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how to have lasting impact

I’m no unicorn. 🦄

I’ve simply created the strategies, skills, and systems that allow me to have REPEATABLE success day in, day out.

And you can, too. No matter who you are, what age you are, or how much you know right now.

In September of 2021 I sold my agency, Express Writers, for over a million dollars.

This was after 10 years of using content marketing to grow online businesses, including overseeing 40,000 content projects used to fuel businesses in every industry.

It took me four years to learn how to build a repeatable, practical, high-ROI content strategy.

I wrote the (400-page) book on it when I realized this didn’t exist… after clients began to call me asking if I would teach it.

Failing first, learning the hard way, spending four years stuck (I talk about this in my free training), was all a part of my journey.

After an in-depth market research phase in the fall of 2021, listening to a large group of creatives share with me their deepest growth concerns:

I’m now teaching ONE PROVEN methodology that I’ve built from the ground up, the evolution of ten years of creating lasting content and brands from scratch. We call it The Content Transformation© System (aka CTS).

Through the years, I’ve had a lot of success training over 1,000 marketers and big teams alike (I’ll never forget the honor of teaching Airbnb’s team SEO writing!).

CTS is the final evolution of everything ever created in my training approach to help over 1,000 people grow through content. It is an entire methodology-driven program that will teach new and plateaued entrepreneurs the skills, systems, and strategy to build in their business for lasting online growth.

The truth is, content alone is not the answer.

Blogging will actually set you back if you don’t have your strategy, offer, marketplace positioning, set up correctly.

But if you do have the other parts? Hello legacy, wealth-building, and a brand you’re proud of.

Today, my Big Hairy Audacious Goal is to be part of the online wealth shift and help 1M creative, smart, brilliant people do what I did – create a sustainable business that runs by itself, so they can step back and create real impact and freedom for themselves and their family. I’m helping the big dreamers and doers of the world grow BIG, with tangible, real strategy, skills, and systems.

I’m sharing my new methodology in my free class. 

how to have lasting impact

How to Have Lasting Impact & Why We Serve In This Area

What is impact?

Im·pact, noun. To have a strong effect on someone or something. Synonyms: influence.

Content that brings impact is what I build, what I believe in, and what I’ve done for more than a decade.

When it’s created with a clear strategy for impact, content WORKS to build trust, traffic, and revenue for your business.

We created a stream of 100,000 visitors/month and $100k/month in revenue, in an agency I built with my last $75 at 19 years old. We reached 1,000,000 lives with my memoir, Woman Rising.

I know what impact through content is – I’ve lived it. But having this impact and carrying it somewhere (into profits, a legacy, income stream you can share with your family for generations to come), is not just found in creating content.

Before you create content, you need to have a sustainable business structure mapped out.

Because you need real business PROFITS to fund your passion endeavors and the impact you create through content.

Otherwise… you’ll be bankrupt. Or, set back and doing the same old thing for YEARS.

This is the divide, friends.

Content is NOTHING without strategy, skills, and systems. Content is EVERYTHING backed up by strategy, skills, and systems. ⚡️ 

In order to serve you best, here is our new mission statement for Content Hacker. To tangibly deliver that statement, we developed an incredible new training program.

Content Hacker™ by Julia McCoy: We believe crafting profitable content that builds a sustainable business, bringing you freedom and joy, is fully achievable in the 2020s. We’re on a mission to teach 1M creative entrepreneurs how to do just that.

What YOU Need to Have Lasting Impact

I want to help you realize what you must do to be massively successful.

First, it’s mindset.

You must step into the mindset of a leader. Stop the self-doubt. Stop the indecision.

Then, you need the skills (both business and creative).

You’ve got to learn those, get them down. And I’m not talking about the skills you’re already good at. (The people I serve are typically insanely good or insanely passionate around their practitioner skillset. You might be able to teach me a thing or two about what it is you do on a regular basis. However, if you’re not sure what your area of serving is, we have data-backed ways to uncover that inside Phase 2 of my program.)

Quick check. ✅ Getting leads and sales daily from all those Instagram Reels and Facebook posts? …Sometimes? None at all? You need less of the transient, fluff business and marketing skills, and you need to replace them with the business skills that really work.

I’ll teach you the skills that lead to real leads, real inquiries, and real sustainability.

These skills take roughly 30 days, once you have the step-by-step guidance on everything that’s involved. You need to buckle in.

Thirdly, from there, to grow, we teach you EXACTLY how and what to delegate.

