My Ergonomic Home Office Setup: 32 Must-Have Tools & Habits

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best home office setup for productivity

Let’s be honest:

Working from home and running your own business sound like the good life.

Don’t get me wrong – they ARE. 🙌🏻

But –

Both need major dedication, planning, organization, self-control, and accountability to reach that “good life” level. Otherwise, everything will go up in flames.

I should know. I’ve been doing this work-from-home thing since 2011. By now, I have the skills and tools to make my ergonomic home office work for me so I can get sh*t done.

Unsurprisingly, one of the biggest requests I get nowadays is to share my work-from-home secrets. What is my home office setup like? What are my favorite tools and products?

How do I juggle it all AND a family life?

Well, I’ll tell you.

The biggest secret to the best home office setup for productivity: It’s not just about the tools you use. It’s about YOU.

  • It’s about your physical and mental health.
  • It’s about moving your body, eating well, and staying hydrated.
  • It’s about fueling your working hours so you stay motivated and energized.

So, before I tell you how to set up your best ergonomic home office that will make you super productive, remember: It starts with your personal well-being. The tools and products are there merely to help you maintain it. (And that’s why some of my “tools and habits” will include lifestyle tips.)

How to Set Up an Ergonomic Home Office: Why this Matters So Much


It was August 2019. I’d just finished writing my massive, 500-page nonfiction memoir set to come out in early 2020. I was using my Apple Magic Keyboard and Mouse all year to write the book, at a stand-up desk with good lumbar support and two different chair choices.

Towards the end of the project, something in me had felt off. Specifically, my right elbow joint felt either dislocated or close to it.

I finally went to the doctor’s office, and after an x-ray and examination, they determined it was a tricep strain!

One change I immediately did was stop the usage of the flat keyboard and mouse. I’d read online after doing some research that it can contribute to extreme hand, wrist, and arm pain for rabid typists like myself (and maybe you, too). Ah! That makes sense!

Next, I began reading about a split keyboard and a vertical mouse. As odd as they looked and as weird as they sounded, they consistently came up in top-rated article after article.

I finally settled on my Kinesis Freestyle2 Ergonomic Keyboard w/ VIP3 Lifters for Mac (9″ Separation), and my Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Mouse – Advanced Ergonomic Design Reduces Muscle Strain.

So: I’ve updated this blog to avoid having you buy products that end up hurting you, too.

It’s time you hear what works.

So, I put my time into updating this blog for you.

Let’s get into my favorite — and truly ergonomic! — tools, habits, and products for an efficient, ergonomic workspace that dreams are made of.

Note: This blog contains affiliate links. However, I don’t recommend anything I don’t personally use.

How to Set Up an Ergonomic Home Office: My Favorite Products & Tips

After lots of trial and error, I have found what works best for me in my home office environment. These home office setup ideas are tried, tested, and approved.

home office

A view of my downstairs home office in the late afternoon. I settle in to create epic stuff in this room.

1. Raise Your Computer Screen to Eye-Level

I recommend: Bestand Laptop Stand

This is one of my recommended choices still for 2022 and beyond.

bestand laptop stand

Are you constantly hunched over your laptop while you work? That’s bad news for your back and neck. Eliminate strain and improve your posture and desk ergonomics by investing in a laptop stand. This one by Bestand is the BEST one I’ve found. It’s super durable, comfortable, and even cools your computer while you use it. It fits almost any laptop and features a handy ring you can use to corral your cables and cords. As you can see from my picture, I use it on my desk daily!

2. Prevent Eye Strain with Blue Light Blocking Glasses

I recommend: LifeArt Blue Light Blocking Glasses

This is one of my recommended choices still.

blue light glasses

Researchers have found blue light emitting from our computers and smartphones can disrupt our circadian rhythms, making it harder to sleep at night. On top of that, staring at your computer for hours without a break is a recipe for eye strain and headaches. Blue light blocking glasses can help lessen these issues. I’ve tried many and these specs from LifeArt are by far the most lightweight. Other brands were so heavy, they left imprints on my nose. These don’t, plus they’re super cheap AND cute.

