Build Revenue-Driving Content with AI
Hands-on, Immersive 2-Day Event

Your Exclusive Invitation to The Inaugural Content
Hacker Live Conference in Austin, Texas

Content Hacker Live · March 12 - 13, 2024 

Content Hacker Live is an immersive AI content conference in Austin, Texas hosted during SXSW. You’ll soak in AI content training from panels and talks, network with content and marketing geniuses, and unlock your next level of business growth.

Seats are limited. The future is infinite. Don’t miss this!

Breaking News...

Content Creation Is In Crisis

The content landscape as we've known it? Broken. Fractured. Outdated.

Why? Because AI hit. And it’s changing everything, from our workflows to how we produce content itself.

There was a time when platforms and search engines were easy, zero-competition zones...

But now? They're the arena where we battle.

Algorithm changes... saturation... misinformation... and now, the biggest change ever–AI replacing and augmenting human work— it's thrown a wrench in the content machinery of every brand’s marketing strategy.

Many are trapped in the quagmire of human-only, one-dimensional content strategies.

So what’s our next move?

We Vent...

Blame AI... blame big tech... blame the algorithms, and the list goes on.

We Reinvent..

This year, I've gathered the elite— those who see these challenges as catalysts.

Does that resonate with you? If so, be a part of the transformative 2 days at Content Hacker Live in Austin, Texas...

...and I guarantee you'll return empowered with insights, resources, and networks that can elevate both you and your brand.

You know this to be true –

Engaging content equals more audience trust.

But here’s the snag— traditional content strategies just aren’t going to ever work the same again…

Because AI is changing how we do it, FOREVER.

That's why, this year, Content Hacker Live is set to be groundbreaking.

Rather than parading the same old content tips...

...our focus is solely on implementing the future of content with AI, making waves and affecting every sector.

You’ll hear from me on AIO, the job role that writers are now adapting to in droves using my CRAFT framework, transforming afraid writers into AI content giants in record time.

Whether you're a marketing newbie or a seasoned pro, the blueprints you will learn on the ground floor live at Content Hacker Live are adaptable, scalable, and THE method for flourishing and growing your marketing to a 10x scale with AI.

Plus, we’re bringing in some timeless inspiration and motivation with speakers that will make you think in a whole new way… 

Meaning that you leave Content Hacker Live in Austin, Texas to head home totally inspired, reset, and motivated to go back at it with more inspiration and guidance than you’ve had in years.

That’s our promise. Ready to join us?

The Content Hacker Live  Experience

This is not your typical event by any means. You simply have to be here to experience it.

Two days. Highly-followed AI
futurists. A billionaire. Creators
of top AI platforms.

Our top affiliate partners revealing how they're reaching $100,000/month income streams with AI.

Entrepreneurs with incredible stories of
using AI to make way more money.

It’s an unforgettable AI content learning experience we’re custom-building just for YOU.

(You = The marketer ready to embrace AI content and leave equipped with skills and knowledge)

Full agenda and speaker list is confirmed! Scroll down to see the entire list of topics and sessions covered. From How to Build Infrastructure in Your Business And Speed Up Processes Using AI to How to Build a Million Dollar Agency Income Stream with Content at Scale, we've got incredible topics and speakers you won't want to miss.

We’re talking… A night at Austin's best venue to watch the most brilliant minds in AI up on stage, LIVE.

A full day spent with walking robots (okay, they’re real humans with body-paint as humanoids 😉), one of the world’s most-followed AI futurist, and a female billionaire.

HELLO. Wut? Yes.

It’s all here, at Content Hacker Live, in an incredible value-packed two-day experience that you’ll never forget.

Psst… get the two-day VIP ticket, my friend. You’ll have some serious FOMO if you don’t. That gets you into a closed room you will NEED to be in, if your job title touches marketing in any capacity.

March 12, 2024

6 P.M. - 9 P.M.

Night One VIP Exclusive:An
Evening with Matt Wolfe

Ready to dive deep into AI’s next big wave?

We’ve got an incredible evening lined up for you with Matt Wolfe, one of YouTube's top followed AI futurists. 500,000 YouTube followers watch as he breaks down the AI horizon weekly. Evening conversation & Q&A with Matt will be facilitated by Julia McCoy, President of one of the world’s fastest-growing humanlike AI writers, Content at Scale. Special guests Mark de Grasse, President of DigitalMarketer; and Jeff J Hunter, the pioneer of The Original AI Persona Method will join. 

This three-hour private VIP event covers snacks, comfortable reserved seating, and a full bar where you can get drinks.

VIP Evening: 2-Hour Immersive

The Future of AI and How it Will Impact Marketing and Business with Matt Wolfe, Jeff Hunter, Mark de Grasse, & Stephanie Nivinskus, Hosted by Julia McCoy

  • Get exclusive insights during this evening from four absolutely incredible panelists: Julia McCoy, President of Content at Scale; Matt Wolfe, one of the top AI Futurists on YouTube; Jeff J Hunter, an entrepreneur and futurist, and a technology-obsessed advocate of Web3; and Mark de Grasse, the President of DigitalMarketer, a skills and talent development platform for marketers and agencies at $20M/year in revenue. Note: We are still finalizing panelist speakers. We may replace or move around speakers to achieve best outcomes.

Your Open Q&A: Ask your questions live! We’ll have a panel discussion prepared, but will reserve time for your questions.

  • This VIP night will give you the chance to ask an incredible lineup of bright minds the burning questions you have about AI. You’ll be in a rare, live intimate spot with AI thought leaders.

VIP Exclusivity!

Forget stuffy conference rooms. We're leveling up! Relax in a private venue with unbeatable views of downtown Austin. Enjoy snacks and the bar while our panel commands the stage, sharing their vision of AI's future.

Night One: Exclusive Conversation about the Future

An unforgettable time of live Q&A, conversation, and futurism.

Matt Wolfe

Content Hacker Live Speaker

Matt Wolfe is one of the top AI Futurists on YouTube right now. The founder of, he’s watched by nearly half a million subscribers as he goes live every few days sharing what’s new in AI. Matt will be full of incredible insights on the future of AI, with a real perspective on what’s working.

Julia McCoy

Content Hacker Live Speaker

The original Content Hacker. Author of 1,000+ blogs, creator of content behind 50,000 top 10 Google keyword spots; trained over 1,300 content practitioners. 8x author. Today, she's the President of Content at Scale, spearheading new initiatives in the billion-dollar AI content industry.

Mark de Grasse

Content Hacker Live Speaker

The President of DigitalMarketer, a $20M/year leader in marketing resources, training and certifications. Mark is neck-deep in leadership, vision, and operations. He obsesses daily over how AI will dramatically impact marketing.

Jeff J Hunter

Content Hacker Live Speaker

Marketing thought leader with 1.5M following on all platforms. Inventor of the CLEAR copywriting formula and the AI Persona Method. Founder of a 100+ person virtual staffing company.

Full day

March 13, 2024

10:30 A.M. - 6:00 P.M.