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At Content Hacker™, I’m taking on a short list of elite writing clients every month in the marketing and software industries. Want to rev up *real,* profitable online results? You need me.


I give the best of my talents and passion in high-profile content creation for e-commerce, marketing, and software brands.

Long-Form, Value-Focused SEO Content Creation for Marketing & Ecommerce/Software Brands

If you’re a top-notch marketer and you need powerful, revenue-boosting content that’ll seriously spike your growth chart online — this is for you.

Think of this plan like Express Writers on steroids. If you know me and Express Writers, you know that we handle tons of content creation in all kinds of industries there. We’re a serve-it-all kind of content platter.

Well, after eight years of leading a team and mentoring writers, under Content Hacker™ I’m serving specific industries and personally leading my own hand-picked, trained team of 5-6 elite content writers to craft comprehensive, industry-leading blogs.

The industries I play best in: marketing, business, SEO, ecommerce, and SaaS/software.

The content I’m serving: long-form, comprehensive blogs (1,000+ words in length). Book ghostwriting (40,000+ word books). Both of these content formats have returned the most ROI for me, and now, with Content Hacker, I want to bring that to other marketers!

Need a content partner? Are you in these industries? Look no further.

I’ll manage the whole thing.

All you do is send me topics, guidelines, SEO keywords, and we’ll get to work. I will work personally, 1:1, overseeing and editing bespoke Content Hacker-created content from my best writers. You’ll tap into me and my elite content creators that I’ve trained for years. Together, we’ll craft elite content that will power up your brand online.

Take Your Brand Right to the Top with Content Created by the Content Hacker!

What’s Included:

  • Kickoff Call with Julia (15 Minutes): Don’t schedule this call till you know exactly what you need. I work best with marketers that throw big tasks at me and then stand back to allow me room to work my magic.
  • Strategy: Send me your content guidelines, examples, topics, and keywords. I’ll say “Yes, this is a go!” or ask for more info. Then, we start!
  • Creation: My elite team and I will get to work crafting killer piece(s) of content for you and your brand (either a mega-5,000 word evergreen guide or multiple pieces and formats, depending on what you need).
  • You Review: Typically, the content I produce doesn’t need revisions; but sometimes, “being human” happens and I missed something. If that occurs, you can request up to two revisions within seven days of receiving my content.
  • Publish and Go: Your content gets implemented and published. (One-time or consistent basis.)
  • Work on Retainer: Want this on a monthly basis? You got it. I’m only accepting a few clients a month, though, so get your request in ASAP.

I currently have 2 spots open! 

Starting at $200/500w

Interested? Send me a note

Spots are limited! See if you’re a fit. 

Content Hacker Coaching: Mentoring & Workshops

Want live access to the radical content hacking ideas swirling around in my brain?

One of my favorite ways to give back to other marketers is through 1:1 coaching. I especially love coaching action-takers, who are ready to take my stream of profitable content ideas and put them into action.

With Content Hacker™, I’m now offering 1:1 mentoring and consulting sessions. These are available below and earn you an hour on my calendar, and are extremely limited! First come, first serve. If the link below does not work, it means all spots are booked, and you’ll need to get in touch.

Book a Coaching Session

Want me to speak? If you’re interested in having me speak, host a workshop, or other in-person event, my fees start at $10,000 plus travel expenses.

Get In Touch

Agency Content Hacking Courses: Content Marketing & SEO

Need agency content training? Say hello to the fastest way to take your content marketing agency staff to the next level. This is my only bundled training program, just for Content Hacker™.

Train your key staff members — no matter where they’re starting from — how to be an expert in content strategy and marketing. Hiring in-house writers? Get your hands on the only program needed to train them on profitable SEO writing.

The Fast Track to Get Your Agency People Up to Speed on Content Strategy, Content Marketing & SEO Writing

With my exclusive bundle options, your staff will be fully trained on building (and implementing!) profitable content. You’ll be able to sit back as your team delivers massive results to your agency clients.

Give your staff the gift of practical, profitable content hacking skills with two agency-specific trainings in my proprietary bundle: the agency version of my 6-week course, The Content Strategy & Marketing Course, that will turn your staff into a well-trained team of primed, client-ready content marketing strategists, and The Expert SEO Writer, which will give the writers in your staff everything they need to know about SEO writing.

Your agency staff will each learn how to, and actually build, every part of a content marketing strategy, in this program. Agency Content Strategy includes seats for The Content Strategy & Marketing Course, ongoing mentoring and direct access to me in a private agency-specific group, as well as locked lectures and special tracking to ensure course lessons are completed and in order, and finally after individual, personal review from me, Content Strategy certification that your staff can show off on their LinkedIn profiles.

Agency Content Strategy + SEO includes all of this and my agency-specific version of The Expert SEO Content Writer Course!

The combination of my cutting-edge content courses and guidance from the Content Hacker herself guarantees your agency the most practical, profitable content marketing training available.

Get blockbuster results for your content marketing agency clients by training and equipping your staff.

Agency Content Strategy

$1,300 / Agency Course Seat

  • CS&M Course & Bonuses
  • Tailor-Made for Agencies
  • Lifetime Access
  • Private Agency-Only Group
  • Office Hours with Julia

Enroll Now

Agency Content Strategy + SEO Writing

$1,800 / Agency Bundled Seat

    • CS&M Course & Bonuses
    • Tailor-Made for Agencies
    • Lifetime Access
    • Private Agency-Only Group
    • Office Hours with Julia
    • SEO Writer Course
    • Dual Certifications


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5 or more? Contact us for special agency discounts.

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