How to Get Clients (WITHOUT Being Sleazy): 4 Methods to Start Today

Facts, friends: I don’t know a single person who likes telemarketers.

I mean, how do you feel about “UNKNOWN NUMBER” showing up on your phone?

🙄 I roll my eyes and decline that shiz.

Yet, so many businesses are still using disgusting, antiquated old tactics to try and gain customers.


I’m here to tell you there are far, far better ways to get clients.

That’s right!

You can find clients without ads and with very little monetary investment.

I’m talking about tried-and-true methods I’ve been successfully using for over 10 years.

These techniques work for service providers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and agency owners.

I’m not saying you can’t get clients through calls and ads. I have several successful friends who use ads. But numbers don’t lie, and ads only give you a .6% return on assets (AdStrategist) – that isn’t even a full percent return.

It’s time you skip the ads and sleazy marketing techniques. Instead, check out four REAL and ACTIONABLE strategies for how to get clients.

 How to Get Clients (WITHOUT Being Sleazy): 4 Methods to Start Today

For the past ten years, SEO blogging has been my top technique for bringing in clients.

Our blog drives in over 99% of our clients and sales – and ranks at the top of Google using SEO.

Since over 95% of the world’s traffic comes from, your ranking on Google matters. If you aren’t tapping into this HUGE market, you’re missing out on dozens of sales and potential clients. SEO blogging is the BEST way to attract clients that stay.

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I’m so passionate about this topic that I created an SEO content course on blogging based on over seven years of personal experience. 

Learn How to Get Clients: Julia’s Favorite 4 Techniques

Here’s a recap of the four techniques to start implementing today to get clients.

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1. Successfully Use SEO Blogging

You could spend your time on other platforms. But searches drive 1000% more traffic than even social media.

To start, I recommend publishing a weekly 1,500-word blog post.

To get that #1 spot in Google, choose your keyword wisely. First, find a term or phrase that’s low competition. That means not choosing a word where popular businesses are already ranking.

Next, you will need at least 1000 words in your post. Long-form content consistently receives those high search spots. It’s also the most shared content. As long as that long-form content is QUALITY content, you’ll build trust with your clients – which leads to long-term relationships.

You won’t be an SEO expert overnight, but you also don’t need to go into it blind.

When you take my Expert SEO Content Writer Course, you’ll get a head start over your competition and start bringing in clients without ads or cold calls.

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2. Build Your Own Sales Team That You Can Trust

You don’t have to do all the sales yourself.

Every phone call you make, meeting you attend, or email you send takes you away from other tasks that could grow your business. So instead, build up a reliable and trustworthy sales team.

Your goal is to have a sales team so effective that they replace you.

But don’t just hire the first person who calls you with an attractive pitch. In fact, you shouldn’t even feel like you have to hire a salesperson at all.

In my case, I hired my editor as my business’s full-time salesperson. She knows my company, clients, and how to communicate effectively. Those traits go a lot further in this era than mere sales knowledge.

When you find that salesperson, expect to pay between $15-$25 an hour. If you are hiring inbound, it will be cheaper than outbound.

3. Pitch Your Services to Prospects That Are Hiring (WITHOUT Spamming Cold Prospects)

You may hear gurus recommending you pitch to dozens of clients through cold calls and emails.

Please, please, PLEASE don’t do this!

Not only is it very ineffective, but you could be burning bridges with potential clients. For example, I get pitches over 10 times a day – I ignore 100% of them. Some of them are so relentlessly annoying, i.e. “Julia, why didn’t you respond to my fifth followup??!”, that I mark as spam and report them to the Gmail federation. 🏴‍☠️ (Ha!)

Instead, see the people you are pitching as real people. They either need your services, or you’re a giant waste of their time.

How would YOU want someone to pitch to you? Spam phone calls are probably not your first choice.

So how do you find clients?

Find people who are actively looking to hire YOU.

I use Google Jobs and search for my area of expertise. You can do the same. With a quick search (i.e. “content writer,” “freelance writer”), you’ll find SO MANY jobs eager to hire someone just like you.

Google Jobs

To stand out among the other applicants, pitch to the client via email instead of the job posting. I recommend using to find a personal email for pitching.

Next, craft a pitch that’s relevant to their posting and targeted to their company. That means doing a little research into their business before sending the pitch to show you are SERIOUS about wanting to work with them.

4. Get Consistent on Instagram Reels and Attract Ideal Clients

Instagram reels are relatively new, making them ideal for getting your pitch seen as you won’t have much competition.

I regularly use Instagram and Reels to post content that brings in clients.

In my reels, I target students who might want to take my courses, or businesses who could benefit from my agency’s services at Express Writers.

Not sure where to start?

Try using trending audio clips and run with it. Use what’s popular or trending to emphasize a potential pain point. Then let your audience know how you will solve that problem. Finally, don’t forget that link in your Instagram bio to bring people back to your blog or a key link that shows off your skills and expertise.

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Start By Committing to One of These Techniques

You don’t have to start with all four techniques at once. Just choose one to begin with (psst, I recommend you start with SEO blogging). Then focus on building a steady client base – without jumping too hot in paid ads or sleazy sales methods.

By the way, getting clients is one part of building a successful online business.

If you’re a creative entrepreneur, if you’re in the middle of brand-building, you need the other pieces, too. For example, how do you hire your first employee/contractor? How do you delegate successfully? How do you build a website that converts? How do you create content that draws in leads and customers without batting an eye?

I know how. And I teach it all inside The Content Transformation System.

Ready to build a sustainable online business the long-term, strategic way? Consider applying to this transformative coaching program, where I’ll teach you how to set up your business, systems, and marketing, in 90 days or less — and reach the income and impact you crave.

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About Julia McCoy

Julia McCoy is an entrepreneur, 6x author, and a leading strategist around creating exceptional content and brand presence that lasts online. At 19 years old, in 2011, she used her last $75 to build a 7-figure agency, Express Writers, which she grew to $5M and sold ten years later. In the 2020s, she's devoted to running The Content Hacker, where she teaches creative entrepreneurs the strategy, skills, and systems they need to build a self-sustaining business, so they are finally freed up to create lasting legacy and generational impact.