We show you why you must be willing to delegate (mindset). Then, we show you how and where to hire to build and grow your team, for your client (sales) side, and your own marketing side (your content).

It’s powerful stuff. Growing through hiring and assembling your small core team, as well as the systems for them, takes a minimum of 30 days, on average.

Once you put these pieces into place, you will be able to move away from your business, into impact.

You’ll be able to build MASSIVE impact and the “known” factor (like writing a book).

When you get there – you’re in your 3-5 year blueprint. This is what we’re doing in my five-phase Content Transformation System. And it’s powerful.

Our founding members have shared this feedback with us so far.

rowena - content transformation system testimonial

The truth is, at Content Hacker, I want to go so much bigger than just teaching you one skill.

I want to give you the keys to your own kingdom. The kind of kingdom I’ve been able to build for myself and my family.

I don’t want to hold this back anymore.

I want to teach you how to master your skill, build true delegation/automation around your business idea, and craft a five-year plan to lasting impact and legacy.

I want to change and impact my creative entrepreneurs’ lives unlike any other business mentor has ever done.

It’s a tall order.

But given all I’ve survived, built, and maintained; I know I can do it. And we’re doing it.

Why I Started This Journey With a $10K Coaching Investment

Even though I’ve been doing the thing for 10 years (growing successful businesses out of content, overseeing 40,000 content projects)…

I didn’t want to rely on a ten-year track record alone, as I head into this exciting new path of teaching transformation in life, business, and long-term legacy.

So, my first move fall of 2021 was to make a serious investment in my own knowledge before developing my new program. This investment I made with a high-level coach transformed what I knew about marketing.

Then, I spent countless hours on the phone researching, researching, researching, and listening. More than a dozen creative entrepreneurs (coaches, consultants, business owners) hopped on the phone with me when I put out one LinkedIn post and Insta story offering free time on my calendar.

And as they shared their heart, I saw a glaring fact…

Their frustrations all revolved around the same BIG things.

  • One of them was afraid to hire ever again, because she was so burned by the first person she hired and delegated to. (As in, they stole her client!)
  • One of them was stuck in the mire of client work, and never feels freed up enough to get to her own marketing ever.
  • One of them would LOVE to consider a five-year game plan and get started writing her book, but can’t get out of the day-to-day.
  • One of them needs to solidify her brand foundations and GROW. Her foundations aren’t clear yet.

And all of them told me “if only I had the next steps to take.”

I talk about this inside this video. ↓

Let me tell you…

I truly HAVE solved each and every one of the pain points I heard on these calls. I’ve done it, not just said or hoped to.

But it’s taken me ten years. And a ton of trial-and-error.

I’ve created…

  • An agency out of my creative services, promoted through strategic content; scaled, sold for $1M.
  • Implemented repeatable processes that I have now taken into The Content Hacker, for myself and my 1:1 client base (books/blogs), with a dedicated team in a workspace that takes me a few hours a month to manage.
  • A known factor strong enough to have leads come knocking on my door, every day, every week.
  • A plan for this year, and next year’s growth, happening in the background.

What if I could give you this as a system?

What is that worth to you?

Here’s another question.

What are you wasting time and money on that you could re-focus into a system like this?

Be real and honest with yourself.

I can pinpoint my success down to a year when I got clear on my strategy, skills and systems – which took me four years and approximately $80,000+ in trial-and-error to figure out.

Those three things, strategy, skills, and systems, are what you need to hit next level in your business.

The Content Transformation© System is a methodology (a five-phase pathway, taught via a video course + combined live help) built to help you grow a self-sustaining business in 90 days, along with a plan for massive impact in the next 3-5 years.

Your time spent here will be 100% be worth it. Are you ready?

content transformation system

We’re taking applications now.

This program is NOT for the non-ambitious. You MUST have big dreams!

It IS for the people that desperately need the systems, the strategy, and the REAL gameplan of a self-sustaining creative business.

Ready to Build Lasting Impact?

I built a brand with my last $75 at 19, Express Writers; and saw a 13,000% ROI on that investment when I exited it for seven-figures by the time I was 30.

Alongside building my agency, I was able to create my own personal brand presence successfully; with six bestselling books, a podcast, multiple stage appearances (yes, I’m a massive introvert!), over 300 guest appearances, and a little bit of faith and perseverance and craziness along the way.

At The Content Hacker, I want YOU to avoid the headaches, hardships, and ten-year journey I had to go through.

I want YOU to have the keys to your own castle online.

But you must take the first step forward.


Let’s do this.

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