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3. Use an Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse

Previously recommended: Apple Magic Keyboard and Mouse (for Mac users). I do not recommend this setup anymore.

In late 2019 I realized that the flat Apple keyboard and mouse duo were causing me wrist pain. After doing quite a bit of research on what does support your hand, wrist, forearm, triceps, and posture (for mega-typers like myself) — I switched to these products, and cannot recommend both enough:

ergonomic keyboard

home office split keyboard
ergonomic home office mouse

Since switching to a split keyboard and a vertical mouse, my hand pain — even when creating for a full 7-hour sprint, which I do sometimes! — is GONE.

I can’t recommend this enough for the mega-typers like me out there. This setup is specifically set up to work with Apple (which was hard to find). I can confirm it works within minutes of plugging in. The mouse is Bluetooth, with a little USB port that needs to go into your computer, and the keyboard will require manually plugging in via USB. But it’s still fairly portable. I’ve packed up all of the pieces into a big book bag – yes, even the Bestand! – and brought it to a coworking space. Totally worth it to have the comfort of an ergonomic office setup.

You’ll need a USB converter to hook into your Macbook Pro, if you have the newer ones that only feature USB-C ports, by the way.

Need a great USB to USB-C converter (plus other ports) for Mac?

This Purgo USB C Hub Adapter for MacBook Air is worth its weight in gold. It’s a well-made, always-works, trusty device — you get what you pay for.

serious business owner map

4. Get the Best Computer to Handle Everything You Do in a Day — and Avoid Being Too Stationary

This remains one of my top recommended choices for 2022 and beyond.

I do everything on my MacBook Pro. I used to be a Windows mega-fan, and early into our partnership, my hubby got me to try Mac — back in 2012.

I’ve never looked back. The amount of times I’ve had to buy a new computer? Only twice in EIGHT years (to upgrade the disk space from 8 to 64 gigs)! Previously, I was buying a new Windows every two years.

ergonomic computer setup

I absolutely recommend the MacBook Pro laptop over a stationary/fixed setup. I find it important to give myself a fluid workstation that I can take anywhere. If you get the laptop with the biggest memory size, it will last and last you. That’s what I did. Comparable to the power of an iMac that way, but movable!

Don’t forget the Bestand — this is important to raise your computer to eye level so you’re not bending your neck down all the time to look at a laptop.

mac os big sur My latest Macbook Pro is beastly.

Setting up an ergonomic home office must include the right computer. Working on a laggy, slow machine isn’t just annoying – it’s inefficient. While you wait for your word processor to load, you could write an entire blog post introduction in that space of time. Similarly, if your internet connection goes in and out, how can you get anything done?

For me, a great laptop is essential to create my very best home office setup for productivity.

5. Invest in an Ergonomic Home Office Chair

This is still one of my recommended choices today.

I recommend: Sihoo Ergonomics Office Chair, $219 on Amazon

I also love: NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair – Rolling Desk Chair with 4D Adjustable Armrest, 3D Lumbar Support and Blade Wheels, $324 on Amazon

If you’re going to sit behind a computer all day, make sure your seat is comfy! This is KEY to preventing back pain, shoulder pain, and stress on your joints.

If your budget is $250 or less, go for the Sihoo.

ergonomic chair home office

This Sihoo home office chair equals out the basic important features you need in a comfortable, spine-benefitting, ergonomic office chair. You’ll maximize your desk ergonomics with a good chair. It’s SO comfortable and provides support in all the right places.

If you can spend a little more, consider investing in your spine health with the NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair. The 3D lumbar support on this chair is second to none! And the positions – you can literally move the arms, the back, the seat, the headrest in a ton of different ways. It was 100% worth the nearly-$400 price tag. (And yes, this is in my new home in Texas hill country, which we moved into June of 2020! Check out all that natural sunlight. Our other home, above, was also beautiful in its own way.)

ergonomic office chair 3d chair

6. Tone Up While You Sit Down

This is one of my recommended choices still for 2022 and beyond.

