Happy New Year!

Julia McCoy

Julia McCoy

Creator and Co-founder

happy new year

It’s January 1, 2022.

Happy New Year! 🎉

Cheers to you & your success in this year.

May all of your biggest dreams come true!

Tell Me What You Want to Hear About in 2022

Your questions matter.

And there is no silly question. All are welcome here at the Content Hacker. In the path and pursuit of building my own digital business success, even I’ve had those moments where I feel like I’m asking the silly questions.

I want to answer the overlooked but common questions in 2022.

What are your burning questions around business growth and content creation?

I’d love to hear from you.

Tell me what YOU want to read or watch me teach in 2022!

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Why You Should DREAM BIG This 2022 (and Set One-Word Intentions)

The week after Christmas, I take infinite amounts of quiet time to myself. I study my goals. I journal. I read past years’ journaling.

And my one word is ready to go… It typically hits me mid-November; by now, it’s cemented in my subconscious.

I think about and pray over the people I’m taking with me to the top. My core team here at Content Hacker. My clients. My little family. Plus all the incredible people I’ll reach this year.

At the end of every year, as I review my one word for the New Year, I have no idea how this one word will play out, or when or why or even what it’ll look like.

It’s a complete mystery to me. I simply know in my heart this is what I’m doing, and where I’m going. But that’s it.

Then, God makes this word come true in 10x better ways than I could ever imagine. 😮

Setting one word has been far more powerful for me than creating a list of resolutions, i.e. “do 45 minutes of yoga every morning” – which I don’t ever follow to a T and usually abandon by February, if we’re keeping it real.

I strongly encourage the one-word setting. Read “One Word” by Jon Gordon to get some clarity on how and why (you can blaze through it in an hour).

Case studies –

  • 2019, “epic.” Spoke on stage for the first time 4x & went on my industry’s biggest stage with a good friend. My room was packed past full, with strangers carrying in my books… one attendee told me she flew in from Belgium to America JUST for my session. 🤯
  • 2020, “blessed.” Blessed for me meant the writing-retreat home of my childhood dreams. We found & bought it in the middle of a pandemic, right before the market exploded and it went up 30-40% in value. 🤯 I self-published book #4, Woman Rising, and reached a million people over the next 24 months.
  • 2021, “freedom.” We sold our agency for $1M+. I’m building my next million-dollar ventures with a long-term people-impact goal, not short-term monetary rewards. I learned what freedom really meant. I say no more than yes.
  • 2022 – “exponential.” This word for 2022 hit me the next day after flying back from speaking at Terry’s The Thing Live in November. He said: “Julia, we gotta get you to the moon in 2022. Next year will be YOUR YEAR.”

2021 marks the first decade for me as an entrepreneur.

Looking back today at where I used to be…

I’m smiling.

For example, the very first video I ever filmed took me two days, 16 hours, hundreds of dollars in production. I was scared to death to hit record! My fingers were shaking.

Check it out.

Now, look at how far that ONE video has come today:

  • Brought in 6-figure clients for the agency I sold
  • Is currently top-viewed on my ENTIRE YOUTUBE CHANNEL
  • 35,000 people have watched it
  • Comments like “I clicked off the Jeff Bezos speech full of BS and useless information and clicked on this video…..
  • I am very impressed with Julia McCoy and the information provided, well done young lady!”
  • Made $348 in direct YT ad revenue

Here’s that video.


God’s done incredible strides in my life, and I know He’ll continue to, in the years to come.

I was once a girl in a cult, sheltered, homeschooled for 18 years with a curfew and doors locked on me at night for 21 years of my life.

What’s your excuse?

Stop letting life stop you… go out there and GET it. 👊

And, like I tell my 7 year old all the time… there’s no shame in asking for help when you get stuck. It’s why I hired a coach this year and made my own biggest personal self-investment (ever).

Are you doing what it really takes to get where you really want to go?

To serve the people and have the impact you really want to have?

How big are you dreaming for 2022?

I’ve fallen on my face more times than I can count, in business and life. It’s a matter of just getting back up and dreaming bigger each time.

Who I’m Serving in 2022 (The Unserved)

Creative entrepreneurs are an unserved group.

Lots of coaches don’t help them, because — they look like they have it together.

They are simultaneously one of the BEST entrepreneurs and creators — incredibly smart, innovative — AND one of the WORST at seeing their own success through.

How do I know?

…I am this person.

For the first FOUR YEARS in my decade-long journey as an entrepreneur, I struggled to hit $30k months in my agency.

Take-home was barely $10k.

I had big visions. I was doing some things right (I could write a pitch and land a gig like nobody’s business).

But I couldn’t scale.

I kept breaking.

In 2016, one of the absolute worst failures ever hit me.

Two managers I trusted with everything stole a majority of our business profits, and when we found out, they then tried to take my brand, clients, and team.

It was unthinkable.

We recovered, and the lessons I learned forced me to buckle down in three areas: skills (creative skills, I was already pretty darn good at — business skills, not so much); strategy for my marketing, biz profits, & team (eek, I was terrible); and systems (also a nope).

A coach told me what I needed to grow in, and I listened, even though I didn’t want to.

When I began to put a real strategy and system into place, to back up selling my skill… when I hired a better team, put together a lasting/sustainable marketing strategy…

We went from $30k months to $71k+ months in TWO MONTHS.

(This was with my existing business at the time)

As a creative entrepreneur basically starting over post-exit, I’m finding myself at the juncture of needing to repeat the same steps.

Only this time, I’m betting on myself. I don’t need four years.

I’m giving myself six months.


1️⃣ I’m implementing everything I’ve learned: skills, strategy, systems.

2️⃣ I’ve stopped not taking my lack of intelligence seriously. I now hire the entire BRAIN of the best coach I can find, to get there in the quickest amount of time.

I want to help the unserved creative entrepreneur. I believe they have so much talent and power and gifts to offer the world. They just need the tactical strategy and systems to get it out there.

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Ready? Set? …Go, 2022!

2022, let’s DO THIS! 🔥

If you need help… here are two ways you can reach out and up, and get that help today.

Build content skills TODAY and get in for just $99: Grab the Content Hacker™ Ultimate Writing Course Training Bundle now, and start setting yourself apart from the competition. We’re not going to do this bundle at this pricing again – so claim this deal while you can. All courses are unlocked and ready to dive into as soon as you enroll! This ends January 3rd for good.

Need 1:1 coaching to grow your business, build your long-term presence and get clear on a LASTING content strategy? Consider my live coaching-slash-transformational system, The Content Transformation© System. This program will cost $5,000 by the end of January 2022. Right now, you can jump in at founder’s price, 50% off, at $2,500. I’m guaranteeing you 10x results with the systems, framework, AND live 1:1 help we offer inside this program. Learn more here, and apply here if you need this level of transformational business coaching.

Final reminder…

You’ve already got what it takes.

You just need to know what to do. And when you get stuck, a practitioner to help you get unstuck is the best investment to bet on.

We’re here if you need just that. 👊

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