We’re hiring at Content Hacker™!

Open positions as of February 2022:

$30/Hour: Content Strategy Expert

What you’ll do:

  • Coach new students on their brand content in our coaching program, following Julia’s formulas
  • Answer within 8 hours of new questions being posted
  • You’ll be added to Clickup where we have documentation of Julia’s formulas and what’s inside the coaching program
  • You’ll need to have some knowledge of the coaching program, and should either be inside of it, or willing to enroll and go through it to build knowledge
  • Communicate in our Slack channel with other coaches; use our threads to communicate and simply let the other coaches & Julia know “Hey, I’ve got Katie’s question posted at 2 pm today” 🙂
  • PLEASE INCLUDE “available for strategy calls” if you can take calls as well regarding our program (example here – yes, they need to be Zoom video calls). We are looking for this level of help as well. The calls you’ll take are with QUALIFIED applicants and are usually a lot of fun + great experience-builders.
  • On your own time; not more than 3-5 hours/week to start.
  • YES: this can be done in addition to anything else you’re doing! In fact, we welcome your other gigs on the side, because that usually continues to build experience and makes you a great coach. 🎉

What you need to bring:

  • 3+ years in content writing, content strategy/content marketing
  • MUST be great at copy, since this is one of the MAIN places we coach people from & in
  • MUST be willing to enroll in our coaching program and go through it yourself/apply it yourself, OR an existing student in CTS
  • You’ve built content campaigns and the key parts including brand copy (i.e. taglines), a persona, keyword research, and understand these at a practical level
  • At least 5-6 clients you’ve successfully worked with
  • Some confidence and capability; we’re happy to guide you with our curriculum, but want to know that we can trust you to perform at a high level with knowledge and accuracy (we’d love to be hands-off and simply let you be your efficient, high-performing self, once you have the familiarity with what’s involved)

$17/Hour: Support & Advocate Role

What you’ll do:

  • Help students with orientation and accountability in our program(s)
  • Make students feel welcome/supported at all times
  • Handle billing inquiries and technical requests with care and attention to detail
  • Send out new memos to course students for Julia + relay communications
  • Work under the direction of one of our lead Strategists to help do outreach for our program
  • Use Teachable, ConvertKit, Slack and our student groups to navigate and help with support requests
  • Check in at set times every day; preferably CST time zone, you can make your own hours. 2-3 hours/day to start

What you need to bring:

  • 1+ years in content creation or familiarity/some experience with content marketing
  • Freelance and work-from-home experience
  • Team communication abilities with a team player attitude
  • Confidence and capability to over-communicate instead of having anyone chase you down for tasks
  • Ability to focus and get tasks done and completed accurately

For all applicants: Once you apply, the next step is a skill-based assessment. This replaces the traditional phone interview, is done on your own time, and will take experienced candidates the same amount of time as a 1-hr interview, or, less.

  • As a coach, you'll actually use the frameworks inside our coaching program. We prefer students of the course to apply for this reason!
  • We are 100% flexible with our contractors and work with them, as long as we aren't ending up 'babysitting' you - i.e., checking in multiple times "Did you get this done?" instead of you proactively getting tasks done and over-communicating. (We LOVE over-communicators!!)