I recommend: Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair

This tip is multitasking at its finest. Tone your core while you sit and work! I do it by alternating my ergonomic home office chair with a yoga balance ball chair.

This one by Gaiam has a fun design that works well – it’s like sitting on a yoga ball but includes some office chair features. It fits at most standard-height desks. It comes in 9 colors (including black and gray) and has castors, too. Plus, it’s great if you don’t already have the yoga ball, like me. I didn’t have one, and the Gaiam product on Amazon comes with a stabilized yoga ball that sits inside the chair.

I alternate between my regular office chair and my Gaiam balance ball chair.

balance ball office chair

7. Try a Standing Desk for an Ergonomic Workspace

This is one of my recommended choices still for 2022 and beyond.

I recommend: Luxor 40” Single Column Crank Stand Up Desk

To get more blood flowing during a work day where you would normally sit for 8 hours, try out a standing desk with a manual adjustment.

This Luxor model is perfect because you can raise or lower the work surface with a crank. Lower it when you want to sit, then raise it up to stand for a while and improve circulation! I use mine every single day.

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My Favorite Tools for Podcasting/Recording

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you probably know about my podcast, The Write Podcast. When I produce this audio content, I have a bunch of favorite tools that make it fun and easy.

Bonus: These tools will last for years and make your recordings sound slick and professional.

8. Podcasting Mic

This is one of my recommended choices still for 2022 and beyond.

I recommend: Audio Technica USB Dynamic Microphone

If you podcast, one of the most essential tools to invest in is a high-quality mic. You want crystal-clear sound with no fuzziness or static. The best mic I’ve found that does the job is this model by Audio Technica.

audio technica microphone

I’ve had it for 4 years now, and I use it to record everything. I’ve recorded over 50 podcast episodes, audio streams for more than 80 videos for The Content Strategy & Marketing Course on it, plus all the audio for The Expert SEO Content Writer Course.

Listen to a sample of me on my Audio Technica mic on The Content Transformation Podcast:

This little microphone keeps on trucking. Plus, it’s an insanely good price.

9. Microphone Stand

This is one of my recommended choices still for 2022 and beyond.

I recommend: ZaxSound Professional Microphone with Tripod Stand (minus the mic)

To record and podcast hands-free, you need a good microphone stand.

Here’s the deal: I have found the BEST microphone stand that I LOVE to use, but it comes with a crappy mic that has terrible sound quality. You can’t buy the stand separately, but I totally recommend buying the set and tossing the mic just to own this awesome stand.

It’s flexible, the legs move, and you can position the mic on your desk any way you want. For $25, I think this mic stand is worth it.

10. Pop Filter

This is one of my recommended choices still for 2022 and beyond.

I recommend: Dragonpad USA 6” Microphone Studio Pop Filter with Clamp

Once you have a high-quality mic, I recommend going further and investing in a pop filter.

Why? Because it will filter your voice so it sounds clearer when you record. Specifically, this pop filter is great for decreasing wind/breath sounds. It additionally mounts to your mic stand and has a flexible gooseneck so you can position it perfectly.

Fun sidenote: I used this exact pop filter, mic, and stand to narrate my new book. (A 500+ page, 3-month project live on Audible in February!)

I recorded in the car. Total peace and quiet — a perfect ‘soundproof’ environment!

Listen to this crystal-clear narration! (Recorded using Mac’s Logic Pro X. Also worth the cost, if you want to narrate books. A good alternative is the free program, GarageBand, native to most Macs.)

11. Audacity (Audio Editing Program)

This is NOT recommended if you have a new version of Mac — read in full to hear about my replacement.

After you finish recording content, you need an easy way to edit your files to produce a professional-sounding podcast.

For that purpose, I use Audacity. It’s free, super-easy to use, and because it’s open-source software, it’s constantly updated. Here’s an example of one of my finished podcast recordings for The Write Podcast.

HOWEVER, Audacity is not supported by the new versions of Mac. (I know, super sad!)

