Earth Begins

Earth Begins, Book I: The Chronicles of Aalexi

A neo western, post-apocalyptic adventure ride crafted by Julia McCoy. Coming Summer 2022. 8+, safe for all ages.

In the fall of 2021, I had a once-in-a-lifetime, life-changing opportunity.

I sold my agency of ten years to a husband-and-wife team, Adam and Alicia Oakley, confident in their skills to build upon my agency’s reputation, growth, and team. After years of venturing down this road, I had a successful exit in September of 2021. With Express Writers no longer mine to run, my life considerably changed.

With this exit, I have the opportunity to take even bigger risks and follow my greatest dreams.

And Earth Begins is one of those dreams.

I’m venturing into a new genre, a new audience, and going back to my roots. Full story: back when I was 12, I wrote a 200-page novel in one summer that peers on couldn’t stop reading. In fact, I was told by readers triple my age that writing stories was my gift, and I should pursue it full-time. But a career in content marketing beckoned, and I followed the path of freelance writing, turning that into a ten-year strong content writing business. I don’t regret a single year of those ten years. In fact, I don’t believe I would be the writer and leader I am today without it.

That said, I’m incredibly thrilled to embrace my childhood dream again… and bring Earth Begins into the world.

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Earth Begins, Book I: An Adventure Tale Full of Hope, Meaning, and Truth

I feel those three things are incredibly absent from our world today: Hope. Meaning. Truth.

We received the shock of our lives with the pandemic of 2020. And let’s be honest. Have we even found a “new normal?”

During the lockdown and all the subsequent periods of turmoil (racial divide, the 2020 election, stories of death and destruction broadcasted on every network), I found relief by turning to the classics. The books I grew up on. J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter. C.S. Lewis’ Narnia. (I binged three of his seven-book series in a month.) We watched the movies with our daughter, and felt inspiration light up our house again.

I turned back into my files, and pulled up a series that hit my heart more than three years ago… Earth Begins.

Long before the pandemic, long before today’s age of heavy social unrest and divide, I’d created a tale of a world full of good and evil… where good wins. Where the adventure on the pages springs to life in bold bright, energy; full of faith, hope, and beauty.

I have huge dreams for this book. HUGE. For one, I believe it’s what the world needs right now. I believe it will respark the imagination of my readers in new ways, stir up faith that could be dying or lost, and challenge you to think bigger, bolder.

I can’t wait to welcome you to this adventure story. Get ready for the ride of your life.

Estimated length of the first book: a weekend read. 40,000w or 200-odd pages in a 6×9.

earth begins julia mccoy Want to be a beta reader, and help me build early presence for Earth Begins (readership, feedback & reviews)?

Tell me in the form below, and I’ll add you to the list and reach out when we have a private beta reader group ready. If fiction is your thing, Earth Begins will be your new obsession.




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