3 Focuses to Have to Prepare for an Amazing 2021

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how to prepare for 2021

I’m guessing just like all of us, you never saw 2020 coming.

On January 1st, you probably sat down with your brand-new planner and told yourself, “This year is going to be my year.”

But then life swept you (and all of us) off our feet.

The COVID-19 pandemic razed through the world, closing businesses, pausing education, and forcing you to stay home. 

But remember this.

Things can change.

You can rise up and prepare for an amazing 2021.

Focus on these three aspects, and you’ll get there.

how to prepare for 2021

How to Prepare for 2021: 3 Focuses You Should Prioritize as Early as Today

No, you shouldn’t ride out the rest of the year and hope 2021 will magically be better than 2020.

You should take charge as early as today with these three focuses.

1. Practice the 10x > 10% Mindset

Imagine this.

You’re on the last mile of a marathon, and your body feels like it’s turning to wax.

You’re exhausted, and honestly you can no longer feel your feet.

But you’re determined to finish and earn that medal.  

And you do, despite your body’s screaming pain.   


According to Dr. Stan Beecham, a sports psychologist, it’s the mind that controls the body. When your mind is set on something, your abilities will follow.

And this isn’t only true in sports.

In fact, a study done by Stanford University revealed that a growth mindset made students 30-50% more successful.

But for me, having a growth mindset simply isn’t enough.

Because there are people who are content to “play it safe” and grow by an incremental 10%.

What I believe in is pushing this to a 10x exponential growth.

Thus, the 10x > 10% mindset.

Think of it like this.

Let’s say your company earns $5,000 a month, and you want to increase that figure in 2021.

With the 10% mindset, your goal will be to increase it from $5,000 to $5,500.

Not bad, but not the crazy success you dream of.

Now, let’s say you adapt the 10x mindset. With it, your goal will be to increase your income to $50,000.

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Sounds crazy!

But trust me. The 10x mindset is where huge growth and success begins.

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To learn more about the 10x > 10% mindset, watch my YouTube video:

2. Set Your Goals on Paper


When was the last time you randomly accomplished something amazing?

If you’re like me, never.

Because to accomplish something, we first need to envision it. Then, we need to plan the journey towards it.

By this I don’t mean sitting around dreaming about our “someday” success.

I mean mapping out our journey towards it. Step by step.

Here’s how self-development coach Brian Tracey puts it.

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Here are five tried-and-true tips for setting clear goals.

  • Set goals that make you excited to wake up each morning. As Lou Holtz said, “If you’re bored with life – you don’t get up every morning with a burning desire to do things – you don’t have enough goals.”
  • Be specific. Skip generic goals like “become successful,” or “earn more.” You want to know exactly what you’re planning to accomplish, like “increase my earning from $5,000 to $15,000 a month,” or “write a book on millennials.”
  • Don’t give yourself unlimited time. We all know we’re going to reach our goals. Someday. The problem is, that someday keeps moving and we never actually arrive there. To make sure you achieve your goals, keep them time bound. Instead of, “write a novel someday,” say, “finish the first draft of my manuscript by November.”
  • Plan the steps towards your goal. Break your goal down into little pieces. For instance, if you plan to finish that manuscript by November, create little sub goals like “polish off chapter one by Saturday,” and “write 2,000 words in the next week.”
  • Set your goals in writing. People who write their goals down are 1.2 to 1.4 times more likely to succeed than those who don’t. This is because we’re wired to remember material we’ve created ourselves better than material we’ve merely read.

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Remember, persistence is key when setting goals. Make a mental note never to quit until you’ve achieved them.

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3. Set New Habits

According to Psyche Central, humans are creatures of routines and habits.

This can be either good or bad, depending on the habits we’ve developed.

The great news?

We can always work towards forming new habits.

And it won’t take a lifetime to build them. In fact, Healthline states that it takes only an average of 66 days for behavior to become automatic.

So, if you start building new habits today, they’ll become automatic by 2021.

Here are three tips to keep in mind when developing new habits.

  • Start with a bang. To begin, commit to practicing your new habit daily. It’s difficult to get into a new habit without consistency.
  • Buckle up for the long haul. A new habit is exciting on week #1. When you go into week #3, the novelty wears off. Be ready to put most of your energy into the times when the excitement has gone.
  • Visualize the benefit and the pain. Whenever you feel yourself slacking off, sit down for a few moments to visualize the outcome your new habit will bring you. Then, visualize the pain you’ll feel if you give up. Writing down your visualization is also a good strategy.

How to Prepare for 2021: It Starts Today

I know, you thought 2020 was your year.

We all did.

We all sat down on January 1st and dreamed of a bigger, brighter future.

And things didn’t go the way we thought.

But it doesn’t mean we should slack off and fall into a pit of hopelessness.

And it doesn’t mean we can coast through the rest of the year and “hope” for a better 2021.

What we need to do is take action.

Change our mindset. Start writing down our goals. Begin creating new habits.

These three are the first solid steps to success beyond our wildest dreams…

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