10x > 10%: The Truth on How to Grow Your Business Revenue

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how to grow your business revenue

Picture this:

  • You get a few random cards from the deck of life.
  • You shuffle them around in your hand, looking for the “safest” ones.
  • You play these cards, avoiding the ones that will get you into “trouble.”
  • …And that’s all.

Your life is decent, safe, and unspectacular.

But sometimes a voice in your head interrupts your boring-as-heck 2 p.m. meeting. 💭

“Is this all?” the voice asks.

“If you’re only passing through life once, are you ok with these limited experiences?”

Sadly, most people say yes and choose to stay on the safe side.  

They never take a leap of faith and step out of their comfort zones.

As a result, their businesses hit a glass ceiling. Their careers never take the shift they long for. They never get to live their wildest, most colorful dreams.

If you hate this idea, you’ll love this blog.  

What’s coming: I’ll show you the 10x > 10% rule, and how I’ve used it to challenge my biggest fears and live my boldest, most successful life.

I’m also shattering a myth that might surprise you (hint: not every day is a ‘hustle’ day!)

Let’s dive in!

What Is the 10x > 10% Rule?

The 10x > 10% rule is choosing to grow 10x instead of by 10%.

I bet you already know about 10% incremental growth because it’s what most people seek.

“Improve your content by 10%,” they say.

“Grow your business by 10%.”

“Do a launch that’s 10% better than the last one.”

And while this is fine, it limits you to tiny results.

Sure, you’ll be “safer.” But is 10% really the highest you can aim for?

On the other hand, 10x growth is exponential growth by 10.

Instead of improving your content by 10%, you improve it by 10.

You grow your business and improve that launch by 10.

10x growth is about taking BIG steps and inviting amazing possibilities into your life.

Are there risks?


But going for 10x growth is like diving into the deep end of the ocean. When you do, you’ll experience things you’d never have known about if you stayed on the shore.

As Garrett Moon of CoSchedule said, “I need to create 10X results, not 10%, not minor improvements, but 10X results.”

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How to Grow 10x > 10%: Getting Rid of the #1 Roadblock Holding You Back

You’ll be surprised when I mention the #1 thing that’s keeping you from the 10x growth.

It’s not imperfection.

It’s the fear of imperfection.

For example, you want to launch your new business, but you’re afraid of doing it imperfectly. So, you enroll in a ton of courses you never complete. You interview hundreds of experts.

You keep waiting for the moment of perfection to arrive, but guess what? It never does. And it never will.

The same is true for everything you want to accomplish in life.

If you want to get 10x results, you need to be OK with being imperfect.

I love how my mentor and life coach Dr. Lowell Routley puts it. He says, “Intuitive people often seek the bigger picture.”

On the other hand, sensing people enter facts into the database of their mind and make decisions based on that.

Don’t worry, though.

You can achieve 10x growth whether you’re an intuitive or sensing person.

All you have to do is lean back and try to see the bigger picture. Accept your processes and be comfortable with your imperfections.

Just start, and I assure you the rest will follow.

3 Tips on Applying the 10x > 10% Rule to Real Life

I know, it sounds crazy.

A 10x life?

Won’t that be exhausting?

Won’t you age faster than an actor trying to cover up their age with botched Botox?

Well, yes.

That is, if you take the bro entrepreneurial boys’ interpretation of it and think EVERY DAY should be a 10x day.

The truth is, 10x growth comes in seasons.

Also, it’s about balance. You look for 10x results not only in business, but also in other aspects of life (for example, your mental health).  

Here are three tips for applying the 10x > 10% rule to your life.

1. Take Care of Yourself 10x

It sounds counterintuitive, but having a 10x mindset means making YOU time a priority.

It means taking care of yourself 10x, so you can bring 10x power and passion to your business.

So yes, show up for meetings. Be a great example to your team. Get things done.

But also, take time off to enjoy your own company. Soak in the special moments of life. Relax. Read a good book. Take a hike. Breathe clean air. Eat good food.

The 10x mindset is a balance. Not a balancing act.

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2. When You Do Work, Work on What Matters

Don’t spend your time and energy doing tasks that only lead to 10% results.

Instead, challenge yourself. Ask yourself, “How can I maximize my time so what I’m doing results in 10x growth?”

This is how I think each time I write a book, launch a site, start a new project, or even hire someone. Before getting started I ask myself, “How can I grow this and maximize results 10x?”

3. Work in a Way that Heightens Your Output

If you work hunching over your kitchen counter or squeezed into an uncleared dining table…

…stop right now. 🚫

To achieve 10x results, you need to invest in a workspace that heightens your productivity.

For me, multiple workspaces set throughout the house works.

But not everyone is the same. Simply find the setup that brings out your energy and creativity, and you’ll be amazed how much faster you can achieve 10x results.

For some suggestions on how to set up your home office, check out: My Ergonomic Home Office Setup: 32 Must-Have Tools & Habits

What Will It Be: 10x or 10%?

Most people are happy living a “safe” life. They want to grow, but slowly. By 10%. They’re happy wading in the shallow end while others take the plunge into the deep.

And that’s fine.

But if you want to experience tremendous, spectacular, crazy growth, you’ll need to step out of your comfort zone. Leave the shore. Start thinking BIG.

I know, it can be scary.

But if you ask me, it’s scarier to stand on the sidelines and watch life and opportunities pass by.

It’s scarier to grow old and think back on what we’ve missed.

But I know you’ll take that step towards 10x results. I know you’ve got the courage and the willingness to break the norm.

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