live training on a new topic and a Q&A for members. Daily, get on-call help from Julia and her expert copywriting and strategy coaches inside CTS.
  • Incredible support: All in all, you'll receive 24/7 support in the private group. We are committed to your success.
  • Plug-n-play library: A Google Drive constantly updated by Julia with over 60 content and business templates.
  • Tools: We show you how to use all the tools you need to build, test, maintain, and optimize your business systems.
  • #TrainingTuesday: A weekly special from Julia, only for CTS members.
  • Updates: The video training curriculum is living, breathing. You'll see new lessons and upgrades often.
  • Accountability: CTS includes a personal accountability partner from our team who will hold you to your word and check-in with you personally.
  • Two extra seats: Add your writer or business growth partner.

You'll be able to achieve the following with CTS:

  • Create, verify, and build a market-fit offer and get clear on standout messaging for your brand (think: clarity like you've never had before!).
  • Set your brand up for both short and long-term industry success with a vision, mission statement, & differentiation factor. (You'll actually put this together with a coach!)
  • Implement content and marketing skills that work (if you already have a team: share CTS—up to 3 seats included per enrollment—& have them learn these skills).
  • Know how to find high search-traffic topics that have little competition in your industry.
  • Know how to create a powerful content calendar for your brand that works sustainably over time to drive traffic on a platform you own.
  • Know how to build and monetize a targeted list (that actually has ROI).
  • Get your first paying clients immediately, without ads (organic pitching + template strategies).
  • Start running an employer account and know exactly how to hire an entire well-oiled remote team for your business.
  • Know EXACTLY how to find great content writers to continue to grow your brand and exponentially increase your visibility (using Julia's platforms and templates).
  • Use content vehicles we teach you, and the specific step-by-step of creating them, to build your authority and get massively known in your industry for years to come.

Choose your special Black Friday-only payment plan above to join The Content Transformation System today. You’ll receive a full orientation email from our student support lead, Victor, within a few hours after joining.

👋 See You Inside!

Andia gained a business partner and got her ducks in a row

“After five years as a personal finance freelance writer, I wanted to expand my business to work with bigger brands in the financial and fintech industry. But building a successful business meant defining my target audience, working with a team, and setting up systems to sustain the business.

I took the leap into CTS.

And Julia's Content Transformation System (CTS) is just what I needed. I learned how to build CORE business skills to drive success like a well-oiled machine through CTS. I defined my ideal client avatar, created all my core business drivers and critical building blocks such as outsourcing, structuring a team, and setting up a system to manage the team.

Using CTS coaching and templates, I'm now pitching to get ideal clients and seeing results in my business, working 100% from my website without social media.

Julia is priceless because she is so inspiring, always available to respond to my questions and review my work. She is more like a business partner. If you have been stuck in a rut, nothing seems to work, you'll love Julia's Content Transformation System. She'll help you transform your mindset - probably the biggest and most important part of your business. Then she'll teach you how to put all moving parts of your business together so they can move like ducks in one row to the next business level.”

—Andia Rispah, Owner, ContentTakeoff.com

David was able to get past growth roadblocks holding him back for years, and saw a 400% increase in organic traffic in 30 days using CTS

“CTS is an invaluable resource if you're serious about scaling your business AND your content. While other courses and creators are preaching "get rich quick" schemes, Julia gives you realistic milestones and systems to help take your business AND your content to the next level.

The opportunity to have someone like Julia helping you with everything from building a content strategy, hiring contractors and delegating work is worth more than the cost of admission alone. I’m less than 30 days into the program and we’ve already seen a 1000% increase in impressions and a 400% increase in organic traffic!

—David Martin, UXHacks.com

Michele was able to finally get clear on how to scale and hire

"I so appreciate the detail in this system. I’ve had some light-bulb moments and I can already tell this going to help me think about my business in new ways and save time.

—Michele Linn

Chris overcame big mindblocks and inspiration for his new business began to flood him

"It's invaluable to have a group of people all working through the same process to help with brainstorming. Until The Content Transformation System I felt stuck, and after it was as if the floodgates opened and I had one moment of inspiration after the next."

chris roberts
—Chris Roberts, Senior Product Manager & Copywriting Founder

Rowena has found her key to making WAY more business progress

“Can't help but share this with you Julia – I am having so much clarity as we are setting the whole SEO roadmap for our clients using your system. It now being mostly DFY with DWY means we can bump up the price I originally planned on. YAY! Your program, Content Transformation System, just clicks with me! It's like you have the key that opens up the lock that's been preventing me from making lots of progress!!”

—Rowena Bolo, Founder, thecontentmamas.com

Loraine at The Sacred Healing Well used the authentic approach taught in Content Transformation to re-align her brand and earn more leads

“I can't say enough how empowering, informative, and transformative Julia's CTS program has been for me and my business. I've been wanting to uplevel all of my systems, strategies, and processes for a long time, and have worked with and checked out a handful of successful business mentors. None got me and my rebranding potential and needs as well as Julia did. In a matter of just two months, she and her brilliant videos have helped me to cherry-pic, and clear all the key bottleneck areas in my business, and quantum leapt- me in a genius zone of magic and momentum.

All the puzzle pieces are finally falling in place--all the right words, images, openings, people, an ideal writer, a special connection and guest post with a major brand-aligned online magazine--have fallen in my lap, all the result of me fully exercising a new crystal-clear boss mindset, gaining mastery in much-needed areas and skills, and understanding how to scale my business without losing my authentic flow and unique touch."

—Loraine van Tuyl

Michelle’s homeschool family jumpstarted their entrepreneurial business ideas

“We LOVE The Content Transformation System, Julia!! We are having so many lightbulb moments for many digital endeavors our family is doing.”

michele lanier
—Michelle Lanier, homeschool mom of 7


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