How to Have Lasting Impact: Changing Up Who We Are, How We Serve, and Who We Help With My Upcoming Content Transformation© System

how to have lasting impact

Most of you know I just sold my agency, Express Writers, for seven figures.

It’s now my goal to significantly grow Content Hacker through the success of the people I train and help. My main avenues will be teaching and ghostwriting.

As I used to run my agency, I’ve built three main courses and taught a myriad of workshops, all in the content marketing/writing space.

Today, I’m asking myself what serves my people best. As I look ahead at how I want Content Hacker to be my next BIG THING (my BHAG is to reach and inspire 1M creative entrepreneurs), I had to first step back.

Sometimes you have to do that, before you take a giant leap forward. Step back, learn, and listen.

Before The Content Transformation© System hit my brain, I began by working on my own knowledge, and secondly, researching the market; getting on calls, listening to real-life pain points from creative entrepreneurs all around the world.

And I made my biggest coaching investment in myself, so I would also learn how to show up best for my people.

As I did market research – and not your typical old shabby three-liner surveys, but real-deal two-hour Zoom calls with live people; slowly, the idea came to me for a new, life-changing training.

As I end 2021, I’ve decided that The Content Hacker will be my next 7-figure business.

And it won’t get there through me just showing up and doing 20% of what’s on my heart.

After intensive self-reflection, growth in my own personal journey, heart, and mind; I know that the only way I WANT to get there is to help people like YOU – the doers stuck in the mire of “how do I build my skills, my business, and not die/drown/lose money and time in the process?” – become massively successful.

And that means, first, that the definition of Content Hacker must change.

My new brand definition and mission centers around how to have lasting impact, not just one fly-by-night success story here and there.

(Success for you. Not for me. Because it’s by showing up and serving you 10x, 100x, that my return, joy, and fulfillment comes.)

Let’s talk about this level of impact. Ready?

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How to Have Lasting Impact & Why Content Hacker is Shifting Around This

First, let’s go deeper than content itself for a second.

What is impact? Im·pact, noun. To have a strong effect on someone or something. Synonyms: influence.

Content that brings impact is what I build, what I do, and what I love.

But having impact and carrying it somewhere (into profits, a legacy, income stream you can share with your family for generations to come), is not just found in creating content.

This is the divide.

This is why Content Hacker is shifting. Because in order to serve you best, I developed a new brand statement for Content Hacker – and you’ll see it reflected on our entire site, which will feature a new site design by the end of the year. And to uphold that statement, we’re developing an entirely from-scratch, brand-new program and mission.

Content hacker (noun): Growth-focused content marketer. Someone who creates content in a way that directly achieves growth.
Our spin on this, as well as our fall 2021 and future mission statement:
Content Hacker™ by Julia McCoy: We believe profitable content and a sustainable business that brings you freedom and joy are not separate, but rather, go together at all times. We’re on a mission to teach 1M creative entrepreneurs how to do both.

What YOU Need to Do to Have Lasting Impact

I want to help you realize what you must do to be massively successful.

And that may mean breaking through some of your limits, bigtime. Those areas where you’re like… Ahhh…. no….it would cost me too much to do that.

Your mindset just isn’t there yet. But it needs to be.

The tangible side here is that you need the skills (both business and creative). You’ve got to learn those, get them down. Then, to grow, you must be willing to delegate. Willing to hire. There are multiple phases to this, but you MUST be open to learning how to assemble the right partners. Then, you should be able and willing and capable of moving away from your business, into renewed and fresh content creation that brings impact (like writing a book) and joy.

The truth is, at Content Hacker, I want to go so much bigger than just teaching you one skill.

I want to give you the keys to your own kingdom.

The kind of little kingdom I’ve been able to build for myself and my family.

I want to teach you how to master your skill, build true delegation/automation around your business idea, and craft a five-year plan to lasting impact and legacy.

I want to change and impact my creative entrepreneurs’ lives unlike any other content marketing mentor has ever done.

But this requires ME to first, go deep. I made a serious investment in my knowledge before developing my new program that has, simply put, transformed my approach to teaching.

I’ve also spent countless hours on the phone researching, researching, researching, and listening. More than a dozen creative entrepreneurs (coaches, consultants, business owners) eagerly hopped on the phone with me when I put out one LinkedIn post and Insta story offering free time on my calendar.

And as they shared their heart, I saw a glaring fact…

Their frustrations all revolved around the same BIG things.

