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GROW with Julia

“Content is so lonely — and sometimes I doubt myself.”

“It’s hard — my circle is marketing people, but they all work for an agency I left many years ago. They’re happy working in a job and meanwhile, my goal is to build an agency that rivals theirs.”

Two different perspectives, two real pain points. Also, what they may not confess to anyone other than their mentor.

It’s okay to have big dreams that other people scoff at. It’s okay to crash through imposter syndrome a few times a week.

In fact, I’d say that’s a healthy sign you’re headed to a success path that others rarely hit in life. You simply need a sounding board to come back up and hit the other side (the success side).


One of these people in the real-life quotes above is a content strategist, and one is a marketing entrepreneur.

Both of these people were talking to me back when I was polling and planning G.R.O.W. with my audience, before our launch today. I won’t share any names here. ❤ (Love you guys.)

Which I always do, by the way — I never launch anything unless I know it’s going to be a great solution for you, my people.

G.R.O.W. is officially open. Go click and open in a new window, then come back to finish the story. By the way, it’s only open for a week, so grab your spot now if this is something you need.

These people I’m talking to and quoting in today’s blog are EXACTLY who I built G.R.O.W. for — a live, mentorship-based community of myself and other top “content hackers” where you get ALL the quick wins you’re looking for, live training every month on how to grow your website and online presence organically, and clarity on your end vision and goals… so you can hit ’em in a massive way.

It’s also a group of people coming together, every day, every week, every month, that want one thing…

G.R.O.W. = Gather Round Our Why.

Here’s the launch story.

GROW with Julia

The Backstory, The Nine Years… & the Late Night Session That Produced G.R.O.W.

I’ve been doing marketing from a content, value-first perspective to grow multiple brands from scratch to a seven-figure presence for nine years now.

(My first biz, Express Writers, a writing agency, hit 200% growth in year two — now, we grow by 20-50% every year and our backs don’t break. I started EW when I was 19, in 2011. My second biz, The Content Hacker, is on track to hit that number in half the time.)

99% without ads.

100% without cold calls.

The majority of our leads are not outbound — they’re inbound.

Now, I’m not knocking ads. I’m not knocking outbound or cold calling or networking, either.

But, I earn consistent inbound traffic by reaching them with 10x content. That traffic turns into leads, then buyers. My books help. My blogs help. It’s an ecosystem. Everything I do, I make sure it upholds my commitment to quality. Otherwise, it doesn’t go out.

Josh, our CTO and my partner, builds me beautiful sites. Then we simply put teams, processes, and people into place.

It’s what we do, day in, day out.

I started building and teaching repeatable frameworks and methods for content, in systematized courses, in 2017 — after a client asked me if I could come downtown (they were in Austin) and teach their staff.

I saw a huge need for teaching a smarter way of doing content — in a “growth-hacking” type of way — where you put horse-blinds on and FORGET all the metrics that don’t equal growth. Too many marketers, I saw, got completely lost in the non-growth weeds. And you can go to die there. ?

This year, we survived and thrived despite a scary COVID income slump, but then, probably everyone had that slump. This year, despite COVID, we even made the risky move to buy our dream house. I couldn’t believe we made it happen.

In 2020, I learned to let my income goals go, and instead, my focus has evolved into PURPOSE. How much purpose do I activate in my life, and the lives of others, by what I do?

If it’s zero, I stop what I’m doing and re-map. Oddly, purpose seems to bring even more painless profit. 🤷‍♀️

I think of it like walking in your gifts.

About a month ago, I was planning my Black Friday special — I run something special for my community every year during this week — and it hit me. Why not give something new and fresh to my people? Instead of just a savings code?

2020 is DIFFERENT. And I’m guessing — well, I know already, from the research I’ve done on remote work for my new book coming in 2021, and the changes in the business scene — all the following years will be different, too.

Well, what could your all-new community offering be, Julia?

And, well, the next night…

I was up, not by choice, from 1 a.m. til 3 a.m., and the brain cogs in my head were spinning. Rapid-fire. Neurons firing on all cylinders.

My brain wouldn’t stop.


It hit me at 1 a.m. — and I pulled out my trusty old Apple Notes. That’s the name!

Okay, clearly, it’s going to be an acronym… but what can it stand for?

I wrote down thought after thought. Googled “W words.” Looked at my synonym dictionary. Nothing worked. Nothing. I turned off my phone and laid my head back on the pillow, darkness surrounding me.