I did not know this, and the first day of recording my new book was a nightmare as I realized my favorite audio editing program wouldn’t work anymore!

It is a bit of a learning curve, but GarageBand is an amazing replacement. I highly recommend it. It comes native on your Mac at no cost. Watch YouTube tutorials to learn how to use it – I searched for a few and that was how I learned to edit and produce my audio streams. Be patient and set aside at least 2-3 hours to play with the settings and learn it. Once you know where the features are, it’s easy to use.

One of my favorite features is the voice monitoring feature. You can hear yourself as you narrate or speak into the mic, through your headphones. It’s delightful to help you get in the zone when narrating a book. Audacity did not have this feature!

A look at the audio stream for one of my narrated chapters, via GarageBand.

Home Office Setup Ideas for Filming & Décor

Boring home office, begone. Working at home all day can feel endlessly monotonous if your surroundings are blah.

Spruce up your décor with these ideas. If you film video content at home, take note!

12. Filming: Light It Up & Position Correctly

This is one of my recommended choices still for 2022 and beyond.

I recommend: Neewer Ring Light Kit and this UltraPro 72″ Inch Heavy-Duty Aluminum Camera Tripod with Universal Smartphone Mount

If you use your ergonomic home office for audio AND video recording like I do, you need some good lighting to help your camera capture the clearest, brightest picture (even if it’s 10 p.m. or a dark, gloomy day). The Neewer ring light does just that. I’ve filmed videos during Texas storms when it was completely gray outside, and no one was the wiser!

office ring light

I highly recommend purchasing a good quality ring light just for that purpose. This one from Neewer is a great option for a few reasons:

  • It’s lightweight, so you can move it around your filming area, no problem.
  • It comes with two types of light filters (so you can make your videos more cool or warm-toned).
  • It includes an adjustable phone or camera holder!

I even use this light when taking photo stills for my YouTube thumbnails. It comes out bright and beautiful.

is starting an online business worth it

Need a great tripod?

The UltraPro 72″ Inch Heavy-Duty Aluminum Camera Tripod with Universal Smartphone Mount stand is my recommendation because of the height and weight you get with it. It will adjust to fit the perspective of a 6′ tall person (I’m 5’11”, so I needed one this tall!). Bonus: this stand is weighted down, and won’t topple over with a heavy camera up top. It fits any camera with an adjustable holder on top, and moves in every which way and position you want. I know, it’s somewhat expensive at just a tad over $50, but I can tell you after accidentally trashing a few flimsy tripods that this one is worth it.

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13. Use Your Smartphone Camera

This is one of my recommended choices still for 2022 and beyond.

For recording YouTube videos, you don’t need fancy equipment if you have a smartphone. I personally use my iPhone (just got the iPhone 11 Pro Max last weekend!) on the 4k video recording setting.

To switch your own phone to these settings:

  • Go to Settings >> Camera >> Record Video.
  • From the list of options, choose 4K at 24, 30, or 60 fps (frames per second).
  • 60 fps will give the best quality, but will take up the most storage space.

If your iPhone doesn’t have enough storage for saving these larger video files, you may want to invest in a flash drive with an iPhone-compatible connector.

14. Improve the Sound in Your Videos

This is one of my recommended choices still for 2022 and beyond.

I recommend: Lavalier Lapel Microphone 2-Pack Complete Set – Omnidirectional Mic for Desktop PC Computer, Mac, Smartphone, iPhone, GoPro, DSLR, Camcorder for Podcast, Youtube, Vlogging, and DJs for $14.99 on Amazon

Audio quality is everything to a great video. A production expert once told me, “Your audience will forgive bad video, but they won’t forgive bad audio.”

One problem with recording video using your smartphone is the audio quality might not be the best. To remedy this, I hook up my iPhone to this inexpensive Lavalier Lapel Mic.

It helps my phone capture sound better so no part of my videos is lacking. With the particular set I recommend on Amazon, you get two trusty lapel mics for under $15. Not bad at all.