  • One of them is afraid to hire ever again, because she was so burned by the first person she hired and delegated to. (As in, they stole her client!)
  • One of them is stuck in the mire of client work, and never feels freed up enough to get to her own marketing ever.
  • One of them would LOVE to consider a five-year game plan and get started writing her book, but can’t get out of the day-to-day.

And all of them told me “if only I had the next steps to take.”

Let me tell you…

Ego aside, I truly have solved each and every one of the pain points I heard on these calls. I’ve done it, not just said or hoped to.

I’ve created…

  • An agency out of my creative services, promoted through great content; scaled, sold for $1M this year.
  • Repeatable processes that I still do every month at The Content Hacker, for myself and my 1:1 client base (books/blogs), with a dedicated team in a workspace that takes me a few hours a month to manage.
  • A reputation big enough to have leads come knocking on my door, every week.
  • A plan for this year, and next year’s growth, ready to fire up and launch.

What if I could give you this?

What is that worth to you?

THIS, my friends, is why I decided to take the BEST of everything I know to create a self-sustaining business and a multi-year game plan for industry success…

And create a simplified process ANYONE can follow.​

The Content Transformation© System is a program (a five-phase pathway, systemized course + live coaching) specifically built to help you grow a self-sustaining business in 90 days, and a plan for massive impact (your first book, additional biz) in the next 3-5 years.

My Content Transformation© System is launching in 2022, and taking founding member applications now.

This is NOT to tell you what business to start.

You should already know what you’re doing or what to do…heck, maybe you’re even established for a few years. If not, at least have a clear idea of what you love and what you want to turn into a business.

It’s NOT for the non-ambitious. You MUST have big dreams!

It IS for the people that desperately need the systems, the plan, and the WHOLE enchilada of a self-sustaining creative business…

We’re filling five spots in the next week. If you want to be in on the founding five, fill out the application on this page.

What We’re Doing With Everything Else I’ve Built Till Now

We are slowly and surely shutting it down.

That includes my VIP, workshops, courses, and everything that I’ve built.

I’m going all in on the Transformation System. That’s how much I believe in it.

If you are in any of these programs, the only one that is recurring billing is the VIP; I’ll let you know when we close it. As for the workshops and courses, you keep your lifetime seat. No worries. I still absolutely believe in those amazing trainings!

Going forward, I want to give you more than I ever have, which is why I’m going ALL IN on the Transformation System I’m building.

Who The Content Hacker Isn’t For

Close your eyes and brain if you’re afraid of real talk and growth.

The rest of you… ready?

I can’t teach you to need help; I can only help those that KNOW they need help.

Before you fill out the application, or receive our invitation for the Content Transformation© System, you must know that you need help and be in a place where you are ready to receive and learn a transformational system that will… change your life.

And when it comes to The Content Hacker, we will be actively removing people from our lists and registration forms that are all about the FREEBIE and getting it “as cheaply as possible.”

We not only want these people far away, we want to repel them.


100%, yes.

Cheap and poverty mindsets have NO PLACE around serious business growth! They are death to growth. And that’s why The Content Hacker’s mission and motto will repel these people now and in the future.

We don’t want growth-killers here. #ByeFelicia

Back to You: Ready to Build Lasting Impact?​

Hey you! If we haven’t met yet, here’s a fresh introduction.

I’m Julia McCoy. I built a brand with my last $75 at 19, Express Writers; and saw a 13,000% ROI on that investment when I exited it for seven-figures by the time I was 30.

Alongside building my agency, I was able to create my own personal brand presence successfully; with five bestselling books, a podcast, multiple stage appearances (yes, I’m a massive introvert!), over 300 guest appearances, and a little bit of faith and perseverance and craziness along the way.

At The Content Hacker, I want YOU to avoid the headaches, hardships, and ten-year journey I had to go through. I want YOU to have the keys to your own castle online.

But you must take the first step forward.

Will I see you in the free training?

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how to have lasting impact

About Julia McCoy

Julia McCoy is an entrepreneur, author, and a leading strategist around creating exceptional content that leads to real growth. At 19 years old, she used her last $75 to build a 7-figure agency, Express Writers. In 2021, she successfully exited her agency. Today, she runs The Content Hacker where she ghostwrites books for industry leaders, and coaches creative entrepreneurs on how to build a self-sustaining business they love in 90 days so they are finally freed up to create lasting legacy and generational impact.

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