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How to Build a Self-Sustaining Online Business You Love in 90 Days (Without Burnout from Overcomplicating It)



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MASSIVE Shifts You’ll Make Learning How to Grow Your Business Sustainably in This Class:

  • Why and how running your online business should be FUN, REWARDING, and PROFITABLE
  • How to build an online presence that lasts beyond a few months/years but also doesn’t burn you out
  • How to set up a value-driven brand, and a long-term strategy for your business’ authority in the marketplace
  • How to step away from your business and share your voice with the world (including writing a book!), while your business runs sustainably in the background
  • How to set up remote team delegation and automation processes
  • A look at our methodology, The Content Transformation© System

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Who is Julia McCoy?

julia mccoy

Named a content marketing influencer and thought leader multiple times in the past decade, educator and author Julia McCoy is committed to helping people break out of the content ruts that stop success.

After failing out of college by trying to do things “the right way,” Julia followed her dream to write for a living at 19 years old. In 2011, three months after teaching herself online writing after dropping out of college, Julia founded Express Writers.

She built her company to over $5M in gross revenue completely through ad-free content marketing, serving clients like Johnson & Johnson and Nordstrom all the way to hundreds of small B2Bs. Her writing agency was one of the first in the industry to launch its own custom developed ecommerce platform for writers and clients. In 2020, Julia exited her agency in a private seven-figure sale for over $1M+.

Julia has been interviewed on Forbes multiple times, appeared on nearly 100 shows and publications, and spoken on the biggest stages in her industry, including Content Marketing World, with an audience of 4,000 attendees. Julia is the author of five bestselling books and counting. Her memoir, Woman Rising: A True Story, pulls the curtain back on her unbelievable life story: how she escaped a Fundamentalist cult she was born in, and built a life of freedom, happiness and joy.

Julia is on a mission to serve a million entrepreneurs and give them the skills they need to successfully build, run, and grow a 6-7 figure online business. Subscribe to Julia’s blog, or if you’re an audio person, sign up here for the Content Hacker podcast launching January 2022.

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