Celebrating Our First Year at Content Hacker: Clients Served, Projects, & Revamped Services

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Celebrating year one at Content Hacker

On a recent Facebook Live, I unveiled some MASSIVE changes for Content Hacker™.

  • Fresh service pages 🌟
  • NEW services added 🆕
  • A brand-new option to get BOTH of my courses in one bundle! 🎉

Oh, and…

I NOW OWN THE TRADEMARK for Content Hacker™ (*insert clapping*) 👏

I’m excited about that fact, but owning the Content Hacker™ trademark honestly is just a fancy way to say I fully own my content-hacking knowledge. I don’t put a lot of stock in the trademark, itself.

What I do put stock in = the goals we met for our clients last year.

  • Ranking #1 for a (TWO-WORD) keyword.
  • Pulling in a NEW client type for a big brand.
  • Completing a 35,000-word book that is now live on Amazon.
  • Leading a 4-hour, in-depth content marketing workshop for an agency serving the health industry.

These projects were extremely successful, and I was able to get testimonials from everyone I worked with.

Now that’s something to celebrate.

What else did we achieve in 2019? What’s new about the site and services?

Last but not least…

How can you work with Content Hacker™ today to grow your brand? (That’s right – my waitlist is open! 💥)

I’m breaking it all down, right now.

Celebrating our first year at Content Hacker

Content Hacker, Year One: Revamped Site, Clients Served, and More – Table of Contents

Year One at Content Hacker: 2019 Wins

Revamped Services and Training at Content Hacker

1. Book Ghostwriting

2. Long-Form Blog Writing

3. Customized Agency Training & Workshops

4. Courses

5. Course Bundle

Year One at Content Hacker: 2019 Wins

First, before we go into what I’m doing for clients now that my waitlist is open, let’s talk about what happened for Content Hacker™ in the last year.

I just wrapped up a first successful fiscal year. (We launched last June, so we’re not even a full year old!)

Because I housed both of my courses under my trademarked personal brand, we were able to bring existing income streams into my new brand.

However, it’s still crazy to me that we did over $60,000 in revenue in my first year for Content Hacker™. Considering that my first year running Express Writers (which I founded at 19 years old, after dropping out of college, with nothing more than $75 cash to my name) brought in $30,000 gross, $10,000 net, I’m incredibly grateful. I’ve learned so much since that first-year-of-business training ground in 2011.

Outside of my courses, I only worked with three clients maximum per month. Anything more than that, and I found myself having a hard time juggling all my businesses — Express Writers still takes a lot of time and focus. So, three 1:1 clients per month with Content Hacker™ was where I drew the line.

Even though that was my limit, I completed a few very successful and rather massive projects.

  • A guide ranking in #1 SERPs for SEMrush
  • Completed Ryan Stewart’s new book
  • A complete content campaign (14+ blogs) targeted to a new CoSchedule client persona, for CoSchedule
  • A round of guest blogs for BigCommerce’s clients
  • Grew my courses by 200% (went from 150 students to over 300)
  • Led a successful training workshop that included 5 PowerPoint presentations and PDFs, and over 400 slides of customized training material


What an epic first year for Content Hacker™.

We’re not done yet, though. Alongside these successes, I have been working on revamping and refreshing my services and service pages so they’re clearer. Now, they line up with my “dream zone” for churning out my BEST work.

Let’s get into it.

Revamped Services and Training at Content Hacker

In February, after I launched my third book, Woman Rising, I sat down and completely re-mapped my services from Content Hacker.

I had a year of working with private clients, and I now know my “dream zone” – where I work best in serving up real, substantial, growth-focused services. ⚡️

I was able to map out very specific services.

And they are all now LIVE.

Here are the new pages plus a quick rundown.

1. Book Ghostwriting

Book Ghostwriting is a smart move if you’re ready to take your dusty book idea to “DONE”. (I’ve authored three bestselling books – needless to say, I know what’s what.) Under Content Hacker™, I’m now ghostwriting books for marketers, entrepreneurs, business-builders, and leaders, including editing and publishing help.

I will oversee your project like it’s my own book baby, giving it the artistic care and attention it deserves.

Here’s a video testimonial from a past client, Ryan Stewart of The Blueprint SEO Training and WEBRIS, whose book we helped bring over the finish line:

I’m only taking on two ghostwriting book projects per year, so contact me on-the-double to nab your spot!

book ghostwriting

2. Long-Form Blog Writing

Long-Form Blog Writing is the answer to your prayers if you need crafted blogs that will skyrocket your brand to the #1 position on Google SERPs.

My elite team and I will create revenue-boosting content for your brand, such as:

  • 1,500+ long-form blogs
  • Evergreen guides
  • List-building content pieces

This service kicks off with a free, 1:1 call with me where we’ll figure out your content direction and needed formats. 

This is basically Express Writers on steroids for industries like business, marketing, SEO, SaaS/software, or ecommerce. ⬆

For an example of this type of content, check out this long-form blog we created, now ranking #1 for SEMrush:

Long-form blog created for SEMrush

Here’s a testimonial from SEMrush’s Global Content Strategist, Erika Varagouli:

Testimonial from SEMrush's Erika Varagouli
long form blog creation

3. Customized Agency Training & Workshops

Customized Agency Training & Workshops will teach you or your staff the art of modern-day content writing.

This is my signature, practical, hands-on training that’s all meat and no fluff. There are a few options to nab this mentoring with me:

  • 1:1 coaching sessions, including 1 hour of my time where you get to pick my brain
  • In-person workshops for teams or agencies, including customized training depending on your needs

Last year, I taught a 4-hour workshop for Nextgen Healthcare on strategic content writing for the web. Here’s an example slide from that talk, plus a mini testimonial from Nextgen’s Content Manager:

Content creation workshop slide
Workshop testimonial from Sarah Andrade

4. Courses

My Signature Training Programs & Courses are the next-best-thing to attending a live workshop or mentoring session with me.

These are on-demand, self-led, and totally practical + tactical.

The courses themselves haven’t changed – we just made it easier to know what you’re getting in each program + enroll right away. ☺

  • The Expert SEO Content Writer Course provides smart, intensive training on writing profitable content for the web. By the time you finish the modules, you’ll be an SEO content writing machine.
Expert SEO Content Writer Course testimonial
  • The Practical Content Strategy & Marketing Course is an in-depth, deep dive into every facet of content strategy you need to know to successfully implement content marketing for any brand or business. Plus, by completing this course, you get certified as a content strategist. 🎓
Practical Content Strategy & Marketing Course testimonial

5. Course Bundle

By popular demand, we’re now offering The Content Hacker™ Content Strategy & SEO Writing Course Bundle.

This bundle is the only place to enroll in BOTH of my signature courses at once. These two training programs seamlessly complement each other, so it was a no-brainer to include them both in one, neat package.

My Waitlist Is OPEN – Let’s Create Some Awesome Content Together!

Today, my waitlist is open.

  • I’m taking 1 book ghostwriting client at the moment
  • I’m open for 1-2 long-form content creation clients (depending on if your project is 1, 3, or 10 long-form blogs)
  • And I’m open to teaching & leading one content creation workshop this 2020

You can get in touch with me by filling out the form on the specific pages linked above (which have fields where you can tell me more about your projects).

Here’s to awesome content creation! I can’t wait to hear from you. ♥

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