My brain turned on. All cylinders — abuzz. Like a factory just flipped ON in my head.

At 3 a.m., I kid you not — it hit me.

Gather Round Our Why.

And like every gut instinct I’ve had along the way, I followed it fully. We’re here today because of that late-night moment of brain-soaked, crazy insomnia.

Here’s the thing: If you want to grow the way I laser-focus on, and teach — an organic, natural approach through content that wins the trust of your ideal buyer and lasts the tests of time (and doesn’t burn you out!), then you really need two things: a) proven frameworks and b) live training to go over your customized questions.

The frameworks bring you clarity on your why. The live trainings bring you the what, how, when, where… for your unique situation.

When your WHY gets clear, the how, the what, the when… fall into place.

G.R.O.W. is a live, on-demand, subscription community for heart-based entrepreneurs and marketers looking to GROW through content.

Quick wins is the name of the game. Because great content shouldn’t be hard, if you’re ready to commit with heart and purpose.

How to hire. Grow.

What your next move should be. Your big vision.

And so much more.

…Live support on your next moves, EVERY DANG DAY, because God knows y’all need it. (Just kidding. 😂)

I’m even paying my staff to come in with me to help your questions get answered. I’m talking to top people I consider “content hackers” in my field to come and train you, too (and they are alll about it and IN!).

Our goal is to HELP YOU GROW online through content. No fuss. No frills. Nothing more.

Join GROW with Julia

The 6 Advanced Frameworks I’ll Teach, Live, in G.R.O.W.

G.R.O.W. is truly unlike anything I’ve ever offered.

I’m going live EVERY month, training G.R.O.W. members on the advanced versions of my frameworks.

It’s the next-level progression of my training capabilities, at the lowest entry fee you’ll ever see — just for Black Friday.

I talk about the first level of these six frameworks fundamental in my book Practical Content Strategy and Marketing, which has been read in over 90 countries). Below is what I talk about, and it still remains true — these frameworks are the ones my advanced G.R.O.W. frameworks derive from.

See the advanced G.R.O.W. frameworks in action.

My six frameworks are PROVEN, used to grow both my own and dozens of my students’ brands. 

And for G.R.O.W., they’ve been completely revamped for 2020 and beyond. Since I’m going live, teaching them every month, these are living, breathing frameworks. You’ll be able to watch, listen, and see how-to answers and solutions for yourself in G.R.O.W., using these proven frameworks.

G.R.O.W. Framework 1: Know Your Brand Content Differentiation Factor

Before you get to know your audience, you need a strong brand, or at least the basis of one. Don’t worry about content or a fully-fledged website yet. You’ll build this in the other frameworks. First you need a great idea that stands out from the crowd. Think BHAG — Big Hairy Audacious Goals, and celebrate a big vision.

G.R.O.W. Framework 2: Get to Know Your Audience

It’s time to get to know who you “sell” to, from a value-first perspective. Who needs your solution more desperately than a fallen patient dialing 911? 🆘 That’s how you need to think. And in this framework, I’ll teach you how to intimately get to know your audience and their pain points, with templates you can use for quick wins.

G.R.O.W. Framework 3: Earn Traffic & Prospects

You’ve got a brand. You’ve got an audience. You know their pain points. Now, it’s time to think about how to earn your traffic, and connect them to a sales pathway. This is what the third framework is all about.

G.R.O.W. Framework 4: Build a Content House

It’s time to build that website — and make it as beautiful and as amazing as you want. Create a brand “house” that you’ll get known for, over time.

G.R.O.W. Framework 5: Consistency, Quality, & Time

There. Are. No. Hacks. To. Long-Term. Success. Repeat after me. Consistency and quality over time is your secret sauce. Some days will feel like letdowns. But years later, you’ll be oh-so-glad you committed at the beginning. G.R.O.W. is the community you’ve been waiting for that focuses on long-term success.

G.R.O.W. Framework 6: Creating a Brand Ecosystem 

The magic happens when you have an ecosystem. This is my advanced and completely rehauled framework, JUST for G.R.O.W. community members only. I’ll train you live on how to build your content marketing brand ecosystem, month-after-month, for massive results over time. (Like Jack’s beanstalk.)

See all the frameworks here.

Get in G.R.O.W. — We Close Cyber Monday, 11/30, at 11 PM CT

Is this something you need?

No frills.

No fluff.

Just do it.

Get in here.

I’ll see you on the flip side. 😎


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