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I’m completely new to this: teach me how to build my brand

I’m NOT familiar with how to start my own business; I’d like Julia’s class on how to establish my niche, offer, build my brand and earn income

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I have a business that I need to grow: teach me how to scale it

I’m familiar with starting a business; I’d like the quick & dirty rundown of Julia’s exact strategy to growing and scaling traffic with Google and SEO

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About Julia, Class Teacher

Hi! I’m Julia McCoy, and it’s my delight and passion to help talented humans get their strategy, skills & systems down for massive online business revenue.

After building my writing agency at 19 years old with my last $75, I grew it to 100+ on staff and sold it for $1M in 2021. By the time we sold, I only spent 3 hours a week on it. I made this happen with the exact strategies I’ll show you in this class. Now, I run Content Hacker and serve full-time as the President of a leading AI company. I believe you can have whatever you desire in life!

I’ll show you how to rely on your own online real estate (online house) with a laser-targeted content strategy and simple systems to grow a digital 7-figure business.

I believe there has never been a better time in the history of our world to build a strong brand with value-focused content. Most entrepreneurs miss out, because it takes an investment mindset.

Not you. You have an incredible opportunity today to impact millions online. Your voice, your creativity, your impact is needed. Let’s go!

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