How to Build Wealth: The Story of How I Made 13,000x ROI on One Business Investment

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Ten years ago, right before I turned 20 years old, I took my last $75 and went all in on my business idea.

I’d just failed college, and my passion was my only plan.

The little business idea I had was writing for a living, and building my own team of writers. I wanted to create a passionate team and together, write amazing content for our clients.

We grew over the next ten years through hard work, smart processes, systems, tech, and even smarter people. We built our own platforms, and created solutions when we didn’t find them.

I never ran ads or did funnels. We grew solely through SEO content marketing.

Fast-forward to this fall…

I sold this business and exited for a 13,000x ROI on my initial investment at 19 years old (my last $75).

How to Build Wealth: I Made 13,000x ROI on ONE Business Investment (Video)

How to Build Wealth: Video Recap

Recommended books in my video:

Following my gut and growing my own businesses has never led me wrong in the long run. Sure, I’ve made mistakes; but on the big decisions, big risks, big moves in life… your gut will lead you correctly. Trust that!

I build on my own massive goals and dreams. I see the world in technicolor 🌈  (my phrase for THINK BIG!) and have since the very beginning.

Using Jim Collins’ BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal), I created a MASSIVE goal for my writing agency, Express Writers, way back in 2011:

“Hire the best writers, and together, create the BEST content on the web.”

This mission statement still guides our next generation, the buyers that took over this fall!

What if your BEST investment was one in YOURSELF?

What would it look like to invest in your ideas?

I stepped into a $400B industry without knowing it.

PSA: Stocks and crypto (5-50% return, but VERY risky, and you could lose it all more often than make it big) are more of a risk than building your own brand. There are so many elements out of your control. Even real estate averages 10% return per year, and you’re dealing with tenants, termites, and beyond!

Here’s the thing, though…

Be ready for LOW ROI at the beginning of your brand journey.

Example: I’ve put money-making on hold, said no to client projects, so I can build a long-term transformational coaching program I’m staking my claim on and hanging my hat on.

I believe in the promise I’m going to give with this incredible training program. I believe in the live coaches (expert humans) I’m hiring to help. I believe in the transformation I will give my students.

But even for me today, someone who has more resources than the girl that had $75 and was escaping a cult…

Building this new thing, investing everything into it, is still scary.

And right now, it’s not profitable.

Remember that new is scary and LOW ROI…

Until you master it.

The question is: do you want short-term gains?

Or a business that LASTS 10 years and returns thousands of percentages in the long run?

RUN towards an investment in yourself. It’s never been a better time.

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blog on how to build wealth

About Julia McCoy

Julia McCoy is an entrepreneur, author, and a leading strategist around creating exceptional content that leads to real growth. At 19 years old, she used her last $75 to build a 7-figure agency, Express Writers. In 2021, she successfully exited her agency. Today, she runs The Content Hacker where she ghostwrites books for industry leaders, and coaches creative entrepreneurs on how to build a self-sustaining business they love in 90 days so they are finally freed up to create lasting legacy and generational impact.

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