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Get Your Very Own Hired, Trained, & Dedicated Personal Writer

An elite, high-ticket service for founders and entrepreneurs.

All the benefits of a personal content writer without having to worry about hiring them, training them, or setting up systems to manage them. Let me construct your brand’s personal content engine that will create content for you on autopilot, for the life of your business.  


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This service is no longer active.


Julia’s expert recommendation: Instead of Content Engine, use Content at Scale.

Imagine this: a content marketing ecosystem built and installed in your business.

No more hating your blog.

No more writer chasing.

No more wondering if your site will ever bring in leads.

No more questioning when or where your content is – or if it’s even going to get done this month.

No more writing everything yourself.

(Because you SHOULDN’T be the one writing your content, entrepreneur.)

In our all-new Done-for-You Content Creation Engine service, I personally work with my team to set founders up for mega content marketing success, in a monumental way.

Let me build your very own content engine – where I find, hire, and train your very own writer for you.


But first… why are we offering this unique, one-of-a-kind, never-seen-before offer? 🤔

Here’s why, in a nutshell…

Content marketing has been my secret to success for over a DECADE.


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My secret to success isn’t a complex understanding of algorithms, some fancy finagled funnel (I’ve never once used Clickfunnels!), or a super indepth marketing automation experience…

Or even me writing all my content, every day and night.

It’s a hired writer, creating content for me day in, day out.

A hired writer that knows my brand. Style. Tone. Voice. And my “why.” (The heart behind what I do.)

They also have been trained to have real writing skills; they know how to write in every format.

Let me tell you, even though I love writing, hiring my very own 1:1 writer has been a COMPLETE brand growth game-changer.

After 12+ brands of my own launched this way (WordPress website + organic content marketing)…

I know exactly how to do this…and it’s not easy.

I want to do it for you.

Let me personally select for you a 1:1 writer that stays close to you and your ideas.

Imagine this: Clients find YOU… every DAY… and LOVE your incredible online content.

We know that great content builds and nurtures an audience, creates trust, and can ultimately create your very own hub, destination where you ultimately hold all the power, reach, and control. We’ll do it FOR you.

And we even guarantee the writer (crazy, I know! I’ve developed a foolproof method at Content Hacker for hiring and training your writer).

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End your content frustrations once-and-for-all.

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Getting your actual content DONE is a PAIN.

The worst stories include:

Writers taking your money and never showing up with anything… (yikes!)

Or sending in barely-passable content two weeks after the due date…

Or, horror upon horrors… sending in absolute crap that you can’t even use, after you took the time and care to brief them all about your project.

This is devastation for business owners.

I’ve effectively solved this problem, but it’s not easy.

If you don’t have the time to wrangle every step of this process (hiring, onboarding, and managing a perfect writer)… trust my team and I to do it for you.

Solve this problem, once and for all, with your personal writer (the critical building block of every successful content marketing campaign).

See a timeline & deliverables of our Content Creation Engine Service

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Timeline of Our Done-For-You Service:

content hacker pathway

Week 1 – Content Foundations

We’ll take a look at your existing content, write your brand style guidelines (see a client’s Brand Content Style Guidelines), audit your site, and give your web designer a list of priorities (site issues to fix) before we get going on a content calendar. If you don’t have a solid web designer and need a new website or website redesign, we can do that too. (We have a full expert team and together, build amazing WordPress websites. It’s not cheap. We strive to be the BEST.)

Week 2 – Content Writer Hiring & Calendar

We’ll create your skills-based interview, content writer job listing, and get your job post live on our hiring account with a budget per day to start accruing 50+ daily applicants. We’ll begin filtering and looking through hundreds of candidates for your perfect 1:1 brand writer. We’ll also begin to get work done on your website, if you’ve chosen a full WordPress build along after reviewing your site audit. Example skills-based interview.

Week 3 – Content Writer Onboarding & Systems

By now, we will have dozens if not hundreds of completed writer skill interviews. We’ll find and hire your perfect brand writer, using our own unique Content Hacker consulting framework where we uncover a real expertise fit (your industry as a skill), and a culture fit (how they value and see you as a brand). Our unique framework ensures a fit for years to come. We will also get to work building a simple task management and payroll system for you to track and manage your writer in the system of your choice.

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Week 4 – Content Engine Offboarding

You now have a beautiful website you’re proud of, AND your own fully-trained, dedicated brand writer fueling your content creation engine (no bots allowed—here’s why). We’ll leave you with a series of exclusive training for you and your writer. Your writer will get a seat inside our writing course for free; they’ll also receive a training package with our email copy, blog copy, sales page copy, and social media copy templates so they win for you in all areas. Then, you’ll get a simple set of training videos that cover how to ensure your writer is an incredible continued fit for you, how to earn their loyalty and friendship, and form a win-win partnership for years (my top Content Hacker writer, Alyssa, has been with me ghostwriting my books since 2014!).

Client Success Story: Ryan Stewart

ryan stewart seo blueprint

Ryan: “Julia handpicked an expert writer for us that has been helping us with our book The SEO Blueprint. I’m really impressed with it and he has done a tremendous job taking a stream of feedback and implementing it. Considering ourselves more advanced, we are thoroughly happy with the writer. We went from sitting on a book for years to getting it done in six months.”

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Client Happiness Guarantee


14 Day

client happiness guarantee

We’re so confident in our ability to deliver this service, that we’ll rehire and retrain a new writer for you if your first one fails in the first two weeks.

We take pride and care in each and every single client account, and Julia personally leads every single Done-for-You Content Creation Engine project herself, writing unique job copy and assessing every candidate to find the perfect one. She and her expert team will work to get your content strategy, systems, and writer up and running in a month. If your writer flops, she’ll replace that writer, no questions asked. Ready? Let’s do this.