15. Use a Video Editor for a Professional Touch

This is one of my recommended choices still for 2022 and beyond. (I use this tool like crazy!)

I recommend: Techsmith Camtasia

Even if you’re not a tech whiz, this video editor is easy-as-pie to use and helps your videos look cleaner and more professional. I use it for everything, from my YouTube videos to each and every one of my course videos. You can also use it to record your screen (great for filming software tutorials and how-to’s).

16. Add Some Pizazz to Your Filming Area

This is one of my recommended choices still for 2022 and beyond.

I recommend: Light-Up Marquee Letter

Another great hack for filming YouTube videos: Create a designated “YouTube corner” in your home office! This is the spot where you’ll film most of your chatty clips, when you’re talking to the camera.

For my YouTube corner, I have my camera face a bookshelf with some cute décor, including this light-up marquee letter “J.”

Julia's YouTube filming corner
See the “J” marquee letter behind me in the corner? The lights are on, but it’s pretty and not distracting at all in my video.

It’s eye-catching and adds some visual interest! Plus, it comes in every letter of the alphabet, so you could spell out a word or even your name.

17. Show Your Personality

This is one of my recommended choices still for 2022 and beyond.

I recommend: Girl Boss Desk Nameplate

While you’re at it, include some décor with a bit of your personality in your filming corner. I personally love this desk nameplate.

The Best Drinks for Your Home Office Setup (How I Stay Hydrated + Caffeinated Working from Home)

Two more essential elements for my ergonomic home office are:

1. Caffeine

2. Hydration

These are my favorite hacks and products for my coffee and water habits.

perfect cup of coffee
Coffee, hacked. Keep reading.

18. Coffee: Ruta Maya Whole Bean Organic Medium Roast

This is one of my recommended choices still for 2022 and beyond.

Um, you can’t go wrong here.

Ruta Maya Whole Bean Organic Medium Roast Coffee, 2.2 Pounds.

Seriously, these coffee beans are pure gold and a must for workaholics and writers who need to stay caffeinated. Just grind up the beans in your favorite coffee grinder.

Unless you like your coffee as strong as jet fuel, I recommend going with the medium roast versus the dark roast.

19. Creamer: Aroy-d 100% Coconut Milk

This is one of my recommended choices still for 2022 and beyond.

I switch around to some choices in my local grocery store, but always come back to a 100% sugar-free, clean creamer base. Less mental fog!

I love: Aroy-d Coconut Milk 100% Original Net 8.5 Oz (pack of 12)

If you like your coffee creamy without adding dairy, but like me, you’ve simply detested all the ‘watery’ non-dairy choices in stores, this 100% coconut milk from Thailand is a winner. Olga at SEMrush recommended this to me one time in a Facebook conversation we had, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Seriously. It’s amazing, and if I have one coffee “hack,” this would be it.

20. Creamer Pitcher

This is one of my recommended choices still for 2022 and beyond.

Hot tip: If you buy the creamer (it’s SO good), get yourself an OXO Good Grips glass creamer pitcher like this one and decant the coconut milk into it. The little packets tend to leak in the fridge.

21. Milk Frother

This is one of my recommended choices still for 2022 and beyond.

This milk frother from Café Casa is the secret to making your best-ever lattes from your home office!

BONUS: My Daily Recipe for Amazing Morning Coffee

julia's coffee habits

Whisk honey + coconut milk for 40 seconds.

Pour hot coffee over coconut milk & honey mixture.

Enjoy a perfect cup of coffee. ☕


22. Water

Besides my daily coffee, I drink a TON of water every day. It’s calorie-free, it hydrates your body cells, improves your energy, flushes out toxins, and more.

Use this motivational water bottle to help stay hydrated – no excuses!

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Secrets & Tools I Use to Write Massive Content Pieces (Books, Etc.)

23. Get a Designated “Writing” Computer with No Saved Logins

This is one of my recommended choices still for 2022 and beyond.

If you write books like me, online distractions are your #1 enemy to getting those massive pieces of content done.

