Launch Day for My New Book Woman Rising: A True Story!

Julia McCoy

Julia McCoy

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Launch day for Woman Rising: A True Story inset

It’s here.

It’s finally launch day for my new nonfiction memoir, Woman Rising: A True Story! 🎉🎈

After 2.5 years of pouring my heart and soul into this book, February 10 has come. This story is ready to go out into the world, into the hands of readers. (Woot! 🥳)

The book is now available on Amazon in all formats: paperback, Kindle, and even Audible audiobook, narrated by yours truly.

If you’re curious about what this book encompasses and why it’s different from everything else I’ve written in the past, you’re in the right place.

Keep reading for a summary and a brand-new, short film about the book, debuting today.

I’m SO excited to share this book with you. (!!! 🎉🎉✨)

Launch day for Woman Rising: A True Story

Woman Rising: From Abuse and Heartache to Joy and Fulfillment


As you might know, my other books are all about content writing and content marketing strategy.

In sharing Woman Rising with the world, I’ve taken a sharp left turn from all I’ve done before.

“This is the story with the kind of hope that starts small, like a single ray of sunshine on a dark floor, building over time to become a blazing, all-encompassing orb that radiates through every pore, every cell.”

Woman Rising is, quite simply, a story about hope.

It’s also the true story of my life.

Watch the short film we created for release in tandem with Woman Rising’s launch:

I grew up in a religious cult under the thumb of my father, the cult leader. My earliest memories are marked by abuse, neglect, and control. The abuse continued until I entered my 20s, when I finally found the means to escape.

It sounds simple when I neatly summarize it like that, but it was anything but easy.

Woman Rising charts the course I took to climb out of that despair. Waiting on the other side were peace, joy, and strength. From the ashes of my life in the cult, I created a new life with a loving family, a successful career in content marketing, and dreams fulfilled.

As you can imagine, this is not an easy story to read. It certainly wasn’t an easy story to write. However, my hope is women in similar situations can use my tale to light their own paths to freedom from abuse.

I want it to inspire others, but also remind them that perfection on the surface is often just a mask. Underneath, you’ll find a real, vulnerable person – often someone who needs help but can’t verbalize it.

The dedication of the book says it best:

“Dedicated to every victim of a wolf in sheep’s clothing: let’s rise together on eagle’s wings”

Why You Should Read Woman Rising

You should read my new book if:

  • You like stories about hope, about conquering fears, and rising above tough odds.
  • You want to know how I started Express Writers while still living in an abusive cult – and how my fledgling business became the tool I used to chart my escape.
  • You’re interested in survival stories.
  • You’ve lived through abuse, yourself.
  • You know someone who has survived abuse.
  • You have a dream that seems too big and too far away to even consider.
  • You need inspiration for jumping into the unknown in pursuit of your passion.

My highest hope is my story inspires you. Here’s to reaching for our dreams, even through seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

To dreamers everywhere. 🥂 This book is for you.

Grab your copy on Amazon today!

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