A HUGE tip to fight distractions is to get a second computer just for writing your book. Don’t log in to anything in this computer (zero social media, email, team communication channels, etc.).

Take it with you whenever and wherever you want to write.

Without any opportunity to procrastinate online, you’ll be forced to write your book and do ONLY that. You will get a ton of writing done! This is my “secret” to book writing.

Want to make sure everyone knows your extra “writing computer” is a writing computer? Here’s a simple hack.

Put a “grammar” sticker on your laptop case. Now everyone will know you’re a writer, and they won’t bother you as much! ? It’s funny how much this works, down to working in coffee shops. I’ve had people look at me, my laptop, read the sticker, and then carefully side-step away to make sure I’m not interrupted.

The writer-at-work sticker hack works, you guys.

Recommended stickers: You Had Me at the Proper Use of You’re Vinyl Sticker ($3.99), Coffee and Write 6×6 Black Vinyl Decal (under $7), Writer at Work ($4.95 plus shipping and time to hand-make).

I’ve got the “You Had Me at You’re” and the “Coffee and Write” sticker on my second writing laptop, below.

My second writing computer, a small MacBook Pro.

24. Use Scrivener & an Offline Notepad

This is one of my recommended choices still for 2022 and beyond.

Two must-dos for writers: a great writing app, and an offline notepad.

Scrivener is a word-processing app specifically for writers. This is a must-have for writing and organizing 200+ page books.

It has powerful outlining tools, including a virtual “corkboard” for storyboarding and an “outliner” that lets you view and arrange all parts of your manuscript. You can also check notes and reference your research right beside your writing.

Scrivener’s corkboard feature

Update July 2019: After getting a question in my Facebook group on “what planner or notebook do you recommend,” I had to add a note about the planner I use to this blog.

Thanks for the question, Valentina!

My notebook of choice is this little Eccolo What Shall I Conquer Today? 5×9 notebook. Tim Ferriss’ golden tip for me in 4-Hour Workweek was not to write your to-do list on too big of a notebook, because then you’ll lose focus and do too much. One or two big projects per day is all that we can humanly handle, and do well.

A small notepad, like this one, keeps you perfectly focused. And writing your to-do lists or thoughts offline, with pen and paper, is fantastic.

My small notepad in action.

25. Put on Noise Canceling Headphones

This is one of my recommended choices still for 2022 and beyond.

I recommend: TaoTronics Active Noise-Canceling Bluetooth Headphones

Another hack for eliminating distractions so you can put your nose to the grindstone: noise-canceling headphones. You can use them by listening to music as you write, or just placing them on your head and going into the silence to work. I seriously write 100-150% faster when I use these.

I put these on and play word-free music from YouTube as I write. (I like worship music karaoke playlists – you get the songs you love minus the words, making it much easier to concentrate!)

Optimizing Your Life: Habits and Hacks for Working from Home

While you optimize your ergonomic home office, you should think about optimizing your life at the same time. These are the habits and hacks that keep me on top of my game and performing at 100%.

26. Eat Well

This is one of my recommended choices still for 2022 and beyond.

For more energy daily, eating a clean diet is my #1 tip.

I try to eat healthy 90% of the time by blending a Paleo/vegan/whole food/plant-based diet. In particular, avoiding GMOs, processed foods, and foods heavy on dairy, meat, or grease has truly changed my daily energy level.

I can’t recommend healthy eating enough. I used to get sick frequently and got hit with fevers, horrible allergies, sinus infections, migraines and headaches, and 2 p.m. fatigue. All of those things have subsided ever since I started on a clean eating diet, cut dairy, and all processed foods. I haven’t looked back.

If this is the one hack you take away, it might be the most important one here. Watch what you put in your body, because whatever you put in serves as your output, too. Feed your body well, and you’ll find yourself feeling mentally and physically stronger.

27. Drink a TON of Water

My next ultimate energy “hack” for work-at-homers is a foundational one: drink a ton of water. Just keeping your body properly hydrated can do so much for your energy, digestion, circulation, skin health, and more. Water is KEY.

Keep a tall glass full on your desk at all times. Sip throughout the day. (Use the water bottle I recommended to help stay on top of your water intake!) If you don’t like the taste of water, add a squeeze of lemon or lime, or infuse your water with mint or fresh fruit.

28. Make Time for Exercise

As writers, we spend eons sitting and clacking away at our keyboards. That’s terrible for your health, as it turns out. That’s why another key to optimizing your work-at-home life is to make time for movement and exercise.

I use free exercise apps (Workouts for Women is a favorite) and keep a yoga mat and set of weights at home. I exercise in the morning and evening for at least 10 minutes per session to get a 20-25 minute workout every day. Once a week, I get to the gym, too (I like 24 Hour Fitness).

29. Schedule Dedicated Family Time

If you have a family, make time for them.

Spending time with my four-year-old is a big priority. I like to say she’s one of my “most important projects.” However, if I didn’t block off time to spend with her, we’d get a lot less quality, one-on-one bonding time.

That’s why I set aside work-free, dedicated time with her in the evenings and on weekends. Whether we just cuddle and watch movies or head out for a girls’ day, I consider the time I spend with her just as important as client or team meetings.

Especially if you’re a work-at-home mom or mom CEO like me, setting aside dedicated time with our kids may be necessary to make sure our crazy schedules don’t get in the way.

free training

30. Fit in Dedicated Date Time

It’s so easy to become a workaholic when you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, or CEO. Our spouses or partners can become afterthoughts if we don’t pay attention.

Along with mom life, I’m also married, and we plan time for dates. More often than not, it’s a lunch date in the middle of the day, when there’s a lull or things are quiet. Usually, we’re both hungry and don’t want to cook, so we go out.

Luckily, Austin, Texas is full of GREAT places to eat, so it’s easy to get out and have some great food while enjoying 1:1 time together. We don’t worry too much if work comes into the conversation, since it’s what we both love doing. It may go against the norm, but a long time ago we decided this was healthy and not negative for us.

On the other hand, if making a “no work talk” rule during dates helps you bond and reconnect better, by all means – do what works for your relationship.

dedicated date lunch for work at home productivity office
Here’s me and my other half out on a “lunch date” in the middle of a Thursday. We’re at one of our favorite food joints, Honest Mary’s.

31. Don’t Forget Self-Improvement

One final tip: Dedicate at LEAST 20 minutes/day to grow your mindset and skills. That might mean reading a book, taking a class online, using an app to learn a new language, or even just reading industry blogs to stay current.

For me, I use the time while I’m getting ready every morning and evening to listen to audiobooks. I just finished Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People — highly recommended — and I’m currently listening to Think & Grow Rich and The 4-Hour Work Week on Audible.

32. Free Your Environment From Clutter

I’ll leave you with a final tip: I hate to say it, but it’s true that a cluttered office is a sign of a cluttered mind!

I’ve been going “minimalist” lately, and even spent a weekend tossing out 50% or more of unneeded “crap” in my office after watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix. I’m so thankful she inspired me to take that next step in cleaning up my life. Slowly but surely, I’m adapting this pattern in the rest of the house. That includes my closet and most difficult, my kid’s!

Strangely, it feels like a weight off your mind when you can look around your office and see little clutter. I used to be a serious packrat, so if I can do it, you can, too.

You CAN Achieve Amazing Work from Home Ergonomics

If you’re struggling to make your ergonomic home office work, or even if you just need some inspiration to make your work-at-home life a little better, these are my best tips and recommendations.

Ultimately, though, working from home won’t get better until YOU do. Focus on improving your health, diet, relationships, and habits. Then invest in the products and tools that will help you keep going strong. ??

Mic over to you.

What’s the #1 tip from this post that you want to try first?

Or maybe you have a question about one of my office productivity hacks?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

…And if you’re raring to take your new productivity skills all the way to starting or scaling your business…

It’s time. ⌚

Time to get OUT of the grunt-work and into the delight zone.


By learning to build a powerful digital business through content, taught by yours truly.

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